I got the D-double-O D-double-O style

[and here we go again because it's been a while]

I'm updating from my new comp! Check it out! Too bad I have to go online at Eric's, since I'm having ISP issues... but it's cool. Moved 4000 pounds of drywall in 20 minutes at work, so I'm ready for a brew. see ya.


A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
If only there we're iPods in The Shire...


... New Pipe!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
And here's the 10.5" pipe Barbie got me for Christmas! I know what you're all thinking, and yes, this is the licensed Lord Of The Rings pipe, stamped "LORD" near the stem. Pretty killer, huh?

Old Pipe...

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
Here's my first pipe that i bought, like, a month or two ago.

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A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
Guess who got bored painting today...


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A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
It's a wonderful life...


Oh Xmas...

[*sniff* *sniff*]

I'm tired like a bitch right now. I stayed up til 330a wrapping gifts, and I'm still not done shopping.got up around 9 for work, played the snooze game for about a half hour. Red Bull sounds really nice right now. Had to endure my parents bitching me out last night, so here is the last place I want to be. I gotta go to work in a few. Is it so wrong to want to be rich, so all I do all day is sit, read comics, and smoke my pipe? I don't think so.

On the lighter side, had a great weekend with Barbie. Went to Bryan's birthday dinner, Friday night. Had a few beers, some scintillating conversation, and I had to put my big ol' balls on the table when threatened with fisticuffs for not following orders. Barbie and I watched LOTR: ROTK Extended Edition, too, when we got home. Fucking sweet. You can't complain with 50 minutes of extra footage. We watched The Sweetest Thing on Comedy Central saturday night, and for those of you who haven't seen it, its fucking hilarious... Barbie and I laughed our asses off.


Painting isn't very fun

[what does "hic-a-doo-la" mean?!]

For the past 3ish days we've been painting, pretty much non-stop, in eric's aunt's apartment. I'm fucking beat. Tomorrow is the last day that we're there, and we'll probably be done by lunch, if not sooner. There's only a bit of touch-up, and we should be able to knock that out in a second. Seeing that I'm tired, and it's midnight, and it's about 3 hours earlier than when I normally go to bed, I think I'm gonna take advantage. See ya.



[Thank God for 4-of-a-kind]

I just found out from my mom that I come from a long line of gambling addicts. For some reason, that makes me laugh more than it makes me worry. I've been making a little scratch playing online 7-stud, and she started freaking out. Of course, gambling is the reason my grandma didn't leave us any inheritance... something to think about, but I ain't ready to stop yet.


Go Team Venture!

["What're those hard chunks?"
"Uh, my tears"]

I smoked my pipe last night, after a week of trying to find the right time. And you know what? It was good. Chris, Eric, and I all went to the mug. Ryan met us down there, too, so there was about 2 hours of scintillating conversation... between the Jew jokes, that is. but I can't wait to smoke again. We worked today, and actually got paid, which is really nice. I might put a little dough on partypoker.com, and try to bolster the ol' bankroll. I'm outta here, Venture Bros. is on.


Oh, Lemmiwinks

[Paris Hilton, you must make your way to the small intestine, where you will meet the Sparrow Prince and the Catata Fish. Hurry!]

Damn it! I love South Park! Any show that has a "sick queer*" character, Mr. Slave, that crams Paris Hilton up his ass, then lectures the whole town on morality and parental responsibility, is alright in my book.

In other news, I'm the master of the sawzall, cause I cut with one for about 3 hours today. How awesome is that. We had to cut huge sections out of walls for windows that we're gonna install. We're also installing and pulling wire with profesional ability, as well as putting a ceiling in. We managed to get 8 hours in today, and that puts us on over-time, which is always good. My one regret is that I haven't really had time to smoke my pipe... but soon, I will! I need to get some new tobacco to add to my rotation, too. I'm off to bed, kids. Gotta get some sleep so I can get over 50 hours tomorrow.

*[the term "sick queer" is used in the Episode 614 The Death Camp of Tolerance where Mr. Slave makes his first appearance on the show. He and Mr. Garrison act intentionally inappropriately in front of the kids, and they, in the ep, are admittedly (and are described as) "sick queers." Anyone offended by this, or you want to laugh your ass off, go do some goddamn research, and watch some fucking South Park. It's funny.]


