Must... buy... T-shirts...

So threadless.com has a $10 shirt sale once a year, or whenever mid-terms come around. I've been wanting some of these fuckers for a while now. So I just ordered three (3).

The Urban Jungle


Bone Gramaphone

I owe myself a little sumpthin', I think.

The Most Misleading Movie Trailer, Ever.

I love the BKV board. Saw this today from the man, himself. The perfect trailer to the perfect movie.



Take THAT, Intelligent Design Theory!

Last night, I played with Ryan's combo for John Kelly and his attempt to enter SoCal congress. I was only supposed to sit in for a couple of songs, but ended up sitting in for four hours. Which was fucking sweet. All the guys were awesome players. Thanks again, Ryan. But the bonus was that I got paid along with all the other guys. AND it was as much as all the other guys, which was fucking amazing. And if that wasn't enough, John was so happy with everything, that he gave me a $45- pipe when I was leaving. It was surreal.

I've got another temp job in the interim while I get my substitute shit together. I'm working for the American Corporate Headquarters of Suzuki. It's kinda cool. Chill. Boring as fuck, but it's brainless, so far.

Tonight, I'm meeting Kei Akagi for a little coffee, although I may very well have tea, since I'm starting to feel cold symptoms coming on. I'll be nice to see that guy for a couple of hours tonight.

Today, I saw this thing online that kicks Intelligent Design in the balls. If you don't believe in evolution, you're dumb. But in you're intent on being dumb, here's a theory that's just as good as Intelligent Design. Church of FSM.


Tonight's Events

Ryan is getting a little jazz combo together at Kelly's Mens Store in Old Town Tustin, and has so graciously asked me to sit in on a couple of tunes. Come on out to:

330 El Camino Real, Tustin CA 92780

Goes from around 6 to around 9. Should be a good time. Bring your pipe, stogie, cigs, or be ready to buy.


I can see the headlines, now...

Man commits suicide
after listening to
"Spongebob Squarepants"
Theme 200 times over 3 hours.

I just finished transcribing the Spongebob theme for my young trumpet student. I am now officially insane and I want to destroy humanity.

Who lives in a pinapple under the sea?

You know who.

I'm in the process of transcribing the Spongebob Squarepants for one of my trumpet students. I just DLed it, and I hope my transcription chops are up to par. Because I just listened to the whole theme song for the first time and it's fucking garbage. It's the worst theme song I've ever heard. Thank G-d that it's only 30 seconds long.

(in Spanish, he's Bob Esponja, btw)

Oh yeah, GO RAIDERS!


I'm dumb...

But you knew that, though, yeah? I sent out a press release. I ate most of 'em...
I'm dumb. Dumb!

So apparently the thing I've been waiting for from the OC Dept. of Education came in the mail two weeks ago, and I didn't realize it. I thought I was getting some kind of fingerprint ID card. As it turns out, it's just a yellow slip of paper saying I passed my Dept. of Justice background check AND paid for my fingerprinting. The woman was REALLY condescending on the phone when I called to inquire about the shit. But. The show must go on. If I had called this morning, I'd've applied today. Now, it's 415-ish, and much too late to start this garbage. Now, I'm committed to one more day of temp work, which I can get through standing on my head, I'll decline to work the half-day they have lined up for me on Monday and get my ass to the PYLUSD office bright and early that morning.


Don't ever say that I never did anything for you.

Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story

Send your thanks in the form of whisky (in all its incarnations). No younger than 18 years, please. I like my spirits of legal age.


The Standard

Last night, Barb and I went to a hotel/diner/club/lounge/bar called The Standard in Hollywood with a bunch of her coworkers. It's a pretty fucking hip/trendy place. I'd go back there, though I might stay out of the VIP lounge next time. We had a reservation in the lounge, and they hesitated to let 8 of the 10 of us in, even though we had a reservation. They, of course, let every hot blonde that walked next to us in. But eventually, we got past the velvet rope, and into the hip-and-trendy lounge. The requisite to get to hang out in the lounge was that for every 6 people, you have to order at least a $100 bottle of Champagne. And we had 10 people. $200 later, we were all having a good time, sitting near the DJ booth, but as the night got later, the speakers got (of course) louder. Wouldn't've been so bad, except for everyone that works at Barb's work relies on their ears for their jobs (sound design, remember?), plus me, with my also-sensitive ears. We had a good time until it got too loud to talk to each other. I need to get out to that scene more. Not a lot more. Just a little.

It's so true...

