Arizona Part 7, 8, 9, & Epilogue

April 20th, Late, Jon's place

Today's April 20th, or 420, which if you don't know what that means, you're probably too old. I didn't really take advantage of the circumstances until bedtime. Jon and I went to Oregano's for lunch, which was out of site. Oregano's is this Italian place where the food is motherfucking fantastic! They sell pizza, pasta, entrees, and huge ass sandwiches, of which we only had the last. We both came out of there with serious food comas (the beers didn't help. Then we decided to break in the new clubs. I sucked so much ass at golf, it was embarrassing. I haven't golfed since last year, and it showed. Hopefully, I'll get a lesson or two from Uncle H when I get out there tomorrow. When we got back, both Jon and I were tired as fuck. It was the hottest day of the week, by far. He slept and I played Oblivion until dinner.

April 21, 1:43p, Somewhere in AZ, about 90 miles East of the CA Border

It's over. My week of irresponsibility has come to an end. We're headed back.

(In the car, I just gave my mom Super Mario Bros. to play :) It's great to hear her commentary while she plays.)

This morning was much more low key than I thought it'd be. I played some Oblivion, got ready, then Mom & Dad came. We said our goodbyes, and the three of us got on the road. It was a little odd, actually. We stopped at Red Robin, one minute from Jon's place, minus Jonny, and that's that. Now, we're two hours into our drive. It's going well. Still in AZ, 7 miles from Quartzite, 29 from Blythe (CA/AZ Border), and 254 from LA, according to that sign.

April 21, 530pm, Casino Morongo

We stopped at Casino Morongo. At Jon's recommend, I played video roulette for maybe 45 minutes. I didn't win much, but I played $5 and left with $10. If any of you ever get a chance to play this, bet '0' or '00.' A quarter bet wins you $9 if you hit it.

Epilogue, Now, Anaheim, CA:

Great trip. I hope to get out there again by Summer. The big joke was if I was ready to move out there. As cool as that would be, 1) I wouldn't just leave everyone out here (especially Barbie), 2) It wouldn't be a vacation anymore if I had to get a job and pay rent. Oh well.


Kevin Sole said...

Oh c'mon, even -I- know what 4/20 signifies.

David Press said...

ah fantastic use of the holiday. I approve.