Hey, FireFox users!

I've been using two extensions lately that have been pretty kick-ass. And since I like 'em so much, I'll recommend 'em. I know there's at least one other FF user out there (Eric), so at least someone'll appreciate this post.


NoScript blocks all incoming script from all sources. Click the options tab to allow the sites YOU choose. Works great. Keeps the bullshit out. Enable it and try it out on eBay to see just how much your regular browser lets through.


If you spend a lot of time blogging, or on message boards (like I do), BBCodeXtra is awesome. Speeds up HTML input by doing the hard work for you. CTRL + Click in the area you enter text and choose from the pulldown menu. In fact, I used it in this post to input the links for these extensions. I used it quite a bit on the previous post to this one, "I AM 8-BIT," also.

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