Clemency for Tookie Williams

Founder of The Los Angeles Crips (a gang, whitey) is 13 days away from his execution.

Stan "Tookie" Williams, nominated NINE times for the Nobel Prize (Five times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, and Four times Nobel Literature Prize Nominee), is currently incarcerated in San Quentin, for the alleged murder of 4 people, and has been locked up since '81. He admits his guilt for nefarious doings as a gang leader, but he claims innocence for the four homicides, but hasn't been allowed an appeal to investigate the alleged racism employeed by the prosecution in his case. He's devoted his time in jail to doing whatever he can to stop kids from following in his path, writing childrens books (and donating all proceeds to charity), and speaking out against gang violence and gang life. Here's a little bit more about him and his situation, found at savetookie.org

Stan was the co-founder in 1971 of the Los Angeles Crips gang. In 1981 he was convicted of murdering four people during two robberies and sentenced to death row at San Quentin State Prison. Stan deeply regrets his gang involvement but has always maintained his innocence of these crimes.

His trial was based on circumstantial evidence and the testimony of several witnesses, all of whom were facing a range of felony charges, including fraud, rape, murder and mutilation. Even the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals stated in a September 10, 2002, ruling that the witnesses in Stan’s case had “less-than-clean backgrounds and incentives to lie in order to obtain leniency from the state in either charging or sentencing.”

The U.S. Supreme Court has now rejected Tookie's appeal to investigate the racism and discrimination at the heart of his case, as well as Tookie's innocence issues. One issue highlighted the fact that the prosecutor in Tookie's original case removed three African-American jurors from the jury. During Stan's trial, this prosecutor made racially-coded remarks during his closing argument, comparing Stan during the trial to a Bengal tiger in the zoo and stating that a black community - South Central Los Angeles - was equivalent to the natural "habitat" of a Bengal Tiger.

Take a look, form your opinions. I thought this might be good to talk about before his execution date, so you can all be well-informed.


"Class, what's Mr. Long's only rule?"

"Be cool."

On Monday, I established this maxim for one class, and it has since become the axiom for every class. I tell the kids that as long as they play it cool, I have no problems. That means no talking while I'm talking, no disturbing others, keeping the noise level down. Pretty easy to follow, right? It seems to be working on 'em. The kids have really taken a shining to me, which is great, cause I thought they'd eat me alive, initially. I've been really laid back, which I think most kids don't expect from subs. But as many of you know, I can turn the "mean" on when I need to. Some boys think it's funny during attendance, to respond with "here, Dawg," so I'll throw it back at 'em, "Thanks, Daawwwwggggg." And that usually ends that. One kid kept calling me "partner," and after the third time, I said in front of the whole class: "That's the LAST time you call me 'partner,' or any other little nickname. The only thing you're allowed to call me is "Mister Long." If I hear anything else, you're in trouble. Am I clear?" That freaked the kids out. Another girl would snidely answer other people's questions out of the side of her mouth. "I don't need an answer from you every time I ask a question. I don't want to hear an answer out of you unless I ask you first." That got 'em, too. I throw these lightning bolts of authority at 'em every now and again, and it always catches them off guard. I'll make them write their names on the board if they cause problems (and subsequent check-marks if necessary, and let the teacher discipline as he/she sees fit. My grand scheme has worked, thus far.


The Blog You've All Been Waiting For

My oldest pal, Eric, whom the vast majority of you know as "the quiet guy" has started his own blog.


I have huge faith in this blog, so give him some traffic.

Also, once you get to know him, he's definitely not "the quiet guy."

Edited to Add: There's a link over on the right. Just right over there. See it? I know it's kind of intimidating, but don't be afraid. Touch it.


Wanna Go To Church?


Easy like Sunday mornin'

Esperanza was the easiest gig so far. I stood and listened to 0 period. They didn't even march on the wet grass. Then 1st period HS Band was awesome, and pleasantly well behaved. Now, maybe I catch a few z's before I have to be at the middle school @1230.

