If you don't like cartoons at all, disregard this post.

Otherwise, this site's intro speaks for itself.


A Trombone Riddle:

"How many trombinists does it take to buy a trombone off eBay?"

If any of you know the answer, I'd love to hear it, cause I'm fucking stumped.

I relisted that trombone last week. It ended well below my reserve AGAIN. With twice as many views and 23 watchers. Fucking Twenty-Three! I fucking hate the trombone playing populace right now.

What to wear...

You ever come home from work, decide to change from work clothes to street clothes, and just stop at undies? That's where I'm at. I've been wearing slacks all day. I daydream of jeans while I'm class, and now I'm sitting here in boxers, wondering which direction to go that's gonna make more more comfortable, in terms of (un)dress. It's not really a bad place to be after yelling at 6th graders all day.


Links So Far

I've collected a modest number of links so far. Modest = 3. Plus one bonus... just wait! But it's all good. Much love to Kevin Sole and the wonderful and ever-lovely Barbie Noren for getting links in with such tenacity. Since I think this whole link drive has become the bust of late February/Early March, I might just call it a wash, donate my three dollars, and live a happy, unperturbed life. Acutally, it's official. No more donations. No more bullshit. If you want a link here, you've got to work for it, like everyone else has. But enough about me, lets get to the links.


Pyxis : Icecube

My wonderful girfriend had had this blog longer than I can remember. Longer than we've known each other (I think), let alone our dating life. She just added a state-of-the-art Zonkboard, too. So give up some love, and some traffic to the beautiful Barbie Noren. How could you say no to this face (hers, not mine)?

2 & 3


Kevin's got a pretty good blog. Sidebarworthy, definitely. Plus, an animated jpeg with hot chicks. His other site, TwiceThursday.com (which will end up in the interweb section), has some pretty funny comic strips. Like this one, I like to call "Before."You gotta check out the next in the series. Also, I drank with this dude at Comic Con last year. Awesome guy. In the pic below, he's the one in the baby blue, next to pseudo-celeb Brian K. Vaughan. That's me on the left.



Dave, I've known from the Vaughan boards for a while. Unless I'm a complete asshole and don't remember, I've never actually met Dave in person. Which, as far as I'm concerned, isn't a requirement to appear at the House of X. There's currently a huge post right in the middle of his page which contains the question “Do you think the Wolfman has nards?” Genius. Also, yes I do.

As as for the rest of you. You rotten motherfuckers disgust me! I was ready to pay the less fortunate for your links. All you had to do was copy/paste! Selfish Bastards! I slave over a hot keyboard, sacrificing my life for you. And you don't even say hello to me in the mornings anymore...

Was that enough of the Ultimate Jewish Weapon™ for you? I still love you, babies.

Rain + Cars + Teenagers ≠ Safety


Sunday, Shitty Sunday

Did I freak everyone out with my Looney Tunes link stunt the other day? I've had a bi-polar last few days. I think I'm on a huge downswing from yesterday, or something. Today's been shitty. I chose to watch The Royal Tenenbaums instead of The Hulk this morning. That should've been my first clue as to how the day was gonna be for me. I got in a huge row with my parents. My mom knows the exact perfect things to say to ruin a day within it's first five minutes. So we argued. I left, and before I even left the neighborhood, I nearly got in a head-on with some 16 year-old kid barreling around a blind corner. If I didn't stop, we would've collided. I swore at him through my open window. Then I went to McD's for lunch, cause apparently my subconscious needed to punish my body. There, when I was standing, waiting to eat, a little girl ran into my leg with her Orange Hi-C cup, spilling some on me. The mother didn't even apologize, or offer to clean my pants. Not that I'd've let her. She could've offered to blow me, and I would've told her to fuck off. After I ate, I wanted to get online someplace, so I went to the new Anaheim Hills Starbucks. They didn't have their wireless hooked up. So I went to the old Anaheim Hills Starbucks. Apparently, if you want to get online at Starbucks, you have to have a T-Mobile account to access their hot spot, or some such shit that I don't have. This has brought me to the Ugly Mug, where over IM Barbie's helping me with my morning, but I'm being an asshole about the whole day. I'm gonna head over to Jeremy's new place later, to play some games and drink. That should get my mind off things for a little while.


Link Drive Update: Now with Charity!