Goodnight, Cornrow Wallis. Watch out for the wolves.


I'm so tired right now. I'm back from Barbie's and work, and I'm feeling light-headed/tired. It was a good couple of days, tho. We celebrated her 24th 25th birthday, watched a little Harry Potter 3, a little ATHF Vol. 3, ate some good food, the usual. Ice cream, too. I bought the most awesome pajamas, too, as well as a couple xmas presents. All-in-all, a pretty decent "weekend," I'd say. God Bless The Daily Show, btw.


Birthday Barbie!

[is it mornin' yet]

I'm here at Barbie's, for her Birthday (she's 24, but she'll tell you 25). We ate at a Thai restaurant that's supposed to have a nightly, Thai Elvis impersonator, but they didn't :( . Good meal anyway. But anyway, it's time to make breakfast (lunch). I'm outta here.


Jesus, it's late

[I really didn't intend to be up this late]

I've updated my blog. Hopefully in the next day or two, I'll get the word out to more people about this, and you can all look at it and revel in the mundanity that is my life. I have to go wrap presents for Barbie now!!!



[heh, heh, heh]

I'm so drunk right, now, it's wesome. I've decide nt to correct my spelling eroros, too, to make it ore fun for the reader.I had a guiness, a jaeger shoit, a newkie, a long beach IT, a red heade slut, and a buttery nipple (at the dudes' request). $50 later (for me, alone) I'm home, eating icecream, and getting ready f0or bed. Being drunk is Great!!!!!


A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
Where i spent thanksgiving.

... stuffed

[I make the best leftover-turkey sandwiches ever!!!]

Well, it's the end of Thanksgiving #2, and I'm thoroughly stuffed, which isn't a bad feeling, I must say. I can also say that I Love my family, my girlfriend, and my friends. I'm very thankful for all you guys. Just thought I'd throw that out there. I managed not to get too tossed at the rich, Jewish thanksgiving this year (cause I've been that way for the 2 preceeding thanksgivings). And the best part about thanksgiving is the one my mom makes for the 4 of us, a day or so after the huge family one we commute to. When I have my own place, I'm making thanksgiving dinner for everyone. Maybe not on the day of thanksgiving, but I'm gonna do it, I promise. And everyone can get drunk. So, you're all invited.

Hope you all had as good
(or better) of a thanksgiving than what I had. And I'll see you all soon.


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A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
'Jack,' One of the many park strays...But the only one who is normal around people.

A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
The first of 2 suites being framed for drywall...

Good Ass Day

[Honest, it was]

We went in late (again), but ended up having enough work to keep us there late (again). We ended up at the parts dept. at the local Chevy dealer this morning, so I picked up a part that my car was in need of., and just now installed it. I'm so happy! The joke'll be so see who actually notices it, now that it's in... Jonny's in town, though I missed dinner with him and the parents, cause of afore-mentioned work, but it'll be nice to chill out with that guy tonight and this weekend (sorry, Ryan). Gonna smoke the ol' pipe a few times this weekend, too (which sounds really tasty right about now). But anyway, you kiddies have a great Thursday, and I'll leave some love soon.

I'll try to leave some pics pretty soon, too.

Happy Turkey Day Eve!

[Seems to be a trade-off everyday; Eric or Me]

If anyone has a GameCube, I recommend Metroid Prime 2. Its what's been keeping me up late at nights. Fuckin' sweet.. I'm about to give Eric a call, since he's driving, and I haven't heard from him yet this morning...

Ok, he's up. Which means I'm out. Happy Thanxgiving!


PP rhymes with TP, and Giggy rhymes with Puppy... but not very well.

[mmm... sushi]

After 1.5 hours of traffic, I made up to Barbie's yesterday at 4ish. We hung out and went out for a little sushi. And the sushi was great. We were gonna go see The Incredibles last night, but it took a little too long at the end of dinner, so we're postponing til later today. We caught Adult Swim last night, tho, which was cool. It's late breakfast-time now, so I'm out


A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera

Uncle Jemima...

If only there were time for stogies....

