Laptop woes

I've come upon my very first Powerbook crisis. The part of the charger that plugs into the computer (to charge it), which has been slightly problematic for the last few months (it has to be twisted in place to charge properly), is now stuck. My charger is stuck IN my computer. And I've tried taking it out (Barb tried, too), to no avail. This means I need to actually use the AppleCare plan I purchased and activated to get either my charger, my charger port, or both replaced. Now I'm glad I got the extended warranty. This means there might be a day or two (or longer) coming up where I'm offline.

That said, I wouldn't trade in my Mac for a Windows computer, even if my laptop problems were ten times worse. My brother's laptop died around Xmas, because HP (or Dell, I forget) ended up recalling his model due to charging system failure. And they wouldn't replace any of it.

I'll keep you all updated.


X Men 3 Review! (No Spoilers)

There's been a lot of shit-talking about X Men 3: The Last Stand on the internet. I've been reading some of it, and ignoring most of it. But the little bit I've seen from YouTube clips hasn't left me with high hopes. That said, I went into this movie with very low expectations, but I can genuinely say that this movie exceeded my expectations. They introduced a lot of new characters and a lot of new plot elements in X Men 3. So much so, that they pretty much glaze over what happening, just to get to the next thing.

For me, a dedicated fan, the things they really changed for the movie were some of the things I enjoyed the most. I really liked Vinnie Jones' Juggernaut, and I was the biggest shit talker about this character before the movie. He's just a big, powerful mutant in this one. He looks goofy, and kicks a lot of ass. Not really true to the comic (actually, that last part is), but in the comic, he's not a mutant. His power comes from something called the "Gem of Cyttorak." Also, he's Professor X's step brother. It's goofy just typing it. Can you imagine what it would look like on screen? Exactly. Plus, they included the "I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch!" line. I can't complain. Beast was good, too. Kelsey Grammer is The Beast. At least in his voice and manner. And he's the only character with any sort of character development. Plus, Beast fighting is cool. They included one of the X-Characters I'm really into now, Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man. His power is that he can create duplicates of himself, then reabsorb them when he needs to. Fun. Three new characters I dug, even though screen time is very limited for all of 'em. Well, just Madrox.

There's a lot that feels rushed in this movie. The "Dark Phoenix" storyline (which was set up amazingly in X Men 2) is almost an afterthought. The main storyline is that a "cure" for genetic Mutation was developed, and social/ethical implications of such a cure, etc, etc, etc. With all the action, and introduction of new characters, and glazing over what happened in the last two movies, it just couldn't support itself under it's own weight.

Ryan always gets on me for being less critical about comic book movies, because they're comic book movies. As true as that may be, I still liked this movie. It's not good, but it's fun. Like I said, I set the bar low compared to the last two X Movies, and it was better than I anticipated. If you go in expecting this to be a Magnum Opus, then you'll be disappointed. If you go in expecting to see some fun effects, some fun characters, and Wolverine kick some ass, then see this movie. Otherwise, maybe the DVD will yield a little more meat in extended scenes. Bitch.

I give it 3 'X's' out of 5.


(sorry, couldn't find a decent graphic)

For those curious what the "I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch!" thing is all about click watch the video at the first link, then the second link, and you tell me if the cartoon had nothing to do with the movie.

I'm The Juggernaut, Bitch!

I'm also the Juggernaut, Bitch!


How to start Memorial Day weekend

Jar Barf

This YouTube clip was the first thing I saw this morning. I've been laughing about it all day. In fact, I was laughing out loud when I typed in the title of this post, it's so funny.

To save everyone's bandwidth, here's the link.


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Net Neutrality Follow Up

Check this out:

From CNET.com

By a 20-13 vote Thursday that partially followed party lines, the House Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would require broadband providers to abide by strict Net neutrality principles, meaning that their networks must be operated in a "nondiscriminatory" manner.

All 14 Democrats on the committee (joined by 6 Republicans) supported the measure, while 13 Republicans opposed it.

That vote is a surprise victory for Internet companies such as Amazon.com, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo that had lobbied fiercely in the last few months for stricter laws to ensure that Verizon, AT&T and other broadband providers could not create a "fast lane" reserved for video or other high-priority content of their choice.

Article continues at source.