In case anyone thinks I'm not serious about this link drive, for every link that is submitted, I will donate One Dollar to a charity of our choice. I'll explain that later. What this means is, if you list a link to your blog or site here, I'll donate $1. If you list two sites, I'll donate $2. That's going to be my limit, per person. I'll post as many legit sites as you want, but I'm not made of money. Two sites gets $2 donated to one charity. I'm 100% genuine and serious about this. If anyone decides not to choose a charity, then I will distribute the unassigned amount equally between all three.

As of Today, Day One, I've already committed myself to donating $2, thanks to Kevin Sole, aka Emperor Charon.

As for charities, I've narrowed it down to three. All you have to do is pick one of them in the comment you leave about your link.


CBLDF.org- Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund was founded in 1986 as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of First Amendment rights for members of the comics community. Donations and inquiries should be directed to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund at P.O. Box 693, Northampton, MA 01061.

For additional information, call 800-99-CBLDF or e-mail the CBLDF staff.

271 Madison Avenue, Suite 1400
New York, NY 10016



The American Red Cross is where people mobilize to help their neighbors—across the street, across the country and across the world—in emergencies. The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers, guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement, provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. You can help ensure that the Red Cross can continue to provide these lifesaving services and has the resources, talent and ability to continue to deliver them by making a donation to support all of our core services today.

3. Mazon: A Jewish Response to hunger

From humble beginnings, MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger has evolved to occupy a place at the forefront of United States hunger relief.

With your help, MAZON distributes over $3 million each year in support of the most effective soup kitchens, food pantries, food banks and other hunger-related agencies around the country.

To date, MAZON has disbursed more than $35 million, making a real difference in the lives of millions of hungry Americans.

Buy this Bass

(I'm so nice)

Anyone want to buy a fretless Fender Jazz Bass?
Ryan is selling his on eBay.
It's in great condition, rarely played, and cherry red.
eBay item # 7393776297

Check Out Ryan's Auction Here

Announcing: The 1st Annual House Of X Interweb Link Drive!!!

Okay friends, neighbors, and Caballeros, you all know I've added a few links here and there to my illustrious sidebar in the last 16 months. Well, I'm ready to add a lot more. I'm usually not one of those guys that has a glut of links for no reason. But I think a Link Drive is a good reason. I've got a few links, but I think it's time for more. For one week, and one week only, anyone who comments on this post, requesting a permanent link to their site will get one. No questions asked. There are a few requirements, though.

Your comment must:
1. Have some kind of link back to your page (duh).
2. Ask nicely, just like your mother taught you.
3. List One (1) reason why I should add your site. If we're friends already, that's reason enough.

And that's it. You don't even have to mention House of X on your own site (though I wouldn't argue if you did). All you have to do is ask, and ye shall receive. The drive starts now. Right now.

This Drive ends next Saturday, March 4th at 11:59PM.

Then at midnight, one week from tonight, I start adding all the links I get into the sidebar, and I'll post featuring the links, so all my visitors can know who I added. They'll all go on one big post, except for the best link, which'll get it's own post, and it's very own category, just below the Tagboard, for an entire year, or until the next Link Drive.

Good luck, and Thanks For Playing!!!


Some much belated Online Love to Barbie

I've been a bad boyfriend. I've added all these personal links to people I know, yet I haven't added any links to Barbie! Well, non-professional links, anyway. Barb always takes good pics with her camera phone. So much so, that she's had a photoblog going for a while. So without further ado, here's Barbie's Photoblog!

You might even see a few pics of yours truly on there.


Ren & Stimpy fans, UNITE!

I know many of us grew up with Ren & Stimpy in our formative years. Well, those of you that paid attention to the credits, probably know a few interesting things about the show. Billy West's addition to the show, perhaps. Also, the creator was John Kricfalusi, otherwhise known as 'John K.' Well, John K.'s back in it, creating new vehicles, and making his amazing, instantly identifiable art. If you know who I'm talking about, or are mildly intrigued, check his blog out:


Here's a few of my favorite samples as of late. All images and intellectual property belong to John K.:

Big ups to Pia

I haven't added anyone's blog to the sidebar in a while, so I think now is a good time. Pia is a girl I've met from the BKV forum. She's cool, she's got a lot of insightful things to say, more pseudonyms than I can remember, and if I remember correctly, she played the trombone in High School. That goes a long way in my book. From what I can tell, she's from Nor Cal, digs comic books, and has gone abroad to teach English to elementary age kids in South Korea. She's got a nice little blog with her experiences, thoughts, and writings. Now all she needs is an RSS feed ;)

Check Pia out at musingsorchards.blogspot.com

Link to follow in the sidebar.


