I fell asleep at 8. What woke me up at 830? The smell of dinner. Has food smell ever woken you up? It was kinda neat. Guess that's what happens when you fall asleep very hungry.

Also, American Idle sucks. Watched two of the tunes with my parents during dinner. I really haven't been impressed by anyone on that show, ever. And the kids I taught today told me that I look like one of the finalists. I watched the end inadvertently (thanks for preempting 90 seconds of House, MD, you assholes), and the motherfucker I look like looks like fucking Warwick Davis in fucking Leprechaun


barbie said...

the kids think you look like anyone with a goatee

Jeff said...

I got the motherfucker from Narnia again today, too. Do these motherfucking kids think I look like some damn troglodyte? SHIT! I know I'm fucking handsome. Bastards.