Monday Videos

The following is a three part suite (from YouTube) of Stephen Colbert being asked to speak at the White House Correspondants Dinner in DC. The guest of Honor at the event? George W. Bush. Hilarity ensues. Stephen's on point throughout the whole thing. It's not getting any media coverage, so spread the word online or in person. The whole thing's about 25 minutes.

Apparently, CSPAN has asked YouTube to take the vids down, which is why they haven't worked. It can now be found at the following link to Google Video.

Stephen Colbert and his balls.

For those of you not really interested in the political arena, take a look at this commercial for the latest Super Soaker, the "Oozinator:"

Here's the link to Hasbro's site if you doubt its authenticity.


Jeff said...

As disturbing as that commercial is, I'd love to see it made using nude 18 year old girls.

De Boll Weevil said...

Yeah Baby Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff said...

At the end, they say "Major pumping required."

I'm the same way.