Can't Stay Awake...

So after a beer, milk & Baileys, and Family Guy DVDs, I finally got to sleep around 2 am. At 430a, I wake up, with my ass telling me to get to the bathroom, or else there's gonna be dire consequences. Back to bed at 445a. I got up at 530, and went right into the shower. I hope I don't have to do shit for 0 Period Marching Band this morning.

Can't Sleep...

At 945p tonight, I was dozing. IM didn't keep my attention, neither did American Dad, so I dozed off. Maybe for 15 minutes. Then I remembered that I have to sub in the morning for 0 Period Marching Band at Esperanza HS @ 655a. I got up, ironed a shirt for tomorrow, got pants ready, and back to bed. I think I talked with Barb until 11p or so, when we both were feeling really tired, and signed off. Now, it's 1219, and I can't go to sleep to save my life. I've got Hellboy on, and that usually does a good job of knocking me out. I'm 20 minutes into it, to no avail. I've eaten Turkey for my last two meals, and they tryptophane (or whatever the fuck) has worn off, I guess. I'm too tired to rub one out, so I'm hoping a Corona does the trick. I was gonna pound the whole thing, but I wanted to drink while blogging, so I've slowed my own progress down. Fucking insomnia. I hope I don't need a second, cause if I do, I'm screwed for waking up at 530a, which is in about 5 hours. Also, I've had no caffeine today, three fun sized candies (two Milky Way and a twix), and a shitload of bread and turkey. To add to my misery, my sore throat has turned into congestion and sneezing. Joy of joys. At least the sore throat is gone. Until the morning. With 2 oz of "La Cerveza Mas Fina" left, I'm back to bed. If this doesn't work, then at 1 am, it's warm milk with Kahlua, or Baileys if we have it. Or both. I hope you all are sleeping well. Someone needs to.


Holy fuck, I'm so stuffed... Still!

Thanksgiving started at around 330 on Thursday, when we went to Mike & Wendy's house, who live in a palace in Manhattan Beach. This is where we've gone every year for something like the last 5 years (there are pictures of their place in last Thanksgiving's blog). Everyone's so awesome there. The food was plentiful, delicious, and of course, filling. We're so lucky they do a huge thing every year.

Afterwards, we went to my parents' friends' house in Huntington Beach. This was a fucking waste of time. We had to go cause they bought a fucking chocolate fountain and we had to pay homage to it. There were people there my age, but they weren't very social. And you all know me, I'm one to not just sit there and not get talked to, but I was on ignore for the hour of so we were there. And somehow, between Manhattan Beach and Huntington Beach, I developed a sore throat that I'm still trying to shake two days later. Oh yeah, and I have no medical insurance.

Friday, I didn't do much. I hung out here, and went for some pho, and practiced a little. Then, Shabbos dinner at my Uncle Brad's. It was great to see everyone two nights in a row. I got a chance to play a little Ms. Pac Man (on an original 1980's machine (bought new in the 80's, btw)) with my cousin Dana, who lives in Oregon, and who I hardly ever see. Have you ever had anyone in your extended family who, as you get older, you relate more and more to? Dana's like that for me. She's my first cousin, and 6 years older than I am, and I think if we lived closer, she'd almost be like an older sister for me. But I digress... I had another huge dinner, and I ended up staying over cause it's awesome being around my little cousins, and they like having someone who's not an old man around. This morning, I got up, and had some tea and filled up on Persian (Sephardic) pastries. Lunch, when it came around, was another huge meal. Then, full as shit, I drove home. To help my mom prep for our Thanksgiving. My mom has always done a Thanksgiving for the 4 of us the weekend after Thanksgiving, cause it's nice, and we get to have leftovers. So I just finished my 4th huge meal in a row. I'm beat, stuffed to the top, but the throat hurts still, so I'm in tonight.


Happy Thanksgiving, Kiddies!