[Mr. Nigga. Nigga, Nigga]

Tongiht was awesome. We (Eric and I) met Jeremy and Bryan for a night at The Olde Ship in Santa Ana for a night of brews and fish & chips... both were achieved, along with some healthy arguing, and stories of fighting, getting drunk/high, and what shows/movies are good. Chris even made it out after work. Pretty much an Opinionated Guys' Night Out (which is always entertaining). It'd be nice to do it again, soon, except the bill was somewhere around $177, and I put $57 on my card, along with a $40 tip (once a server, always a server...). But I don't mind one bit. Being able to spend some dough on some close friends, and getting drunk in the process is never a bad thing.

By the way, donations to the Jeff Long Foundation For Getting Drunk With Buddies can be made out to CASH in any denomination.

(Some might be wondering about my intro. I've been listening to Mos Def all day, and that was the last song to be played before I came up from the car.)


A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
Remember how excited you'd get as a kid when you got a 'free guy' on super mario bros.?


A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
So did this one.

A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
This suite had a ceiling, walls, doors, and carpet 2 weeks ago... (to put it in perspective, thats an 8 foot ladder)

A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
'sup, loc.

A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
This is a test pic of a huge donut, stupid.

I did it!

[I knew the shit would work if I tried to figure it out!]

I can send pics to my blog now! Tell all your friends about this, cause this is what I've been waiting for, dammit!

No Post Tonight

[Holy Dammit Christmas!]

No Post Tonight, except for this one.


I'm tired

[my body's awake but my brain isn't]

If only they'd make the day 26 hours so I could get 2 more hours of sleep at night... Wouldn't that be great?


Demo's done.

[You people have no idea of the self-satisfaction of knocking down walls over 4000 square feet.]

We finished the demo today. Two full suites reduced to piles of broken drywall and forgotten dreams... Now it's time for a drink before the work-week begins again.

Mmm... Yeah... 40 oz of malt liquor make me wanna tell you somethin'

[in a week, this'll be a hell of a lot more convenient]

I'm headed out to work soon. Gotta take my sore ass and tear out the rest of these walls. Should go pretty fast, 'cept Eric is in just as bad of shape as I am, so it may go slow. At least I'm making $20/hr today. I also put in an order for a new computer today. Should have it in about a week... See ya.

If only we could all go doing what we loved to do...

[It's a sad day for rap fans everywhere (no sarcasm intended)]
Ol' Dirty Bastard died in the studio on saturday. It's one of those things that I can imagine my parents feeling when musicians of the 60's and 70's die. This may sound contrived, but ODB was an amazing east coast rapper, and I was looking forward to him putting out some more good albums. He's one of those guys that everyone sees as a joke, but you listen to his music, and he's damn creative, even though he's rapping about drugs and gonorrhea (no lie). Buy this shit. I'll finish this post with a shout out to Russell Jones, aka Ol' Dirty Bastard, aka Dirt Mc Girt, aka Big Baby Jesus.


Lets see if I can keep posting to this one...

[I love that my iPod's shuffle mode has played every song I didn't know I wanted to hear]

Hey guys.

I think I'm gonna try to keep a new one of these active, since I'd like to think there's a lot happening in my life pretty soon (in the next year, at least). We'll see if I can stick to it this time... Here goes:
I've been putting in 10+ hour days working for Eric's Dad at his business park, doing demo, and I'm fuckin' beat. Thursday, it was ceiling panels and tack strip. Yesterday, we were on scaffolds cutting t-bar from the ceiling. Today, we were actually demo-ing rooms; we completely filled 8 Trash Co. Brand trash disposal units with drywall and steel wall studs (Total hours worked since wednesday night, for those keeping track? 40.). The dumpsters are so full that we are worried that the trash men might not empty them, cause they won't take any dumpsters with more than 400 pounds in them. In any event, I'm tired as fuck. I'm surprised that I even have the energy to try to start a blog., but I'm doin' it.

Smoked my pipe tonight. Those that are interested in such endeavors, I can't recommend anything with heavy Latakia. It could be my unrefined palate, but I'm not feelin' that it's that good. It burns too fast, too. I'm slightly faded off Olde English "800," and I'm only 20 ounces into my 40 (I swear to God). I'm out for tonight. G'night, babies