JEFF: I think it's funny that they're showing a two hour lost at the same time as a two hour American Idle


B: well they're both popular

B: and i guess to draw an audience you've gotta have big event vs big event

J: true

J: even I'm watching one of them

J: but which one?!

B: hmm

B: i'd actually guess american idol

J: damn, baby

J: I thought you knew me well

J: guess I was mistaken *boo hoo*

B: well i thought you wanted to not spoil lost not knowing the backstory

J: meh

B: haha

B: and i thought you gave me the opportunity to guess because it was very unexpected

J: haha

J: yeah

J: isn't Lost unexpected?

B: yeah, but you're not a pussy, so i couldn't see you watching american idol

J: thanks, baby

J: I think that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me

B: hahaha


We have this problem of overcrowding in schools, and how kids leave high school unprepared for the real world. It's been said that graduating high school is just a formality; that nearly everyone does it, and there's really no prestige in graduating because it's pretty much automatic. Like, you have to really work hard to NOT get that diploma if you stay in al four years. Not like in our parents' time, where graduating high school and entering the work force was a big deal. You could still get a job if you didn't, but a diploma was your ticket to more money, white-collar work, etc. Today, a bachelors degree isn't even an automatic pay raise. Not unless your BA is in business, computer science, or pre med/law. High school needs to be worth something again.

I've been thinking on this, and everyone should get a shot at two years in high school. At the end of those two years, if you can't hang with the work load, or you and your family decide that you don't want to, then you're gone. No more high school. BUT, the provision is that you must enter a two-year trade school, and learn some marketable skills ,like automotive repair, construction, or wood/metalworking (for example). This way, once you're at the appropriate age to graduate high school, you're certified in at least ONE marketable skill that you could do full time. Plus, some small business classes, to teach you about starting a DBA, invoicing, payroll and taxes.

If you ARE capable, or you think you can make it to the end of four years of high school, then you move onto your third year, surrounded by peers. This means more competition, smaller class size, and more prestige. More competition means people will strive to do better, which means higher GPAs, and less students thinking that they're obligated to go onto college.

It's just an idea. I mean, no one's got anything better on the table, right?


The Fight for Network Neutrality, and how it pertains to You.

In a nutshell, Network Neutrality means that everyone, everywhere is allowed to access whatever content, or run whatever applications they want. Your ISP's (Internet Service Provider) only job is to tranfer the data.

Well, the people who maintain the cables and lines (The Top Level ISPs) have been arguing with one another, and are basically strongarming sites into paying for "preferred access" to networks. Now, we as consumers, pay for internet service, and websites (like Google, Blogger, or Amazon) pay for bandwidth. So where does this extra "Preferred Access" fee end up? Into the pockets of your ISP. Otherwise, the sites you frequent could be blocked by your ISP because they won't pay protection money.

Now, I've assumed that this will never happen, that it's just the crazy worry of a few people who spend too much time on the internet. In all reality, AOL has already started blocking bulk mail from sites that haven't paid up. www.dearaol.com has been started to warn AOL users of AOL's intentions. Soon after, AOL has blocked all email with dearaol.com in teh subject or message body.

The example, which many have given, but has only recently been made clear to me is that if you frequent Amazon.com, and your ISP strikes a deal with BarnesAndNoble.com, it would very possibly, permanently block your access to Amazon.

Check out the first post by Josh at the following thread from BKV.TV. I think he does a much better job laying it all out than I do.


If you're interested in this whole debacle, check out these sites, as well.




Archive Woes

I just went into the HoX archive, to find a majority of my pics missing. Then I realized that a lot of those pics were hotlinked directly from Sprint. This was before I started uploading pics to Photobucket.com. So if you decide to take a trip into the recent past (say November 2004), and you see a bunch of nil images, now you know why they're there.

Beer Discovery

I'll drink 3-4 beers and just get kinda slow and mellow.

One glass of Chimay (blue) sends me for loop-de-loops.

It's times like these that I'm glad Chimay comes in large, two-glass bottles.


Directions to my gig:

You'll need to go to where the 405 and 5 meet up, just South of the Irvine Spectrum.

From 405 South

405 S > Exit Lake Forest Drive

Turn Left onto Lake Forest Dr.

-Skip to the section in italics-

From 5 South

5 S > Exit Lake Forest Drive. You'll need to take the Truck Bypass (which is also the Lake Forest exit) to get to Lake Forest Dr. If you miss it, you'll have to go 2-3 more miles to Alton and double back. Don't do that.

