God, I hope I can afford to pay off my student loan at this rate...


A Picture Share!

We knocked the shit outta this shed at work today. This pic is of the shed, mid-fall. There's another of us taking it apart, but I'm not ready to post it yet...


God bless help America...

I think you've all heard that today is the first day of the second term of Dubya, and four more years of being the object of contempt of the rest of the world, free or oppressed. And the worst part of the whole thing is that this will continue to ruin the Chinese Zodiac; you can't have Year of the Monkey eight years in a row... expect a backlash from Beijing sometime in 2006. But if you need to feel bad for people besides yourself, there's always the residents of Washington DC, taxed $12 million to pay for "security" for the inauguration of the president they voted 9-to-1 against. On that note, you handful of people that actually read my blog, I'm outta here.

A couple of quasi-interesting links

Yay, Theory of Evolution!

Also, Yay Fantastic Four Movie!

Not much else is new. Stay tuned for further details...


A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
You don't have to say it, I know i look good.


Hey all

I'm Back From Mexico, having had the pleasure of driving an H2 from Ensenada all the way back to Manhattan Beach, which ended up being a 5.5 hour drive, not including stopping for gas and lunch. The yacht my cousin bought is a Ferretti 68, and it is amazing. That's one of those words that people say, but you don't really know the meaning of the word until you see something like this boat (the pic does no justice... sorry, I forgot to take some :( ). I'll try to post the rest of the pics I took pretty soon, tho. Awesome trip, all-in-all, eventhough we missed the sportswear convention... for those that don't know, my cousin runs this company. It's HIS company, people.

On a side note, I realized that I'm two degrees of seperation from Christina Aguilera, because she's that company's celebrity/model/thing...

Christina Aguilera => My Cousin => Me

Pretty sweet, huh.


This is the greatest Star Wars thingy ever!

[for real]

Check Out The New Darth Vader Toy!

Via con Dios, mi vida

[via con Dios, me amor]

It's late, 2 am, on (I guess it'd be) saturday. In the afternoon, eric and I meet my cousin and uncle to go to mexico to pick up my cousin's boat from ensenada. Should be a kick-ass trip. And I get to drive the H2 back from mexico. Woo! I'll post lots of pics for everyone, but I dunno if I'll get any service, so it may have to wait til sunday night to put 'em up. Adios.


What a difference...

[a day makes...]

I'm in a little bit better spirits tonight. I've had a chance to recoup a little, and I'm not quite as sick as fuck, but I'm close. I still have no voice, a cough, and for some reason, my left thumb keeps spasming... but I have tea, and I just discovered The OC, which, seriously, is really funny. Any show where the main family is openly Jewish is alright with me. I've also had Metal Gear Solid 3 to take my mind off all the shit that's been going on, tho. I'm so good at that game. and in a few hours, I'll have beaten it a second time since Saturday. I'll try to leave more good news later.