Who's YOUR Rabbi?!

It came today!

I already love it, and I haven't worn it out anywhere.

I worked a half day today. I'm way tired from being sore (from the ATV). I realize now that my ATV's suspension was shot, so my body recieved a little more punishment than it would've. My neck hurts like Hell. My knee hurts, too. But, half-day, then McD's, and now, Who's Your Rabbi? and bed...


I'm lookin' at knee replacement in the next 5 years, I think...

So we went ATV-ing near pismo beach today, and I must say, it was fuckin' awesome!

Barbie on the ATV

I've never done it before, and I tore all that damn sand up. I totally recommend it to you all... tho... I did manage to roll the ATV twice. Once, trying to do a donut in 5th gear, it flung me and rolled on its side. The second time, I came up on a dune shaped like this "/|" a nice unslanted hill which dropped completely off, almost straight down. You gotta know, that up until this point, I was doing a great job and looking over the dunes to see if they continued or dropped-off. I brain-farted and managed to fall about 10 feet, while on top of the ATV. I pushed myself off of it, mid fall, but it managed to land upside down and roll onto my right knee (which is the knee I hurt at D&B's). So I'm in a whole shit-load of pain right now. Keeping in the trend of using frozen food as an ice pack, I've got a bag of corn on my knee. It's less swollen now, which is good. But pretty much my whole right leg is store in some manner or another. My groin muscle, first of all, is sore as Hell, then my knee, and the outside of my leg, right above my knee. I think initial contact was made there, cause of a scrape and a nice egg shaped lump. My thumb, however, is better.

The condo was sweet. It was actually in Cayucos, which is like 20 min. north of San Luis Obispo. Here's the view:

Oh, I saw these weird fuckin things in the store, btw. They're curly fries, but I had to take a pic of the name...


Weekend plans...

It's saturday, 5-ish, and I've been at Barbie's a little more than a day. We just saw Constantine. As you all know, I enjoyed it the first time, so I didn't mind seeing it again. Barb met with the guy that did the sound for the movie a couple months ago, so she wanted to see it for the sound. She enjoyed it, too. We ate at P.F. Changs in Sherman Oaks last night. I had a couple of Tsingtaos (pron. Ching-Dow), those were pretty good. Tonight, we're gonna drive up to San Luis Obispo, cause parents of a friend of her's (from UCSB) have a condo up there that they're not using. So Us, another couple from UCSB, and another guy from UCSB are gonna meet up there tonight, and then tomorrow: ATVs on the beach! I'm pretty stoked. So. We're gonna pack and get outta here. See ya on Sunday.

Oh yeah: tsingtaobeer.com


¿$0 w|-|a7 iƒ ¡ §†a¥ µp Í@73?

§ø a$ ¥ou ©aπ @11 s33, I'/\/\ @ mµ©h ßi663® ∂0R|< 7ha|\| pR3√10|_|5£¥ t|-|0µ6|-|7.

I've made a new hobby for myself, and I must say, I know my way around the |<∑¥ß0@r|) a little better.

W0w, I'√€ ß|_0663d §◊◊◊◊ mÚç|-| 7◊|)Á¥...


Which one is he?!

Here are two of the 3 shirts I ordered:



Pretty sweet, huh? (G-d bless html)

I got my camera working! I bought comics, had fish tacos, and went to the mug. Those that went to CHS remember Hans Soper, right? He, his sister Heather, and I talked for like 1.5 hours, and that was pretty cool. He's a pretty good guy. Now, the guy that sat with me and told me how he graduated from Calvary Chapel Pastoral College, and how Jesus is great and all that stuff... I didn't have the heart to tell him I was Jewish (though I couldn't get a word in edgewise). This guy wouldn't shut up. Here I am, reading Y the Last Man #31, and he just starts telling me about his former drug usage, cigarette, and coffee addiction. I, being the nice guy I am, kept his banter going, and didn't ignore him. He actually commented that I wasn't an asshole, which tells me that a lot of people he tries to talk to are (assholes). I, unfortunately, didn't get to take the pics I was planning to take, tho, through talking and smoking and all of that.

...If you're wondering why there's multiple images of me in those pics, I had to do some mirror trickery with the medicine cabinet mirror to get a non-reversed image...

Something to do today!

I found this in the hall closet:

I think I'll go use it...

Who knew burritos had so many uses...

So last night, after I fell, we went back to the shop to look for an ice pack. There's no ice pack, or ice cubes, for that matter, so I was hard pressed to find something I could ice my hand down with. I then found this little gem in the freezer.

We bought these in December, for the purposes of hot lunch in the cold. We discovered that "chicken" actually means "chicken goo" or "chicken puree." So I've been using one of our 6 uneaten frozen burritos as an icepack. As it stands, I should be home today, for the majority of the day. As I'm sure you all know, new comic day was yesterday, so it's time to get caught up. If I get too antsy today, I'm going to Commerce Casino. Tho, Hawaiian Gardens is right by the business park... and since I have to take Eric to work, I'll be right there... we'll see ;)


ouch... Goddammit!

So I got hurt at work today. It was right at the end of the day, and I slipped off a ladder. I know what you're saying, but it's ok. Without going into great detail, I slipped, my back hit the wall I slid down it, and hurt my left hand. It hurts like a bitch, but otherwise, I'm no worse for the wear.


It's tuesday morning. Eric woke up late, so I have a few minutes to hang out, blog, and all of that other silly business.