Xenophobia: Not just a cool sounding word

From dictionary.com:

xen·o·pho·bi·a (zn-fb-, zn-)

Fear and contempt of strangers or foreign peoples.

Six ports in coastal US cities were sold by British companies to Dubainese companies. Not a big deal, right? Well, Dubai just happens to be part of the United Arab Emirates, the 800 pound gorilla in the room known as "world politics." At least now the Republicans and Democrats in congress have something they can agree on:

"Arabs is bad.***"

Just be sure to watch tonight's Colbert Report. Stephen talks about this whole thing, and in an ambiguous mess, pretty much sums up the nut of the story.

Much more informative writings found at:
(Yes, both British news sites.)

***Despite the intentions of the US system of Democracy and the entire Congressional branch of the US Government, the opinions of the US Congress do NOT reflect that of the author of this weblog, Jeff Long, nor the ideals of the House of X, at large.


Shit found on toilet seats... figuratively.

In San Francisco, the magical city to the North, there's a place called Isotope. Isotope, from what I hear, is one of the most amazing places in California, and possibly (dare I say it) the entire world. Isotope is what's known as a "comic lounge." It's a place you can go to read comics and socialize (among other things) while chillin' on couches. I met the owner, James Sime, at Comic-Con, and the best way to describe this gentleman is if Doctor Strange were into the Rat Pack. Real nice guy. Does whatever he can as a comic shop owner to help make the world a better place. The fine folks at Isotope have been known to have the occasional comic personality in-store for signings and whatnot. An Isotope tradition is to have the comic personality make a little art... on a toilet seat... so it can be hung on the walls. Don't believe me?

They've got a whole gallery of these up on Flickr, so if you've got a little free time, take a look.

Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum

You must not've heard me the first time...

My trombone didn't sell. With 11 watchers, there was no last minute sniping.

So sad...

Well, I've relisted it. Lower reserve. Higher Buy-It-Now. Higher Shipping costs (shh, don't tell). It's cause I have to fabricate a box and styrofoam packing materials.

King 2B

If the link doesn't work, take a look at what time it is. The auction doesn't start until 7pm.

I've made a few more changes besides everything I've said here. Hopefully, it'll sell this time.


In a vain effort to increase traffic to House Of X, I've registered for two blog directories: Blogarama and Blog Top Sites. If you're coming here, routed from either of those sites, or you're one of the new visitors I've acquired in the last few months, or you're a long-time regular, just seeing what new bullshit I type out today, thank you for visiting and for laughing at any point within my stories.

Come back soon, and come back often!

Warning! Special!

Special: The Movie

If you don't like hilarious movies that look awesome, please do NOT click the above link to the trailer to Special: The Movie.

It's about a guy who goes on clinical trials for a medicine, and develops superpowers... or so he thinks. The trailer looks awesome. I don't usually care for Michael Rappaport, but this looks to be dynamite. Or at least special.


Also, I can't believe I'm still up. I'm now fucking tired. Hopefully, I don't get called for school tomorrow.

Midnight snack.

[how come lately, I do my most prolific blogging after midnight, in the kitchen?]

Since neither of us had work today, I went up to Barb's on Sunday afternoon. En route, I went by Chris' new place in Alhambra, since i haven't seen that dude in a few weeks. We hung out, played with his new dog, and just shot the shit. It was good to see that guy.

I got up to Barb's around 6 (I think), and we hung out and watched a movie (I think). WHen it came time to make dinner, I had grand designs, and we bought a bunch of kooky shit. In the end, however, all the effort and money I (we) put into dinner could've better been spent on a couple of Double-Doubles and a six-pack. I felt like an ass. I try to cook a lot, but I strike out every now and again. Thankfully, it doesn't happen often. And when I do well, I do really well. Just ask Barbie. Breakfast was (thankfully), had an entirely different matter. I tried repeating my wonderful breakfast sandwich from Sunday morning, and unless she was exaggerating to save my ego, it went over pretty well.

I left Barb's at 330, thinking I was gonna jam with Ryan at 4. Apparently, I was a little too presumptuous. We hadn't really set up a time, since it's a casual thing, and of course, Ryan's out doing his own thing. It was a bummer that I got my signal crossed about jamming. I thought we were gonna play at 4, cause we did last week so Matt could make it. And Ryan thought we were gonna play, just not so early. Once I was home, I didn't feel much like going back out to jam. I was frustrated. Due to my own overzealousness. But it's all good. No harm no foul, right?