Turn Left onto Lake Forest Dr.

-Continue Below-

Turn Left onto Rockfield.

When you see an IHOP (left side), Turn LEFT into the IHOP center.

The Gypsy Lounge is in the far right corner, between some Texas BBQ and Yoda's World (head shop). Look for red letters.

$8 at the door, show starts at 930. I'm getting there before 9.

Their site can be found here.

23600 Rockfield #3A
Lake Forest, CA 92630

See you there! Bring some ass to shake!

Girls = (√Evil)^2



I fell asleep at 8. What woke me up at 830? The smell of dinner. Has food smell ever woken you up? It was kinda neat. Guess that's what happens when you fall asleep very hungry.

Also, American Idle sucks. Watched two of the tunes with my parents during dinner. I really haven't been impressed by anyone on that show, ever. And the kids I taught today told me that I look like one of the finalists. I watched the end inadvertently (thanks for preempting 90 seconds of House, MD, you assholes), and the motherfucker I look like looks like fucking Warwick Davis in fucking Leprechaun

Now it's time for sleep (@ 4:39 PM)

I got to sleep last night, finally. At something like 315a or so. I got a call to sub at around 615a. Actually I got the first of three calls at 615a, the last one of which I actually accepted. I'm a picky fucking sub. I turned the first school down because it's a mostly Hispanic school, and I just don't command respect in Hispanic classrooms. I'm not intending to be prejudiced, it's just no matter what I do, the students don't listen to me. At all. It might be a cultural gap, might just be the generation gap, but I've done well in 1 of maybe 10 Hispanic majority classes. The second call was for a Specialized Physical Education teacher at the preschool age. Now, I've never done a PE class, and I never intend to do one. Pretty much the same philosophy I had in middle school, when I actually had to take PE. Plus "specialized" PE? And I had to call the teacher on her cell right away to get the plans/itinerary. Fuck that.

The third call was for a middle schoool Language Arts class. Bingo. BING-GO!!! Last time I was at this school, I yelled at the kids, I bitched to the secretary, and left a horrendous note for the teacher, about the plans he left, and his complete lack of discipline. [Details can be found at this link: House of X: Things I've Learned Today] Apparently all those things were substitute no-no's. In my defense, I was still brand new to subbing, and hadn't yet figured out the nuances of assigning bullshit work. Well, how surprised was I to hear that I got a call for this school this morning? Very. So I took the job, after contemplating it for something like 5 minutes while I was on the line with the sub finder phone system. Do I go back and face the embarrassment that was me, six months ago? Yes. Why did I take the job at this school today, then? At most, I intended today to be my redemption in the eyes of this middle school, to earn the respect of the administration, and to set the Universe back into proper alignment. At the very least, I needed the bread.

I was in classic form today. Classic Mr. Long, v1.1. On three hours of sleep, even. I joked with the kids. I taught what little I had to teach. Had an all around good day... mostly. The teacher I was in for is going to be out this entire week, due to a death in the family. Her brother. My deepest condolences to her family. Not that anyone remotely related to her events will see this blog. But I digress. I didn't know if she would have a sub arranged for the rest of the week, or if she'd have lesson plans ready, so I took it upon myself to scratch out quick lesson plans for the sub tomorrow (since I'm already booked). I've done it before, with success, and the teachers and office always appreciate it. Well, I guess in this school's office, they remembered the ineptitude of my past. When I told the secretary what I did, she didn't seem to care one iota, and was a complete bitch to me as I was signing out. Well fuck you, lady. I'm trying to set things right, Goddammit.

The weird part of today came in the form of my ex-girlfriend's mother. Apparently, she's a teacher at the school I was assigned to. Transferred in at the semester, so I wouldn't've seen her in December when I was previously there. It was good to see her. She's a little greyer, a little older, but still nice. We did the small talk thing. Then she asked me if I'd sub for her on Friday. "Sure!" I said. Apparently, she wants to play hookey, which I probably shouldn't've heard her say. As I was checking out, I told the office that I might be back on Friday to sub for Mrs. Ex-Girlfriend, to which the bitch secretary said something along the lines of "I hope not." So on my way out, I realized that I probably not only fucked up my ends, but may very well have fucked up her chance to take a day off. The most perilous thing I've realized about The Ultimate Jewish Weapon™ is that it's truly a double-edged sword.