You are the classic rogue, a stylish rake with the devil of a wit and a
flair for mischief, and you shake your martinis to waltz time. You are
charming and debonair, but slightly untrustworthy, and women should be
on their guard. If married, you are simply a bit of a flirt, even if
it's just with your own wife...but if you're single, watch out. You
usually rein yourself in to concentrate on one lovely beauty at a time,
but with you, we never know. You're an inviting partner, but there's a
playful devil behind your eyes, and those trying to get close to you
should know they're playing with fire. You're stylish and fun, but you
follow your own course, which may or may not include a steady gal.
Co-stars include Myrna Loy and Carole Lombard, classy ladies with an
adventurous streak.

Find out what kind of classic dame you'd make by taking the
Classic Dames Test.

William Powell

You scored 9% Tough, 28% Roguish, 4% Friendly, and 57% Charming!

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 5% on Tough
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Link: The Classic Leading Man Test written by gidgetgoes on OkCupid Free Online Dating


Work is for suckers

And unfortunately, I suck.

I've been at this temp job for two weeks. I'm doing market research in real estate for a company called Hanley Wood. The link is for the specific division of the company I'm working for. I sit at a desk all day, calling businesses, trying to verify and update information on reports. So, eight hours a day, I'm on the phone, making dozens of calls, trying to ingratiate myself to total strangers for 1 to 10 minutes at a time. I get told every day that I'm soooo gooood at the job (apparently), and I'm a natural, and I apparently get a lot done, compared to other people that have come through the doors. Though I do my damnedest to stall, and not work, and space out. I pray to be put on hold, so I can sit and draw. It's the most fucking easy job (well, except for the last temp job I had, which was easier), and I hate it. I sit in a chair, with a headset, a pad of white paper, and a red ball point pen. That's it. No internet, no radio, no email. I don't even have voice mail, so people can't return my calls. And I have to get creative and lie to every 3 out of 5 calls, so they don't dismiss me as a phone solicitor. I must sound so shady on the other end of the line. This past week was my second week, and the job was only supposed to be one week. Then, they asked me to come back for a second week. My supervisor pounced on me on Wednesday to try to get me to commit to a third. The people are nice there, and we all get a long, except for one asshole that's got a huge chip on his soldier. Every time I see him, he's got this look on his face. You know the look. Like he's got this HUGE shit he's gotta drop off, but for some reason, he's not making a beeline for the bathroom. And he's got this struggled look on his face ALL the time. Like someone told a joke at his expense, and he knows he's getting made fun of, but doesn't know why. Fuck that guy. But anyway. Like I was saying, the only luxury I've got is a headset. Which on Monday, I lose to a new hire. And I'm still just a lowly temp. I can't fucking wait for my fingerprint card to come, so I can start fucking subbing.


Thank You, Crazy Guy


Go to the last comment in the section.


He goes on, at length and in detail, from there. I wanted to bring all of your attention to it. Thanks, dude, for posting the most cryptic comment I've ever had in the most id-inspired post I've ever left. Thanks, Crazy Guy, for making my post seem level headed. I might not have pride in the "elite bloodline puppets" that make up our government, but I'm not a conspiracy theorist (though I do have a 11 year-old soft spot for the Illuminati). Please feel free to leave such whacked-out comments here, as long as you're attacking the general population. Or the governemt. That's ok, too.


All your favorite heros in one place.

This site has art from a TON of artists, depicting characters and authors from literature. Go here and spend a lot of time looking at great art. Link to follow in sidebar.

Jekyll & Hyde by Tony Harris

William Gibson by Pia Guerra

These two artists are the artists of two of my favorite comics, Ex Machina and Y the Last Man, respectively. On the slim chance they stumble on the link to my blog, I've got much love for the art they do, and wanted to share it with the group.


The week, at large.

Well, a bit of things've gone down this week, more than just Katrina updates and diatribes in response to diatribes. Let's start from the beginning.

Last weekend, I was at Barb's. We had a nice three and a half days. Hung out, mostly. I did get a neck and back ache from sitting cockeyed in the supercomfy armchair. But I made a lot of meals, drank a bit, and we saw Wedding Crashers and spent a little time at Universal City Walk. Her and I tend to have a nice time together. It's weird how that works out :)

Monday morning, I took Miss Barbie to work, and I headed to Ryan's since a name from the past was over there. Justin. It was great to see that guy. We all shot the shit, and had a blast. We went to Roscoe's, and had a kickass lunch. Justin paid, being the comsumate gentleman he is. He wanted to do something nice for Ryan's and My birthday We went back to Ryan's, had some beer (I only drank one and a half, cause I was driving, ass) and drove Justin to his cruise ship. Got home, and can't remember what I did that night. Probably nothing... who knows.