It's 12:51 on Thanksgiving Thursday. Much to my chagrin, I've been up for about an hour, but it's all good. Pretty soon, here, it's off to Manahattan Beach for a great, huge family Thanksgiving Event.

Happy Thanksgiving to All! Hope yours is as good, or better, than mine will be. And mine is gonna be pretty fucking good.


The Japanese?! Those sandal-wearing goldfish tenders!

I know a lot of us want to spend a little time in the Land of the Rising Sun. Here's an interesing article for anyone actually intending to do so:

The 'IC you' Card

The 'IC you' card
Computer-chip card proposals for foreigners has big potential for abuse,


People are still reeling from September's LDP landslide election, realizing that Koizumi can essentially legislate whatever he wants.

For foreigners, that brings some bad news.

One of Koizumi's platforms is economic recovery through tourism and increased contact with outsiders ("Yokoso Japan") yet his administration can't shake its preconception of foreigners as potential terrorists and criminals.

Koizumi's previous Cabinet bore no fewer than three ministers who mentioned, in their introductory speeches, the alleged foreign crime wave (even though the media, including this column on Oct. 7, 2003, has long debunked this).

In December 2004, the Cabinet released its "Action Plan for Pre-Empting Terrorism," explicitly stating the terrorists to be targeted are essentially foreigners (Community Page; May 24, 2005).

Now Koizumi the tour guide wants to institute high-tech tracking of every foreigner he invites.

On June 16, the LDP's Political Affairs Research Committee ("seimu chousakai") issued their "Proposal for a New Immigration Control Policy" ("arata na nyuukoku kanri shisaku e no teigen").

Their plan: Issue "IC Cards," or credit card-sized identification cards, containing computer chips to track people.

One form of IC card (the "shutsu nyuu koku" card) will be issued to anyone (Japanese or not) crossing the Japanese border, upon request and at their expense.

The other, the "zairyuu card," is obligatory and replaces the Gaijin Card. All resident aliens (except the generational "Zainichi" ethnic "foreigners," who remain unchipped) must still carry it 24/7 or face arrest.

This "Gaijin Chip" will contain data such as: "name, nationality, birthday, passport information, visa status, address, workplace, educational institution if student etc."

Fingerprints will also be encoded "if the person wants." But just in case, fingerprinting will be reinstated to imprint foreigners both entering and leaving the country.

The article continues from there.

Isn't it good to know that the good ol' U.S. of A. isn't the only place stripping the populace of human rights?


Updates for the House of Venture

Apparently the scripts for eps 10 and 11 are being worked on, with the previous 9 in the can. Scripts 12 and 13 are left. I'm so stoked!

More can be found here, at Publick Nuisance

Also, as of today, there's 111 Days and some spare change left until the DVD comes out.

A Countdown can be found here, at The Mantis-Eye Experiment

Mr. Long -VS- The First Grade

So I got the call last night to cover for a First Grade class. No problem, right? Wrong. As nice as the kids were, they all needed constant attention. And you forget just how helpless kids are at that age. 18 sweet as can be kids plus one autistic kid, but the few times I had to split them into groups, neither they, nor I couldn't accomplish anything. Four groups of kids, all needing constant group and individual help. It's just funny to see how nice these kids are at this age, yet in a few years, they'll grow up to be jaded, mean sons of bitches.


This week, the abridged version.

A lot has happened in the last week, and I've blogged none of it. Sorry guys. I'm a sub now, and had my first two days last week. I had dinner with Antonio on Wednesday, and had Kobe beef for the first time. I went up to Barb's this weekend and saw some Harry Potter 4 among other things. More to Come...


In the Red, White, & Blue Corner

White Phosphorus!
aka The White Death!
aka Willy Pete!
aka The Scourge of Fallujah!