I went to Radio Shack before i got home to buy a universal AC adapter for the one I figured I lost a long time ago for this little Yamaha keyboard. When I got home and pulled some stuff out of the way of a plug, I found the original AC adapter. So I bought this thing for nothing. Then I had to deal with all the garbage I ended up pulling out to get to the plug. Bags, old gift bags, bags of paper trash that were meant to go to the trash, my dusty old fucked up printer, plus I left a pile of bedsheets on teh floor from Friday that I never took to the laundry. All this was bothering me, each thing compounding on the other.

I left to play poker (which I haven't done in a couple months), and a worse mood was developing, the further I drove. I got there, went all in on KKQQ and got beat by a set of 3s. This was something like 30 minutes in. So now I'm out, I'm more pissed, and I'm trying to think of a good time to leave. I think the game went for another hour, and I stayed, shuffling. They started a second game, and I told myself I wouldn't dump more money into poker... but I did. This was at 10p. We played until 1130. Something about the games at Chris' place have spawned a desire to play, but to get the fuck out as fast as possible. This has lead the potential winner to offer to chop the winnings. For example, the split of the first game should've been $50/$20 for first and second. The two guys decided to split $35/$35. Easy choice, and both guys come up ahead. Well, at the end of the second game, with $90 in total ($60/$20/$10), there were three of us still in, myself included. The guy with the HUGE chip leaad asked if we'd split $50/$20/$20, and we said 'hell yes.' This means that with two games, $10 buy-in each, I broke even. That sure put my ass in a good mood. I drove home listening to Cuban big band (Hecho en Cuba 2). Iron Chef is on now, so I'm doing much better.

Bringing the title into this, I went to the store and bought eggs, cause we were out. I ended up buying (instead of the standard Grade AA White standard eggs everyone buys) brown, free-range eggs. Now, I had one the other day, but with a ton of other stuff with it. As far as I could tell, it was good. My dad said he had a couple the other night, and they were awful. I don't belive him, so I just toasted up sourdough, put a little cheese on it, and added a perfect fried-egg, sunny-side up on top. I thought it was pretty good. Had a fair amount of flavor. I can't complain. I'm happy. I'll finish this dozen out, then make my decision.

Quick Note: They're show episodes of The Tick on Toon Disney at night during their "Jetix" block. I'm watching it right now. The later the night gets, the better it gets.


On a (breakfast) quest

I've decided to undergo a quest, or a series of trials if you will, to create the perfect breakfast sandwich. I like cooking, as some of you know, and I'm starting to get tired of the options available to me. I don't seem to have enough control over the food choices here, so every now and again, I get in a crazy mood and throw a bunch of shit together. Breakfast is no exception. In fact, it's the only meal I usually try to make interesting. Cause cereal, fruit, and toast gets boring 5-6 days a week.

Anyway. I'll try anything. Except pork. Which is where the trouble begins. Because everyone knows bacon and pork sausage are staples of the American Breakfast-scape. Breakfast meat is not conducive to Jews. I spent some time deliberating on what to get this morning, and all the damn interesting non-pork sausage has pork casing. Why does chicken and mango sausage need to be encased in pork? Anyway, I settled on smoked turkey. Once home, I sauteed it, some tomato, cremini muchrooms, and a free range egg up, put in on sourdough bread, with a huge slice of swiss cheese. It was pretty good. And different than what I'm used to. But it wasn't perfect. Now, I'm gonna find perfection. Even if that means learning how to make my own sausage, or using beef bacon, or just going crazy over breakfast. Because everyone's got to have a hobby.



It's Saturday. And I'm finally on a break from the week. I've subbed 3 days this week. I'm happy to be working, but between the getting up early, having to deal with grieving teenagers, trying to get some practice time in, and afternoon big band coaching yesterday, I'm worn out. I had lessons this morning, which were good. But now, I'm home with nothing to do, and it's great. I can practice, play Guitar Hero, buy a couple comics, or if I feel like being bored, I'll watch Olympic Hockey.



Yesterday when I was leaving school at 3:30p, there was some kind of emergency. I was nowhere near the events, by the way. Apparently, there was a 9th grade girl at cheer practice who went into a seizure, then into cardiac arrest. The paramedics couldn't resuscitate her, and she was pronounced dead at (what I heard from the administrators this morning) 4:10p.