I ordered a shitload of Dork things last night... I'm so happy! I ordered 3 trade paperbacks [Sin City Vol.4, Hellblazer Vol.1, Watchmen], 3 t-shirts [one Superman symbol on blue, one Bizarro symbol on purple-ish, and one Who's Your Rabbi (something every Jewish boy needs)]. I also pre-ordered Harry Potter 6 on Amazon.com... now, I know what some of you are saying, but you gotta realize that I read the 4th HP book in two days, and the 5th in two days. Over one four-day period. So I'm super stoked about 6

Here's that shirt I mentioned earlier:



Thank you, The Simpsons, for doing an ep on gay marriage. If you all saw this ep, you probably thought it was funny. And let me be the first to say "Finally, Patty is officially a lesbian!" We all know everyone deserves equal rights here in America, right? That website is real, by the way.

Some guys wear parrots...

This is my cat, Angel, for those that don't know. Jon, ever since you left after Xmas, this cat has been all over me... it's funny. Those that know Angel, know that she's an asshole; not wanting to be around anyone or anything, especially if she's given attention. But lately, she's super loyal.

I just got back from seeing Constantine, and I must say, I thought it was enjoyable. Those that know ME, know I kinda get off a little bit on all that Angels/Demons shit, so it was neat to see in on screen. Hellblazer (the comic on which Constantine is based) is supposed to be one of the better long-running comics in the last 10+ years. It's one of those that I've been meaning to read over the last 2-3 years that I've started collecting again... I just haven't. I'm gonna start, tho. The movie definately isn't great, per se, but if you look at it as a movie based on a comic, then it's good (since Comic-based movies have a reputation for being bad (i.e., Daredevil, The Punisher, Batman Forever, Catwoman (stop me any time...))). I said the same thing when Hellboy came out (which I really liked). So in short, if you gotta kill a couple of hours, see Constantine. The movie you all should be looking forward to seeing is Sin City. If you don't see this movie when it comes out, you're a dumbass. You don't want to be a dumbass, do you? Good night, all you smart-asses ;)


Say word, son

I've just finished a bottle of Pinot Noir (cost effective), and I'm feelin great. I just watched a little Dave Cha-P, and now, Simpsons Season 4. I'm feelin so fuckin' awesome. And it's nice to see how Lisa becomes beauty pageant winner, and Bart walking in high heels. Oh, Krusty... yes, this is drunk talk, but I'm awesome, anyway. I should be in bed, but I felt the urge to early-morning blog. I'm gonna get outta here, to maintain my buzz into sleep time (yay, sleep is where I'm a viking!).


The reviews are in...

Ebay seller "dreamlair" has the most awesome pipes for sale. I smoked 2 bowls in the lion pipe, and it's excellent. My favorite pipe, now. It's like smoking art... fantastic.

i have to go to bed, but before I go,

Big Ups to Jonny!!!



I bought this bitchen pipe on eBay

I'm so FUCKING stoked about it! As far as I know, it's the only one like it in the world... if it's not the only one, it's one of no more than a dozen (the seller called it "lionpower" in the auction, btw). I'm gonna go out and smoke it now. I'm tired, sore and my joints ache from work, so I've earned a rest, brew, and smoke.


Mmm... cabernet sauvignon...

[from the forest itself, comes the handle for the axe]

Let me start off by saying that things are better at work. The issues are slowly working themselves out, and dispersions are no longer being cast on me :) It turns out that Val, the crazy vietman vet, who also happens to be the "foreman," is actively (and passively) causing issues. It's basically him making us look bad (or inept) to our boss, while he bitches with us about our boss' "ineptitude." It's a two-faced deal.

I spent the weekend with Barbie, which was great. I cooked a delicious dinner Saturday night, consisting of sauteed chicken in basil olive oil, spinach and ricotta tortellini, and a wonderful pesto sauce. To top it all off, a bottle of 2001 Sanford (La Rinconada Vineyard) Pinot Noir, from Santa Barbara. The best $50 I've ever spent (on alcohol).

Today, at work, I had to move 150 sheets of drywall (with help) today.
80 - 8'x4' sheets
50 - 10'x4' sheets
6 - 12'x4' sheets.
All sheets at 5/8" thickness, btw.

One square foot of 5/8" thickness drywall weighs 2.2 pounds. You all can figure it out. All that drywall was in the first 3 hours of my 9-hour day. Worse work followed, but it was nice to hit McD's for lunch. And now I have a bottle of Cab to keep me company ;). Sweet dreams, all =*



I don't know if you all know this, or if you've been paying attention, but The Tonight Show had a motorcycle signed by celebrities and was auctioned off for Tsunami Relief. The opening bid was $22K... This was the final bid. Not my first choice in spending that much dough, but hey, it's for a good cause. It's nice to know that shady eBay tactics take place on the most high-priced auctions; the winner sniped it at the last second, literally. I just thought this would be interesting conversation piece for you all. Now talk amongst yourselves.

Eric and I just got off a 12.5 hour day, which we chose to do, so we could have a short day tomorrow. The temptation of cold brews after work tomorrow afternoon is too strong. But the few hours we work tomorrow is OT, so that's awesome. I'm tired. See Ya!


good morning, good morning

it's monday morning, and we get to go in late to work, since we have to stay late doing windows. I'm still running late, tho. I'm also realy hungry, but I don't want to leave my room. I stayed up til 215 helping my brother with something, and I decided that I hate Windows. Mac OS is really much better. With the new Mac Mini and apple's new powerbook, so all you PC users have no excuse not to switch. I'll try to have a more substantial update soon, kids.