The Last Weekend in April

This weekend has turned out to be quite the weekend. Yesterday, I went out to the mall, bought some comic storage, and went to Ryan & Jessica's engagement party. I thought I'd only be there for like 3-4 hours. Nope. 9 Hours. Nine glorious hours of helping celebrate their engagement, hanging with Ryan's family, and drinking beer. Lots of beer. We had Chimay, too. That shit just gets better and better the more I drink it. It's seriously fucking delicious. And I had a shitload of it. I was on cloud nine all night... and into the morning.

Today, my cousin Jackie and her new husband Ed had their wedding reception in Encino. Apparently, she broke up with a boyfriend of like five years, was single for a few months, met Ed, and they married after five months. She's always been cool, and he seems to be really cool, so I'm happy for 'em both. But this reception meant spending the day with a ton of extended family. I even had a good reason to leave and head out to Barb's, and I'm always up for seeing my baby. I made a new golf buddy at the thing today, too. Apparently my cousin Cybill (who's a little younger than me) plays a little, so she said we should start meeting up for golf, to which I said "totally."

Tonight, we had rehearsal with our yet-to-be-named rock band. A great fucking rehearsal, even though we were short a bassist and our drummer was strung out. We tightened some songs down, figured out couple new ones, and I'm singing more back ups... at least until everyone realizes I can't sing.

Also, I <3 Kim Cattrall

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