5 Nights of Music this week.

I've got a ton of music stuff this week (yay!). Besides my standard lessons, I got a call (an IM, actually) to sub bass bone for the UCI Big Band concert Friday (it's a good thing Charlie never changes the music). That ups me from 3 nights of playing this week, to 5. Here's the schedule, at large.

  • Monday: UCI Jazz Jam, 10pm-? (come out and jam. Rm 220)

  • Tuesday: Smiling Tyrants Rehearsal, 10p-130a

  • Wednesday: UCI Big Band Rehearsal, 7-10

  • Thursday: Smiling Tyrants gig, 930-?

  • Friday: UCI Big Band, 8-10ish

Should be good. Now I just need to work on some low longtones (for bass trombone).

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