We have this problem of overcrowding in schools, and how kids leave high school unprepared for the real world. It's been said that graduating high school is just a formality; that nearly everyone does it, and there's really no prestige in graduating because it's pretty much automatic. Like, you have to really work hard to NOT get that diploma if you stay in al four years. Not like in our parents' time, where graduating high school and entering the work force was a big deal. You could still get a job if you didn't, but a diploma was your ticket to more money, white-collar work, etc. Today, a bachelors degree isn't even an automatic pay raise. Not unless your BA is in business, computer science, or pre med/law. High school needs to be worth something again.

I've been thinking on this, and everyone should get a shot at two years in high school. At the end of those two years, if you can't hang with the work load, or you and your family decide that you don't want to, then you're gone. No more high school. BUT, the provision is that you must enter a two-year trade school, and learn some marketable skills ,like automotive repair, construction, or wood/metalworking (for example). This way, once you're at the appropriate age to graduate high school, you're certified in at least ONE marketable skill that you could do full time. Plus, some small business classes, to teach you about starting a DBA, invoicing, payroll and taxes.

If you ARE capable, or you think you can make it to the end of four years of high school, then you move onto your third year, surrounded by peers. This means more competition, smaller class size, and more prestige. More competition means people will strive to do better, which means higher GPAs, and less students thinking that they're obligated to go onto college.

It's just an idea. I mean, no one's got anything better on the table, right?


Kevin Sole said...

I absolutely hated school. On every conceivable level.

I hated my teachers. I knew more about the subject then half of them; the other half didn't know how to teach it. Either putting us all to sleep, or treating us like crap.

99% of the students were the very dredges of humanity. Everywhere I looked I was constantly reminded of the crap that was coming into this world. Smoking, drug abusing, no respect, no morals. Close-minded. Short-thinking.

That, and in my younger years, I constantly had the shit beat outta me. So not only did I have a disgust for my teachers, but I had to try and get a crap education while fearing for my health, sanity, and possibly my life.

I survived high school, moved onto college where I spent most of my time entirely alone. I spoke to almost no one.

I'd managed to go from having the crap beat out of me on a near-daily basis to being ignored -- or worse, not even worth ignoring -- on a permanent basis.

Eventually I left college, because my sanity had reached a conclusion. I know for a fact that if I had stayed even one more day, I would literally be in an insane aslyum right now.

I wonder if I'm not headed there anyways... but that's another thought for another time. And no.. I'm not kidding.

And where in the FUCK was I going with this? :p

School isn't for everyone. Neither grade education, nor trades.

"Mr. Rost" said...

Schools don't suck. Parents suck. My folks graduated because their parents were on their back. I graduated because my parents were on my back, not because I gave a shit about shit. And that's what I'll do with my little fucker: beat him until he graduates with one, and only one, Bachelor Degree (because I'll always be better than him), because I love 'im. (If it's a girl, we'll probably just sell it to KMart.)

bcp said...

Before reading the book My Ishmael I had almost the exact same idea... Now, not so much.

If the people coming out of high school were at the exact same level as those that have been in the workforce for a while, they would essentially be competing with their parents and older siblings for jobs. This is one of the reasons for child labor laws in this country, and manditory schooling.

I'm with you that high school should be preparing those that want to go on to college for that experience, and that the people that don't want to be there are a huge drain on the system. But what are those kids going to do if they weren't there? Who's going to watch them and make sure that they aren't out committing crimes? Or worse, having sex!! That's another reason for why teens must waste their time in school, instead of working towards a career.

If kids were allowed the option of starting on a trade early, getting into a union and making money as soon as they could, there would be a quite a bit of kids signing up for it--you can see it in the trade programs that some schools (particularly those dealing with "At Risk" youth (read: minorities and poor kids that don't have a chance getting into college) are enacting... But you give kids now a chance like this, and you won't hear the end of it from people who had to go the full four years of high school, and then work the crappy job to pay for the schooling, and take out huge loans to get their auto degree... "They didn't have that when I was growing up!"

I could go on, but it's late... It's The System, man! If this is the way things were, people would be complaining about Kids taking away all the jobs instead of Immigrants.

BTW: I'm Branden from the BKV Board...