Tuesday. Got up after less than five hours of sleep (let's call it four and a half) for my temp job, which I had to get up at 615 for. Got to work, and had a wonderfully long day of talking on the phone to assholes in Arizona who don't know how to keep their paperwork in order. At least most of them didn't have thick accents. That night, I went out with the guys, for a much needed night of hanging with the guys. Oh yeah, smoking and drinking hot beverages was included in there, too. Eric gave me the HUGE bleated birthday hookup of House, MD on DVD. I resisted it's charms for the first few nights, but I'll get to my watching House in a minute. Oh yeah, went to Staples, too, to buy shipping materials for my eBay items. I didn't realize it was the first goddamn day of school, so I stood in line for 20 minutes, only to find I forgot my wallet when I got to the front of the line.

Tuesday night, I got four hours of sleep. Wednesday was hard. I had my fingerprinting that afternoon. Got my shit ready to bring to work, AND I made lunch in the morning. I was even on time to work. Had another wonderful day at work. I got the chance to call Texas all day. And I hate to be prejudiced against other Americans, but people that have thick Texas accents don't sound very educated when they're reading data and such over the phone. It feels like I've spent the last three mornings speaking to Larry the Cable Guy, by the way. Broke out of work at 330 and went to get fingerprinted. I ended up completing the entire application process for 30-Day Emergency Substitute Credentials, and I must thank the nice ladies that work in the OC Dept. of Ed. for helping me get my shit together. Ended up getting my Staples stuff and getting all my items ready to ship, which was very productive. Watched 2 eps of House and went to bed late, again.

Four and a half hours of sleep later, I was up and back to work. I found out at work that they want to keep me on for another week of work. I said "Hell yeah." So I have one more paycheck in teh future. I had a breakthrough in my lessons last night, with my "low" student, for the first time ever. I tried to convince him that he needs to practice. He told me that all he wants to learn are the slide positions, so he can play better in school. I told him that he has to practice them to learn. That was to no avail. Then I decided to forget the trombone and start talking to him about his life. School, Hobbies, TV shows, Music. The best answer I got out of him was "uh, I dunno." I really want this kid to understand why the trombone is so much fun. If he's not meant for it, I'm not gonna be the guy that tells him to hang his hat on music, in general. It's up to his parents and him to figure that out. I figured I'd find his favorite TV show, and teach him the theme to it. 12 year old kid, no social skills, weird family life, little interest in anything, looks uncomfortable in his own skin, and what show do I decide to throw out? The Simpsons. This guy lit up by a christmas tree. Now all I need to do is learn and transcribe (and transpose into an easy key) the theme. At least I have a weekend project. I came home confident, to more House, then I get online to find the icing on the cake that was my day. On the BKV forum, Brian K. Vaughan ran a contest to buy 10 (I think) members their Amazon wishlist (as long as it was comics) as long as they put ONE comic of his recommend on the wishlist. Well, after months of deliberation, he decides to, instead of give lots of books to a few people, he's gonna give ONE TPB to everyone who entered. That's 122 people that entered at about $13.99 a pop. Pretty fucking generous, IMO.

Today started out with another four hours of sleep, and a long ass day making calls. Then I got a free lunch. The place I'm temping catered lunch today, so I got pasta and pizza and salad. For nothin. Then, I got out of work and bought comics. Then, I had chinese. That was pretty much the exciting portion of my day. I've watched 5 eps of House tonight (thanks again, Eric), and I don't want to sleep, but I have to get up at 8 tomorrow for my lessons. Hope I didn't put you all to sleep in the meantime.



Hey, kiddies! We broke Three Thousand hits today!


Thanks to everyone that frequents this silliness, and to all you noobs, too. I'm happy I can entertain the masses. Feel free to use the wonderful Zonkboard™ brand tag board over there to check in and say hello!



Just how bad is New Orleans?

1800 Bayou Road, N.O., 70116

I've adapted this address from another blog I just read. Click the link to go to Maps.Google.Com and see just how bad the hurricane damage is. If you aren't sure, click the white Satellite near the red Katrina tab at the top of the map. That'll put things in perspective.

Kanye West is great.

I never had an opinion one way or another about Kanye West. Then I saw this. There was a live NBC fundraiser for Katrina victims, and Mike Myers & Kanye West were saying what they had to say. You can tell that Myers' speech was very much scripted, while Kanye spoke from the heart. Which is scathing at times. Some might agree with what he had to say, øth€rs, might not. I do. That's wh¥ I'm blogging i7. See for yourselves.

Kanye West attacks ßush


I have work tomorrow!

I finally have some work. Unfortunately, it's only for 5 days. Tomorrow, then Tuesday to Friday next week. But it's work. Ryan'll say something if I say this, but you don't look a gift horse in it's grill. Maybe I can get on something else soon (like subbing).

A great member on the Vaughan boards made a page listing all the sumbission guidelines for major and underground comics companies. Here. Needless to say, I might try my hand at writing again. I had some luck in college, as some of you may know, and I've had the desire to get back into it for a while. Maybe I'll be motivated to make something happen with my brain, in addition to music.