Story here @ the Moscow Times

Here's an excerpt:
(if you're not looking for a bummer, don't read this)

This week, the broadcast of a shattering new documentary provided fresh confirmation of a gruesome war crime covered by this column nine months ago: the use of chemical weapons by U.S. forces during the frenzied destruction of Fallujah in November 2004.

Using filmed and photographic evidence, eyewitness accounts and the direct testimony of U.S. soldiers who took part in the attacks, the documentary -- "Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre" -- catalogs the American use of white phosphorus shells and a new, "improved" form of napalm that turned human beings into "caramelized" fossils, with their skin dissolved and turned to leather on their bones. The film was produced by RAI, the Italian state network run by a government that backed the war.

Vivid images show civilians, including women and children, who had been burned alive in their homes, even in their beds. This illegal use of chemical weapons -- at the order of the Bushist brass -- and the killing of civilians are confirmed by former U.S. soldiers interviewed on camera. "I heard the order to pay attention because they were going to use white phosphorus on Fallujah," said one soldier, quoted in The Independent. "In military jargon, it's known as Willy Pete. Phosphorus burns bodies; in fact it melts the flesh all the way down to the bone. ... I saw the burned bodies of women and children. Phosphorus explodes and forms a cloud. Anyone within a radius of 150 meters is done for."


Diary of the Last Man

I think I'm gonna put this title into semi-retirement for another comic related Title. Welcome to...

House of X

Happy 1st Birthday!

Today is the first Birthday of my blog, Diary Of The Last Man!

I M r0xx0rs!

I can't believe I've been able to keep this thing going strong for a year. Thanks to all of you that check this place out regularly, and thanks to all of you nøøbs that've stumbled across this blog. Maybe in the next year, I can get a little more insightful, a little more wise, and a lot funnier.

Next Year in Jerusalem!

And here's my very first post. Lets reminisce, shall we?
My first blog...

When God gives you AIDS, make LemonAIDS.

Eric and I caught Sarah Silverman's Jesus Is Magic last night, and boy is it fucking funny. This Jewess' movie is worth the trip to your neighborhood indie theater. Or the only theater in your county that's showing it, the University 6 in Irvine, or whatever it's called, across the street from UCI. It's 75-80 minutes of painful laughter, perfect delivery, and surprisingly good 3-part harmony.


The Living Legend and the 16th President

Last night, Ryan, Mike Moon, Jason (Ryan's neighbor), and I went to see jazz bassist Ron Carter at Catalina's Bar & Grill. Ron Carter has played with everyone. All the Jazz (and music) greats since the 60's or so, and Carter has been there. I knew the show would be good, but I didn't realize it would be incredible. I'm talking fucking amazing. If any of you have a chance to see Ron Carter, it would be in your best interests to go.

Afterwards, we went back to Jason's for some drinking and a little PS2. I had 2 vodka martinis at Catalinas, and when we got back to Jason's, I was drinking gin martinis. Then ol' Honest Abe shows up, and like a fool, I partake a little more than I should, all the while still drinking my gin. The vodka and gin weren't acting very civilized, then Abraham Lincoln gets in there and starts shit with gin and vodka. And I certainly paid the price. Still paying, actually. I had a burrrito a few minutes ago, and Monty Python's Flying Circus is on, so I'm in good shape. I might go see Sarah Silverman's new movie, Jesus Is Magic today, too. Hopefully I can motivate myself to get out of the house.



You guys been curious where they goot the idea for the new [adult swim] show, Boondocks?

Boondocks at LiveJournal

I wrote a letter to Pat Robinson tonight.

