Arizona, Parts 1 & 2

April 17th, 12:28pm, Middle of Nowhere, CA

I decided that I'm gonna actually write my blogs out like real journal entries, and just type 'em out when I get back. Here goes:

This is the worst part of the trip. The Drive. Actually, the WORST part of the trip is listening to the "Best of Queen" CD while watching my mom's utter lack of rhythm & timing while she's dancing in the front seat. Now, I'm not saying I'm Groove Holmes over here, but it's people like my mom that perpetuate the myth that white people don't have rhythm. It's iPod time. More to come.

April 17th, 3:07pm, Phoenix, AZ

How weird is it that my parents are both crazy in unison? My brother gave us directions. Pretty succinct ones, too, and they both became overwhelmed by the paranoia that we're lost. This whole trip had better not be like this.

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