Now that it's Five, I probably shouldn't nap, because I have a lesson at 630, and this one I need to be awake for. I'm crashing from the second wind off the iced coffee I had at 1230p. I have to rely on longtones and Star Trek: TNG to keep me alert.

Go to sleep, Jeff.

I just got back from the jam at UCI, which Ryan also came out to. It was a lot of fun. It lets me know just how much practicing I need to do.

Now I'm home, not tired, kinda hungry, contacts in, and my back hurts. If it were two in teh afternoon, then I could understand. But it's now 2:21 in the fucking morning. If I eat, I'll be up til 3. I want to watch Murderball, which I got yesterday when I was out with Barbie, but if I start it, I'll watch it to the end (runtime: 86 minutes). Who knows. Maybe I just need to take my own advice and "Go to sleep, Jeff."


Hey, FireFox users!

I've been using two extensions lately that have been pretty kick-ass. And since I like 'em so much, I'll recommend 'em. I know there's at least one other FF user out there (Eric), so at least someone'll appreciate this post.


NoScript blocks all incoming script from all sources. Click the options tab to allow the sites YOU choose. Works great. Keeps the bullshit out. Enable it and try it out on eBay to see just how much your regular browser lets through.


If you spend a lot of time blogging, or on message boards (like I do), BBCodeXtra is awesome. Speeds up HTML input by doing the hard work for you. CTRL + Click in the area you enter text and choose from the pulldown menu. In fact, I used it in this post to input the links for these extensions. I used it quite a bit on the previous post to this one, "I AM 8-BIT," also.


In the interest of bringing some more culture around to the House of X, it's time for another addition to my art series. If you haven't checked my sidebar out any lower than the tagboard, scroll down a little. Go on. See where it says "The Art?" That's where you want to be looking.

Someone pointed this exhibit out to me recently, and for anyone who was a kid in the 80's should definitely appreciate this.


To further pimp the skills of each particular artist in the series, click their name to go to their personal site. All images belong to their respective owners.

by Joe Ledbetter

Mario Block
by Gabe Swarr

from 'Girls of Nintendo' series
by Katie Rice
(my favorite, btw)

by Peter Gronquist
(look closely. it's a grenade.)


Go Team Venture!

Coming May 30th...

Season Two Starts On June 11th


5 Nights of Music this week.

I've got a ton of music stuff this week (yay!). Besides my standard lessons, I got a call (an IM, actually) to sub bass bone for the UCI Big Band concert Friday (it's a good thing Charlie never changes the music). That ups me from 3 nights of playing this week, to 5. Here's the schedule, at large.

  • Monday: UCI Jazz Jam, 10pm-? (come out and jam. Rm 220)

  • Tuesday: Smiling Tyrants Rehearsal, 10p-130a

  • Wednesday: UCI Big Band Rehearsal, 7-10

  • Thursday: Smiling Tyrants gig, 930-?

  • Friday: UCI Big Band, 8-10ish

Should be good. Now I just need to work on some low longtones (for bass trombone).


One More Week To Our GIG!
¡¡¡Important time change!!!

Adam & The Smiling Tyrants

Are still playing at the Gypsy Lounge!

On Thursday, May 18th, 2006!

Now at 930p!!!

NOT 830, like previously announced!


The video that officially sold me on the Wii

For those that haven't heard, Nintendo changed the name of their Next-Gen console from "Revolution" to "Wii" (pron: We). Same system, different name. Well, I've been behind this system from the beginning, but I just saw a video that officially sold me on the system. Take a look at the Super Smash Bros. trailer. Be sure you watch it to the end. I'm fucking stoked. I will line up outside Best Buy for the Nintendo Wii on the day it comes out.


My LONG weekend + FCBD!!!