This guy declared a Holy War on the State Of Pennsylvania for not electing school board members who supported Intelligent Design. 8 people were rightly denied a chance to directly effect the education of children in their state. For those that forgot,

Darwinism = Science = Proven Theory = Fact
Intelligent Design = Faith-Based, Creationism in disguise

Pat Robertson,

Where do you get the grapes to call for a disaster to take place in the state of Pennsylvania? When did Jesus, your God, become so vengeful and war-mongering to inspire you to call for holy war against people who think differently than you? Last time I checked, Intelligent Design isn't science, because Intelligent Design isn't fact. Scientific theory is based on FACT, while religious theory is faith-based. Darwin's theories are proven. Use google.com sometime and look it up. Or read a book other than the Christian Bible. In America, our gonvernment was based on a seperation of church and state. It's people like you that are destroying this country for racial and religious minorities. You're ruining this great country for people who believe there's a place for religion, and that place is nowhere near The White House, The House Of Representatives, or Any School Board Assembly in the USA. Try and see just how far gone the Christian Reich has become in this country by living as a non-Christian American for one day. As an American Jew, your actions and opinions scare me to tears.

Jeff Long

I really sent this to him, via CBN.com. I'm sure he won't see it. But I did what little I could. It's a symbolic gesture, I guess.


Wow, Orange County sucks

OCRegister.com has results from yesterday's election. All 8 propositions failed, which is 75% what I voted on. I can't complain, overall. Schwarzenegger was defeated. But the reason for my title today is that OC voters, overall, voted the opposite Unions and public employees were pushing for on almost everything. These results can be seen on the Register's site today
73-80: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, No, No, No.

When I was at the smoke shop, with Ryan, a couple of weeks ago, the owner had signs up for "YES on 74 75 76 77" and he and I were both upset at the support for the governor, and not the people, that he, and everyone else there showed. Maybe the prerogatives for businessmen are different than those of the general public. Maybe the California government is in need of change/major change, but at what cost? It's just not right to sacrifice the best interests of the people, just for the sake of change.


Mud goes on, mud goes off. Mud goes on, mud goes off.

I didn't get a call to sub today, so I told Eric that I'd come and do a little work for Dave on days I was available (and felt like it). After a brief practice session this morning, I was off to Dave's business park. I got in at 12, left at 630. A pretty easy day, overall. A lot of mud, a lot of talking. I can't complain. I'm here, now, watching Family Guy, drinking my tea. I should be fast asleep, but I'm not anticipating a sub call tomorrow morning, cause of district-wide parent conferencing. But the tea is doing the trick. Night, kids.

Row row row your boat.

My pirate name is:

Dirty Jack Read

You're the pirate everyone else wants to throw in the ocean -- not to get rid of you, you understand; just to get rid of the smell. Even through many pirates have a reputation for not being the brightest souls on earth, you defy the sterotypes. You've got taste and education. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from fidius.org.


The Jeff Long Foundation for Music is Now Accepting Donations

I figure it's early in November, and since everyone is looking to donate to a good cause, I might as well give you all a worthwhile reason to donate.

I'm in the market for a bass trombone and I've found the best one suited to my needs.

Getzen 1062 FDR

This wonderful Eterna Series instrument offers:

-A 0.562"/0.578 Dual-bore hand slide
-A 9 1/2" 23 gauge red brass bell
-Three interchangeable leadpipes
-Dependant F/D Valve set-up with open wrap

This is a professional quality trombone at an intermediate price, and many bone players see it as "the best value for a bass trombone on the market today."

The MSRP for this fantastic instrument is around $2200, but any music shop worth their salt sells their wares below MSRP. I'm looking to buy after the New Year, when the store I plan to buy from restocks their supply of these bass trombones.

We're accepting donations of any denomination from $10 to $1000. Please make your donations to my PayPal account, jeff*at*ebay 'at' gmail*com, or feel free to write a check made out to "CASH." * = .

Thanks for your time, considerations, and eventual donations.


Another exciting Friday Night...

So this week has been pretty eventful. I'm too lucid right now to know if I'm gonna hit everything, but I'll do my best.