Not that anyone who knows this girl, reads this blog, but I've got to give my condolences to her friends and family.

Rest In Peace, Shauna Stuewe. I learned today from my students that you are greatly missed, that you are loved, and that you'll always be in the thoughts of those who love you.



"They get the job done!"

You guys know those Bacardi & Cola commercials? (I love those by the way) I just noticed something that brought the humor to a higher level for me. The white guy, "Bacardi," looks just like I've pictured my dad from the 70's/early 80's.

Break Time

I have 4th period off today, which precedes lunch, so I've got a 100 minute lunch break. Today's been easy, though I'm returning from lunch to face the hell class.

In other news, a guy in Germany wants to buy my trombone. Dick Cheney's victim actually suffered what one of my students called a "minor injury..." And in rebuttal to the Iranian newspaper asking for anti-Holocaust cartoons in retalition for the Danish 'toons, an Israeli newspaper has the balls to ask for Jews to draw anti-Holocaust cartoons, knowing that no one makes fun of Jews like Jews. Gotta love israel. Fuck you, anti-Semites.


What a time to be a corn farmer

Just saw a commercial for some treehugger cause called "live green, go yellow." What fuel companies have been developing is an ethanol made from corn. Even Prez. George "Propeller-Beanie & Fudge-sicle" Bush (I'm over the "W"...) made brief, retarded mention of it in his last State of the Union™ address. Corn-based ethanol is touted as an abundant fuel source that replenishes itself every year. The proposed fuel, E85, is an ethanol/gasoline mixture (85% ethanol/15% gas), but can be used in any ratio. E85 compatable engines have comupters that tell what your ethanol/gas mixture is, and provides the driver (you) with optimal performance, regardless of the mixture. So you could run 36%/64% and be ok. 100%/0% or 0%/100% is also compatible and fine with your engine. Also, E85 is higher octane than the regular premium gas you buy at the pump. So less harmful emissions because you're burning less alcohol. Could this be the alternative fuel source that performs as well as standard gasoline? Hopefully. Between this and hybrids, this might end up being pretty good.

Live Green, Go Yellow

National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition

Also, at the second link there's a list of cars that are ALREADY compatible with ethanol. You might be surprised at the cars on it.

Love for Sale

I've finally listed my King 2B on eBay. I've had the horn for a decade, but it's time to sell it. When you don't play a horn anymore, sometimes it's time to move on.

Jeff's King 2B

Reserve is set at $1000, so if anyone feels like bidding (to try to win, of course...), have at it.


Dick-shots to the face.

If you're one of the three Americans that haven't heard yet, Vice President Dick Cheney shot a hunting partner in the face and chest, mistaking him for quail. I swear to Alexander Hamilton. There was a flock of quail, Cheney shot at it, and instead "peppered" his "friend" with birdshot (the smaller, pussier version of buckshot). Don't believe me? Take a look at what these guys have to say about it.

Get Dick @ CNN
Get Dick @ BBC
Get Dick @ Yahoo!
Get Dick @ MSNBC
Get Dick @ CBS

The victim, Texas millionaire Harry Whittington, is in stable condition, still hospitalized. If this isn't the poster story for gun control, I don't know what is. Way to fuck up your own causes, you old, right-wing, republican assmonster. How's it fair that Cheney's odometer has rolled over to 0000001 more than once, and someone else gets the karmic bitchslap. Well, he was a huge contributor to the Bush Administration. Maybe his Karma's in full effect after all...


New Look!

You can't really tell in this pic, but I'm blonde now. I dyed Barb's hair today, and there was a little left over. We looked at each other, thought about it, and she returned the favor.

The Matador

We saw The Matador last night. I didn't have much desire to see it, but Barb did, so we said 'lets go.' This was one of the funnier movies I've seen in a long while. It's very well done. The acting is great. The premise is great. The sound effects are great. It's not predictable, either. Pierce Brosnan is excellent, as is Greg Kinnear, who I don't normally like. See this movie. There was nothing I didn't like about The Matador. I give it Four Bullets out of four:


Coming Soon...

I'm gonna have a Guitar Hero party soon (hopefully).
Be ready.
Feel free to come over and practice

I've just spent more time playing Guitar Hero than I've played on any game in months. This game is awesome. This'll be a great thing to play after a long day of actually playing a real instrument. Or coming home too late to do anything else.