Friday, Cinco de Mayo, I found myself at Wahoos, then at the Block. I think I went to buy a couple of comics, too. That night, Antonio and I picked up Barb and went to Olivera Street to hopefully find a jumpin' Cinco de Mayo fiesta. We got there, only to find everything closing down. From there, we drove out to Santa Monica and spent the rest of the night at an Irish bar. There was an Irish/Country group that was pretty good. We got to see these two people perpetuate the stereotype that white people can't dance. I tried to catch a video of 'em with my phone, but it was too dark. We walked around a while, went back to Barb's for a while, and left before too late. On our way home, we found I5 shut down completely. We had the warning and chance to jump teh 605, but didn't have the foresight to do so. We sat in stopped traffic for a minute, then doubled back to the 605. That was nearly closed down too. Got home around 3, in bed by 345.

Saturday, FCBD, I woke up at 9, and made it to my 930 lesson at exactly 930 (I'm usually 10-15 minutes early). Came home around 11, hung out, ate, and got ready for my trip up to Meltdown Comics in Hollywood for Free Comic Book Day (or FCBD) to see comic writer Brian K. Vaughan and get him to sign my free comics (that he wrote) from that day. I showed up and found three other LA area Caballeros standing at the front of the line, so I jumped in with them. Vaughan came, we all talked, he said he's moved out to Hollywood, and I officially threw my hat into the ring to direct the Y the Last Man movie. We'll see if he mentions it to the right people.

Meltdown comics is awesome. There's so much there. Comics, toys (including the rare and hard to find), TPBs, graphic novels, statues, cards, posters. When asked by the guy at my local comic shop if I'd be showing up for their FCBD, I told him probably not, since they didn't have Brian K. Vaughan signing autographs. Without mentioning where that would be, he looks at me and says "Fuck the Meltdown!" When asked why, he complained about all their space and inventory. I hung out at Meltdown with Caballeros Neil (Fad23), Josh, and Stephanie (karakent) for a little while. The thing I love more than anything about hanging with other comic people, is that I can actually talk comics beyond "Hey, read this," or "Yeah, I read comics." We shot the shit for a while, and we all recommended shit to each other to read. I bought Fantastic Four Essentials Vol. 3, recommended by Josh, which is a jewel in terms of the FF mythos.

Neil asked me if I could give him a ride home, since he didn't have one, and I obliged. Maybe one mile onto the 101 (from Sunset) when Neil asked if I wanted to hit other shops and get more free shit, to which I said "of course." From Hollywood, we went out to Pasadena (near 134 and 110) and hit two shops up there, and got stacks of free comics and a $3.99 Zankou Chicken T-Shirt. From there, I took Neil home (I10 @ the 710. Sorry I didn't call, Chris) and hung out with him for a little while. He gave me his little mini-comic "I Can't Draw," which I added to my free comics for the day. Fucking great FCBD this year. I've got so much swag to read through.

That night, I went out to Kevin's for what I thought was going to be a guys night of beer and poker. It turned out to be a couples night of beer and poker. If I had known, I'd've called Barbie sooner than I did, but the trooper that she is, she came and hung out. We ended up leaving Kevin's somewhere between 2 and 230, home a half hour after that, and I don't think we got to sleep until after 4.

Sunday, I had band rehearsal at 1030a for our gig on the 18th, which meant up by 9ish. Great rehearsal, all-in-all. I spent the rest of the day with Barb, since she stayed over. A little lunch, a little trip the the Apple Store, and that was about it. I took her to her car (which was still at Kevin's), and we both headed home. The rest of Sunday was lazy. Read my new yoga book, read some old Fantastic Four, and crashed out.

Now, it's Monday and there's no work. I'm at an empass in regard to work and what to do on the days where there's no subbing, and whether I should stop and find a "real" job. But that's a post for another day. I've got a few things to do around here, but they really aren't high on the priority list. What IS high on that list is practicing and attempting yoga for the first time.


Dilema de las Cervezas

I made a beer run just now. To buy Amstel Light. Then I thought "wait a minute! It's Cinco De Mayo tomorrow!" and then I felt the urge to buy Corona. Well, at $8 a 6-pack, and $6.50 for Amstel, my choice was made for me. Then I saw Tsingtao for $6. No brainer. So I bought two sixers: Amstel Light and Tsingtao. Somewhere between China Holland is Mexico, right?

And I've gotta say, it's hard to drink Amstel after drinking Chimay twice this week.


Some people just aren't smart.

