Dilema de las Cervezas

I made a beer run just now. To buy Amstel Light. Then I thought "wait a minute! It's Cinco De Mayo tomorrow!" and then I felt the urge to buy Corona. Well, at $8 a 6-pack, and $6.50 for Amstel, my choice was made for me. Then I saw Tsingtao for $6. No brainer. So I bought two sixers: Amstel Light and Tsingtao. Somewhere between China Holland is Mexico, right?

And I've gotta say, it's hard to drink Amstel after drinking Chimay twice this week.


"Mr. Rost" said...

Re: "Shit! My proofreading skills suck lately. I fixed it, tho."

Spell Check, Dude. Dilemma.

You're welcome. I'm glad I could help.

Jeff said...

Not in Spanish.

Thanks for playing, dude.

"Mr. Rost" said...