Goodbye, Blogger.

After all these years, I'm 86ing this blog. I'm not posting here anymore, and I get an inordinate amount of spam emails from Chinese spammers (seriously) on a daily basis. I'm tired of it. I'm not deleting the account, just going inactive. It's been a pleasure. You can find me on WordPress now, btw.



I don't dig on swine (as far as I know).

Ok, I'm gonna cave. I see Jews eating pork all the time on TV. Andrew Zimmern on Bizarre Foods/World and Adam Richman on Man V. Food both eat pork like motherfuckers! And they're New York Jews from way back! I see on Facebook the group "Jews for Bacon." There's even KOSHER bacon flavored salt out there. That and Bac-O's are Kosher. What is happening to the world? I've abstained for so long, except for the time or two when I had it by accident. I had no opinion, one way or another, by the way. I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of food out there, to which my gentile friends, brother, and fianc?e will attest to that notion, and not hesitate to tell me so. In any case, I might just try it when no one's looking, and if I'm not into it, I'll never do it again. I promise.


Ready. Set. Nap!

I'm off until lessons today. I have this feeling of near-nirvana. I was so tired yesterday and this morning that all I want to do is read comics and nap until I have to leave later.


Ok, this is cool.

I can post to blogger through my iGoogle homepage. Time to change my homepage from my blog to iGoogle.


Open Letter to Angels Fans:

(From my Facebook:)

An L is just an L, no matter how many runs the enemy scores! My Angels are still in it! Get your asses in gear! Time to earn some W's! I didn't propose to my beautiful fiancée on that field for nothing! If the S...tankees win, let 'em win in New York, but don't let 'em take my town! LETS GO ANAHEIM! LETS GO ANGELS! (end Facebook)

Seriously, I'm crazy about this team. This is my first year I've actually followed not only baseball, but any sport. I realize the deck is stacked against us, and I realize we got creamed tonight, but seriously, whether it's 2 to 1, or 20 to 1, a loss is only that. The Halos have a day off Wednesday, then back strong on Thursday. So boys, go home, see your wives, drink your booze, and grieve for your loss, but only briefly. We've got an entire team of cheaters and juicers to beat. If we don't make it to the World Series, lets at least give the Yankees a reason to pause before returning to Anaheim next Spring. Let's prove to New York that Anaheim doesn't put up with East Coast bullshit, at least in Southern California. The Rally Monkey is calling, Angels. Don't keep him waiting.


The Tunnel Vision

I've spent the lion's share of the morning with my eyes at the computer, on the TV, or in research books. I feel extremely and literally myopic today. I gotta get away from this, at least for a little bit.


IPA: Intɚrnæʃʌnl fʌnɛtIk ælfʌbɛt

Who ever thought I'd use this stuff after UCI?


Pass one window, tideo

Pass two windows, tideo

Pass three windows, tideo

Jingle at the window, tideo

Tideo! Tideo!

Jingle at the window, tideo


pæs wən wIndo tɑıdio

pæs tu wIndoz tɑıdio

pæs Θri windoz tɑıdio

ʤiŋgʊl æt ∂ə wIndo tɑıdio

tɑıdio tɑıdio

ʤiŋgʊl æt ∂ə wIndo tɑıdio



Life is a fickle thing. You live, you love, you fuck, you die. Not always in that order, and not always literally.



he sits alone in his office, a cubicle-sized room, with no windows, except the one in the door. No air circulation, so the heat from the computers fills the room to the point of discomfort. The sound of the hard-labor workers haranguing each other is only distracting if it gets too close to the chicken-wire glass. Tonight, he sits betrayed, only slightly, by an ally, possible his only. Betrayed by circumstance, or by his own pig-headedness. Both of which amount to nothing but being petty, or overcome by apathy. Tonight, he sits, dismayed, with the finish line in sight. It gets closer with every day that passes, but is it close yet, or is there still a great distance to cover? Tonight, he sits.


Over it.

I'm over a lot of things lately, most of all sitting here in the computer lab, waiting to print. Mine at home wouldn't print because I'm out of magenta. Can you believe that? I'm printing black & white. Oy.

EDIT: Just when I think the line's short for the goddamn printer, 5 more people jump on!