Arizona, Part 6

April 19, 1:43p, Jon's place

Today was Jonny's official 23rd birthday. We hung out for most of the morning. The parents came by & took us out to lunch, then a little shopping. I got sandals. Cheap ones, but they're good enough to make the rest of the trip more comfy. Jon's roommates got him a set of golf clubs for his day, too.

We went to Houston's for a fancyish dinner. I had a filet, everyone else had prime rib. I ended up riding back with Greg in his new Mustang. This is the same Greg who hooked up my new URL HouseOfLong.com. After dinner, we hung out with the 16th prez and watched National Lampoon's Barely Legal. Now, you gotta understand I didn't have all my mental faculties when I saw this, so I'm not really sure what happened, but I'll try to summarize as best I can:

3 high school virgin nerds want to start a porno company (so they'll be popular) and they do... I think. One nerd has like 3 girlfriends at one time. There were some bare tits. Horatio Sanz plays a Ron Jeremy-type character, and I think everyone learns a valuable lesson in the end. But really, I can't remember shit.

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barbie said...

sounds like good times