Question of the Day:

If I buy Guitar Hero for PS2, you think I can count it as a tax write-off?

Thursday Adventures

I've officially entered the mindset to sell my King 2B. The trombone that I've had in high school and got me through college. For some reason, I thought it was in worse condition than it is. Slide's good. Lacquer is, too. It's time to snap some pics, and put it up on eBay. I've been in contact with a guy in Baltimore about buying his King 6B "Duo Gravis" Bass Trombone. It's officially vintage. Guy says it's a good horn. Can't say I 100% believe him, but I trust his judgement. I've read the guy's posts on the trombone forum, and I think he's on the level. He's also already made the few mods I would pay to have done, which is great. I could see buying this dude's horn. When I was initially entertaining the notion to get a bass bone, I first looked at the King 6B, and came close to bidding on one at eBay. A lot of guys love 'em, though a few hundred more dollars, and I can get a brand new bass trombone. We'll see, tho.

I didn't get the call to teach today, which is okay. Thursday's become my unofficial all-day practice day. I never get as much done as I intend, but I took care of business. I may be going in for my mom tomorrow, so that should be easy enough. If not, it's another practice day, since there's no work at the business park.

Last night, I went out with Antonio to see Kei play at Steamers Cafe. It was great to hear Kei play, but it was even better to hang with him. Got the low down about UCI and how the jazzers now officially hold all the clout at UCI. Apparently, the classical cats are intimidated partly because jazz students can read all the key signatures. I swear Kei said that. When we were all there, the jazz department was the bastard stepchild of the School of the Arts. Now, it's classical. That brings me such joy.

Afterward, Antonio and I saw two huge orange blazes near the wildfire area, from the freeway. So we went fire hunting. We drove around for at least 20 minutes, trying to come up on fire (not knowing what we'd do when we got there). We finally ended up on Santa Ana Canyon, past Weir and into East Hills where SAC ends, at Gypsum Canyon. We saw something like 3 bushes on fire, but couldn't get close enough to get a good look, due to cops. And cones.




I've been getting spams from email accounts with the headings "Re: 9 notice 45" or some such garbage from an email address. When I reply, I get a message from my good friend, the Mailer Daemon, saying there's no such address. So, the return address listed in the actual email is


I'm making it my mission to sign


up for all the porn, viagra, hair loss, and any other shitty/depraved/annoying things I can find. If anyone has any suggestions as to what to sign


up for, I'd love to hear it.
What's that address again?


Take THAT, Mohammad!

Now, I've got no beef against Islam. Only extremists. And I feel that way about extremists of any religion. They're all idiots. Extremists are. Not Muslims.

That said, maybe you've heard about how European Muslims are rioting in Denmark because Danish cartoonists drew the prophet, Mohammad. According to the Koran, it's a huge no-no. But after all the Anti-Holocaust/Anti-Semetic/Anti-Jew cartoons I've seen over the years, I think it's only fair to support the freedom of speech of the Jyllands-Posten, their cartoonists, and the people of Denmark.

***Muslim Spoiler Warning***

Here's two of the dozen or so. The first is my favorite, and IMO, the funniest. The second is, by far, the most offensive of the bunch, and the one that personally offends me the most.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin and her blog, which was where I initially found the links to the images.

Here's the link to all of 'em.

Here's an interesting article at BBC.CO.UK in regard to the whole situation, including the other side of Muslim reaction. Read the whole article:

From bbc.co.uk

Has Muslim reaction to the cartoons been uniform?

Not at all - some Muslims have accused protesters of overreacting.

A weekly newspaper in Jordan reprinted some of the cartoons and urged Muslims to "be reasonable".

Websites produced by and for Muslims have shown the cartoons or linked to them. One liberal website said Muslims were making a mountain out of a molehill.

Some Muslims, mainly in Europe, have supported the re-publication of the images so that individual Muslims can make their own minds up and welcomed the debate on the issues that the cartoons have raised.

It has also been pointed out that cartoons in the Arab and Islamic press "demonising" Israelis and Americans using Jewish and Christian imagery are common.

Can't Sleep. Clown'll Eat Me. Can't Sleep. Clown'll Eat Me.