Some of you may be on my MySpace friends list. Those of you that are, have probably received my bulletin to our upcoming show at the Gypsy Lounge. Well, I've been getting occasional replies about it. I got one just now from someone I used to work with at D&B who found my profile. I started it like two years after I quit, and for some reason, she found me. Anyway, here's my original message, with important words in bold, and the following series of replies:

Come See My Band

My band's first gig is on
Thursday, May 18th @ 830pm
@ the Gypsy Lounge!

We've got guitar & vocals, bass, drums, keys, and bone (me!).

Come on out for a slammin mix of dub, soul, and muthafuckin' FUNK!

Be there or be square!

RE: Come See My Band

you're in a band??????? what kinda band?

RE: RE: Come See My Band

A good one ;)

RE: RE: RE: Come See My Band

no way.........you being a roadie doesn't make you part of the band ;) ahahaha just kidding kid!

RE: RE: RE: RE: Come See My Band




Thank You, Stephen Colbert (.org)

If you appreciated Stephen Colbert's speech at the WHPD as much as I did, leave a little love on


I'm Thank You #29112 on page 1456

JeffX Says:
May 2nd, 2006 at 5:49 pm

How do you spell “truth?”


Thanks for having trousers full of big brass truthiness, Colbert.


UPDATE! Mark your calenders, people!

We've come up with a band name of sorts for our band,

Adam Vance & The Smiling Tyrants.

(I'm a Smiling Tyrant)

Adam & The Smiling Tyrants will have their first gig on
Thursday, May 18th, 8:30pm!!!!

The gig is at The Gypsy Lounge, 23600 Rockfield #3A. Lake Forest, CA.

It's gonna be fucking awesome!!!
Come Out!
Bring as many people as you can!
(21 & Over, $8 at the door)

The Gypsy Lounge Site

"None Of The Above" in '08

"None of the Above" in '08!

(Inspired by this thread at BKV.TV:
http://bkv.tv/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=7000 )

If the nominees are going to be so bad in 2008, if there will be no lesser of two evils between the reps and dems, if the third party isn't going to offer any viable choices, then I'm writing in "None Of The Above" as my vote. If you're really not happy with American Politics, like I am, then let those who run the show see that you're so fed up that you'd rather not have anyone than the inept legislators we've become accustomed to.

I heard about this a handful of years ago. There are groups that wanted to add this to the ballot options, and as far as I know, and it didn't happen. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your family. If you're not happy with who you're voting for, write in "None Of The Above."

Monday Videos

The following is a three part suite (from YouTube) of Stephen Colbert being asked to speak at the White House Correspondants Dinner in DC. The guest of Honor at the event? George W. Bush. Hilarity ensues. Stephen's on point throughout the whole thing. It's not getting any media coverage, so spread the word online or in person. The whole thing's about 25 minutes.

Apparently, CSPAN has asked YouTube to take the vids down, which is why they haven't worked. It can now be found at the following link to Google Video.

Stephen Colbert and his balls.

For those of you not really interested in the political arena, take a look at this commercial for the latest Super Soaker, the "Oozinator:"

Here's the link to Hasbro's site if you doubt its authenticity.

The Last Weekend in April

This weekend has turned out to be quite the weekend. Yesterday, I went out to the mall, bought some comic storage, and went to Ryan & Jessica's engagement party. I thought I'd only be there for like 3-4 hours. Nope. 9 Hours. Nine glorious hours of helping celebrate their engagement, hanging with Ryan's family, and drinking beer. Lots of beer. We had Chimay, too. That shit just gets better and better the more I drink it. It's seriously fucking delicious. And I had a shitload of it. I was on cloud nine all night... and into the morning.

Today, my cousin Jackie and her new husband Ed had their wedding reception in Encino. Apparently, she broke up with a boyfriend of like five years, was single for a few months, met Ed, and they married after five months. She's always been cool, and he seems to be really cool, so I'm happy for 'em both. But this reception meant spending the day with a ton of extended family. I even had a good reason to leave and head out to Barb's, and I'm always up for seeing my baby. I made a new golf buddy at the thing today, too. Apparently my cousin Cybill (who's a little younger than me) plays a little, so she said we should start meeting up for golf, to which I said "totally."

Tonight, we had rehearsal with our yet-to-be-named rock band. A great fucking rehearsal, even though we were short a bassist and our drummer was strung out. We tightened some songs down, figured out couple new ones, and I'm singing more back ups... at least until everyone realizes I can't sing.

Also, I <3 Kim Cattrall