JEFF: I think it's funny that they're showing a two hour lost at the same time as a two hour American Idle


B: well they're both popular

B: and i guess to draw an audience you've gotta have big event vs big event

J: true

J: even I'm watching one of them

J: but which one?!

B: hmm

B: i'd actually guess american idol

J: damn, baby

J: I thought you knew me well

J: guess I was mistaken *boo hoo*

B: well i thought you wanted to not spoil lost not knowing the backstory

J: meh

B: haha

B: and i thought you gave me the opportunity to guess because it was very unexpected

J: haha

J: yeah

J: isn't Lost unexpected?

B: yeah, but you're not a pussy, so i couldn't see you watching american idol

J: thanks, baby

J: I think that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me

B: hahaha

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