It's 1:50a, and I'm sitting in the kitchen, waiting for my herbal tea to steep. If my life depended on my dozing off in the next 10 minutes, I'd surely be dead. Maybe it's because I took a nap earlier, maybe it's because I have a lot on my mind, but I'm stuck on "WIDE AWAKE." I even put on Fellowship of the Ring. That usually knocks me out within ten minutes, but not tonight. I think I watched it for an hour. Maybe I just need the catharsis that is House of X.

I keep thinking about the future, and what I want to do with my life, versus what would be in my best interests. I think (and worry) about it so much, I think I've developed an ulcer. Seriously, my stomache is in pain/discomfort like 50-60% of the time. Anyway, I want to play, but the more I think about it, I'd have to spend the next 18 months in the woodshed. I think teaching would be great and the money would certainly be awesome. Compared to what I'm making now, that is. I'm pretty resigned to the fact that I'd rather be making music in some form or another (playing, teaching, or otherwise), than going to work for Corporate America™. But as it stands, my procrastinative nature is getting the better of me. Last September, I sat with Kei Akagi and we talked at length about the future. My future. And I was amped to go back to school and get going on teaching. Well, it's February, and I have yet to look at a university application, or speak to any student affairs offices at possible schools. It's time to shit or get off the pot. I'm 25, just before the halfway point to 26. Fuck, 25 doesn't seem old to me, but 26 sure does.

Before I came downstairs to make the herbal tea, I was deciding between tea and warm milk to calm me down and put me to sleep. It donned on me when I put the water on, that alcohol didn't even enter my mind. There was a time when I would've drank myself to sleep. A time, not too long ago. Beer, Bailey's, Whiskey. Not altogether, but I'd pick one, have a couple, and *zzzzz...* Hopefully, I've grown up a little bit. The last thing I need to be doing so late (so late, it's early) is getting my swerve on. Besides, I don't need the headache of getting up early after being faded.

Either the Sweet Dreams® tea is taking hold, or the House of X has done it's job, but I'm starting to feel more tired than 30 minutes ago when I started this endeavor. Now to finish the tea, and get to bed.


Anaheim Wildfires

Maybe you've all wondered why ash is falling from the sky, or what the deal is with the next set of California Wildfires thats on the news, or where exactly they are. Well, take a look at this:

-click for large version-

I took this from the driveway around 11am. The fires are close but not as close as they look in the pic. Homes and schools less than 3 miles away from mmy house have been evacuated already. But as for where our house is, it's doubtful we'd be made to leave. There'd be an awful lot of homes going up before ours would. I only hope that my fellow Anaheim-ites are safe and sound, and don't have to come back to a pile of ashes and rubble.

Here's two more pics from the driveway:

Hungover Monday

Steelers won last night. Which means I won five bucks from Ryan, cause he bet on the Seahawks.

We had a lot of beer. One might say too much beer. Ryan's fridge held 17 MGDs and 11 Guinness, and I brought 12 more MGDs. That makes Forty (40) beers between three guys. Admittedly, those guys were 1-3 beers (each) ahead of me when it was all said and done, but I checked the fridge before I left, and there were only two Guinness remaining. That means 38 beers were consumed by 3 guys. Thankfully, I'm not as hungover as one might expect, though I am hurting a little bit. But I've got to thank Jillian Barbarie of Fox 11 Morning News this morning. Nothing like waking up feeling shitty, turning on the TV, and seeing Jillian's wonderful, mezmerizing cleavage...

O_O >>>>> \| )( |/


Super Bowl: Extra Large

Pittsburgh Steelers
Seattle Seahawks

It should be a good game. Seattle's been dominating their division. Pittsburgh's the favorite. The spread is Steelers by 4.5 points. If I were a betting man, I'd put money on Seattle to beat the spread, but I'd like to see Pittsburgh get the Win, if only by virtue of the fact that The Steelers have been Jonny Q's team for years. Normally, I'd say "fuck any team from Pennsylvania," but any team that's not the Philadelphia Eagles is okay in my book. Anyway, I'd like Jon to have bragging rights. And besides, the Raiders aren't gonna be anywhere near the Super Bowl for a while, so I might as well get behind Jon's team.

In a little bit, I'm gonna head out to Ryan's for the Super Bowl. I'd imagine there's gonna be a battle of the Titans there, too. The Annual "Who can drink the most beer" contest. That's always good times.

As for right now, it's time to eat a little.


Curious George Vs. Ampersand!!!

