House of X(BOX 360): Now accepting donations

I'm sold on the XBOX 360. After playing it for a week at Jon's, I want to get one. Which means my dumb ass is thinking of buying all three next-gen console systems. I don't even play that many games anymore. I'm just easily swayed by great looking RPG's. The best deal I've found is $325 for the premium system, which I think is pretty decent. I don't even need online play or anything like that. I guess I'll just have to wait until I'm making some regular dough. There's more important things to buy/pay for than an XBOX, anyway. I could always buy this one:

Star Wars, anyone?


Kevin Sole said...

Kind of waiting to buy a 360 myself. But they're either selling out extraordinarily fast, or they aren't the "complete" package (whatever they call it) with the HD included.

Won't buy without a HD.

Sounds like the trip was a little insane, but fun nonetheless. Those are always the best. :)

Jeff said...

I found a $325 Premium xbox 360 (HD, HD Cables, no games, one wireless controller, plus some other shit) off of half.com. I'm not sure of the link, cause I'm not on my comp, but it seemed legit. Just search XBOX 360. There was a special ebay search I found that searches for XBOX mispellings (XBX, XVOX, XBIX, etc), and if you bid on it before the correction, they can't change the title, which means less views by the general populace. I'll put up here, or I'll PM you through BKV.TV with it.