Anyone looking to buy some cheap pro studio gear?

Eric's now selling all the gear we pulled out of the studio and boxed up. Check out his eBay auctions.

Studio Gear

The gear being sold is:

1 Roland MC-909
1 Tascam DM 24 Mixer
1 Tascam MU 24 Meterbridge
1 Tascam MX 2424 HD recorder
1 Tascam RC 2424 HD recorder remote
1 Tascam CD-RW 700 CD Burner
3 96 point TT patchbays (set of 3)

The gear is over $7500 new, and starting bids add up to something less than half that amount, and this stuff has all only been used for a few minutes each, so it's all almost new.

Buy it.

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