I ended up teaching yesterday. Middle school core. Got a wake-up call at 5am. That was lovely. I ended up getting to leave early, tho, since the teacher I was in for didn't have a 7th period. I left for Barb's at 330, and was 20 minutes from her place at 530. Traffic was shitty. Super Shitty. And part way up, We figured I should meet Barb at the Curious George Screening, since traffic was so bad. I got off the 5, and tried to turn around back to the 110. That proved to be an adventure in and of itself. I'm on the phone with Barb, her looking at Google Maps, giving me directions as I drive through the parts of LA I've never been. It took maybe 20 minutes for me to get my bearings, turning around, doubling back. A bit of:

"Turn here, baby."
"Left or right?"
"Uh, South."

But I got there, and hung out for a while til barb showed up. I've got to say, Curious George is the cutest movie in the world. If Barbie hadn't worked on it, I probably wouldn't've seen it, but I'm glad I got the chance. The movie was being screened at the California Science Center in their IMAX theater. Apparently, the production crew created a digital projection of the film especially for the cast & crew screening. And I Loved it! You know how a lot of kids' movies are wrought with innuendo? So many jokes fly over the head of any children watching. There was none of that in Curious George. So it's more for kids than adults, but I still really enjoyed it. There was an afterparty there, too. That was ok. Barb's coworkers (and their respective others) were there. I did some funny stuff, on purpose, and on accident. To great success.

I also have a promising career as a porno actor if I want it. Barb's coworker, Shaughnessey (God, I hope I spelled that right), has a girlfriend, Michelle, that works for a porn distribution company. Now, she's incredibly nice, and she laughs at pretty much all my jokes and gags (which is a huge bonus in my book). But with her hair and make-up choices, she looks like a porno star. A little like Brianna Banks, actually, at least in the face. I think I even said to Barb when I first met her that I thought she had something to do with porno. Now, I feel bad for being right. But the kicker is she doesn't fuck people on camera. She actually does the book keeping, assisting, crew, and pretty much anything that's not sucking/fucking, according to her. But I digress. She said that they're always looking for "talent," so as long as Barb signs my permission slip, I have another employment option.

And just to bring the title of my blog full circle, Y The Last Man #42 came out this week. An Ampersand one-shot. It's great. Answers a bunch of questions, raises a bunch more. It's a shame that there's only 18 more issues until the end. Yes that's right, the intended finale is issue 60. But on that note, I'll leave you with (in my eyes) one of the top 5 covers of all 42 so far.


Zig Zag Dilemma

As many of you know, I teach music lessons to (mostly) kids. The age of a few of my students are the prime age to receive BRACES, and instead of only trying to instill a sense of musicianship, fun, and pride, I'm now waging a war against the horrible oral appliances. I had braces when I was that age, and they were awful. I hated them, as these kids now do. What a lot of you don't know is that when playing a brass instrument, it's benificial for the player NOT to use firm pressure on the face when playing. In other words, your mouthpiece rests ever so gently on your face while playing. Now when I was that age, I didn't have a teacher instructing me on how NOT to play with braces, so I remember pushing the mouthpiece as hard as humanly possible on my own face. This practice lead to a pretty strong indentation of said braces on the inside on my upper lip every time I played. Nowadays, there's more than just dental wax to protect the mouths of young players. There's also plastic mouthguards. In my infinite philanthropy, I've done a little research and revealed that if folded correctly, rolling papers are strong enough to protect the mouths of kids from their own braces. Yes, Zig Zags are apparently the cureall. So I went to the local liquor store and bought a pack of Zig Zags. The extra wide ones. I tried one out, briefly, and I could see that it might protect braces when folded in half lengthwise twice. Of course, there is the ethical dilemma of asking a parent to buy something that says:

Zig-Zag® Cigarette Paper
Doubles The Smoker's Pleasure

The last two things I want to be responsible for are 1) an adolescent smoking habit and 2) a suspension for having smoking paraphernalia. Sounds stupid, but I asked. It's a likely outcome if they were caught with Zig Zags.

On another note, I didn't work today, and probably won't tomorrow. Today, I practiced. Tomorrow (Friday), I'm heading up to the Cast & Crew premier for Curious George with Barbie.

I got a little dough this week. Hopefully it'll last me to the end of the month, or at least til car payment time.

As far as everything else goes, I can't complain (much). I've been practicing/playing everyday, and it feels good. I am finding I could use a nice strong massage a little more often now, tho. If there's anyone out there who can arrange that, I'm sure you have my number. If you don't have my number, drop me an email. Happy endings are not required, but are greatly appreciated.