Sunday was stogies at Kelly's Mens Shop then a jam with Steve Liu (bass) and this dude, Adam, who plays guitar. The three of us played a few weeks ago, and had a good time, and Adam's pretty serious about wanting to get a band together and start playing/gigging. And I'm pretty serious about getting paid to play the trombone. The guy reminds me of Dave Tibbets, but a little more focused. Plus, this guy's a Grad Student in English at UCI, and wants to try to make it before he has to enter the real world. Sound familiar? In any case, the guy writes some great songs, and the best way I can describe the music is "Folk Funk." That moniker doesn't really do the tunes any justice, but what can you do? We jammed for a solid 3 hours, on his tunes, and a couple tunes Steve wanted to try. Like this Willie Bobo tune called "Fried Neckbones & Some Home Fries." This tune fucking grooves. We even had other people in the practice studio come in with eyes wide open O_O saying how awesome we were. That's always nice. And someone who worked there mistook my playing for singing, which is definitely not a bad thing, either. So Adam's on the look out for a drummer, and Steve's on the look out for a sax or trumpet player, and I'm on the look out for... myself, at this point. I've been told to keep my ears out, but I don't really know that many guys. Especially guys I'd want to play with all the time. And we don't have a band name yet, either. But when we do, watch out!

Monday and Tuesday were pretty simple, aside from the fact that I got no sleep Sunday and Monday nights. Maybe 9 hours in total. Those were two of my last three days at Suzuki, and I managed to dick around and get just enough work done to appease my superiors. Not that fun, but fucking easy. Monday night, I went to Steamers to see a trombone sextet, Slide FX, and to talk to the bandleader and maybe score a gig, or at least a weekly rehearsal. To my surprise, he came up to me, since the recognized me as a bone plaer from someplace We talked for like 20 minutes, and I explained to him I used to be a student of a mutual friend. He seemed excited to meet me, and I gave him my number, and he said he'd give me a ring. We'll see what happens. Tuesday night, I got a text from Barbie saying she wasn't feeling very well, and was feeling pretty out of it, and we both agree that it's a good idea for her not to be alone if she's feeling crappy, so after work, I drove up to her place. It was nice to see her in the middle of the week, despite the circumstances. We had this great Greek food for dinner, and it was damn satisfying. Especially since we watched the new ep of House, MD while we ate. The only downside to my coming up, however, was that I had to be back at work the next morning, for my last day at Suzuki. I went to bed by 1230, and was up by 530. Out of her place by 630.

Traffic.com is a decent website for seeing how much traffic there is out there. But if you're gonna use the site, add at least 30 minutes to how long the stated trip time is. I left for Anaheim, and a quick breakfast at home, at 630, thinking it'd be an hour to get home. After an hour and a half, I ended up going straight to Del Taco in Brea (where Suzuki is). I was good to go after my Steak and Egg Burrito, free hash browns, and a cup of coffee. And I pretty much spent the whole day on message boards, since work was incredibly light. That night, I honestly can't remember what I did. I think I sat around and watched TV. But I really can't remember. I stayed up too late, though. I think 130.

Thursday, I was up at 630 to get ready for my first day of observing my Mom's class to prepare for substitute teaching (hopefully) next week. The kids were ok, and they called me "Mr. Long," which is weird. Especially to hear my mom call me that. But they were responsive. I came home at 230, and I was fucking wiped out, but I managed to make it to my lessons. They were all good, even thought I had two no-shows. But that gave me a chance to practice my double tonguing and scales, and leave early. Win-win. Then, it was off to the Clubhouse, at South Coast Plaza, to watch Ryan's trio play, and to celebrate Jessica's 25th birthday. I got there at 1030, and 3 Belvedere tonics and a tequila shot later, I was out of there. At 1. I made it home, and managed to stay up until 230. Today, I was up at 7, and late to school for my second observation day. I did a little bit more, but still pretty much watched. Now, I'm making plans to grab a little dinner with Chris, and then maybe track down his either flakey as fuck -or- huge gaping asshole new boss.

This weekend promises Harry Potter 4 with Miss Noren, a little fun, and the chance to catch up on sleep. I can't wait!

...ok, I guess blogging cleared me of my lucidity...