My LONG weekend + FCBD!!!

Friday, Cinco de Mayo, I found myself at Wahoos, then at the Block. I think I went to buy a couple of comics, too. That night, Antonio and I picked up Barb and went to Olivera Street to hopefully find a jumpin' Cinco de Mayo fiesta. We got there, only to find everything closing down. From there, we drove out to Santa Monica and spent the rest of the night at an Irish bar. There was an Irish/Country group that was pretty good. We got to see these two people perpetuate the stereotype that white people can't dance. I tried to catch a video of 'em with my phone, but it was too dark. We walked around a while, went back to Barb's for a while, and left before too late. On our way home, we found I5 shut down completely. We had the warning and chance to jump teh 605, but didn't have the foresight to do so. We sat in stopped traffic for a minute, then doubled back to the 605. That was nearly closed down too. Got home around 3, in bed by 345.

Saturday, FCBD, I woke up at 9, and made it to my 930 lesson at exactly 930 (I'm usually 10-15 minutes early). Came home around 11, hung out, ate, and got ready for my trip up to Meltdown Comics in Hollywood for Free Comic Book Day (or FCBD) to see comic writer Brian K. Vaughan and get him to sign my free comics (that he wrote) from that day. I showed up and found three other LA area Caballeros standing at the front of the line, so I jumped in with them. Vaughan came, we all talked, he said he's moved out to Hollywood, and I officially threw my hat into the ring to direct the Y the Last Man movie. We'll see if he mentions it to the right people.

Meltdown comics is awesome. There's so much there. Comics, toys (including the rare and hard to find), TPBs, graphic novels, statues, cards, posters. When asked by the guy at my local comic shop if I'd be showing up for their FCBD, I told him probably not, since they didn't have Brian K. Vaughan signing autographs. Without mentioning where that would be, he looks at me and says "Fuck the Meltdown!" When asked why, he complained about all their space and inventory. I hung out at Meltdown with Caballeros Neil (Fad23), Josh, and Stephanie (karakent) for a little while. The thing I love more than anything about hanging with other comic people, is that I can actually talk comics beyond "Hey, read this," or "Yeah, I read comics." We shot the shit for a while, and we all recommended shit to each other to read. I bought Fantastic Four Essentials Vol. 3, recommended by Josh, which is a jewel in terms of the FF mythos.

Neil asked me if I could give him a ride home, since he didn't have one, and I obliged. Maybe one mile onto the 101 (from Sunset) when Neil asked if I wanted to hit other shops and get more free shit, to which I said "of course." From Hollywood, we went out to Pasadena (near 134 and 110) and hit two shops up there, and got stacks of free comics and a $3.99 Zankou Chicken T-Shirt. From there, I took Neil home (I10 @ the 710. Sorry I didn't call, Chris) and hung out with him for a little while. He gave me his little mini-comic "I Can't Draw," which I added to my free comics for the day. Fucking great FCBD this year. I've got so much swag to read through.

That night, I went out to Kevin's for what I thought was going to be a guys night of beer and poker. It turned out to be a couples night of beer and poker. If I had known, I'd've called Barbie sooner than I did, but the trooper that she is, she came and hung out. We ended up leaving Kevin's somewhere between 2 and 230, home a half hour after that, and I don't think we got to sleep until after 4.

Sunday, I had band rehearsal at 1030a for our gig on the 18th, which meant up by 9ish. Great rehearsal, all-in-all. I spent the rest of the day with Barb, since she stayed over. A little lunch, a little trip the the Apple Store, and that was about it. I took her to her car (which was still at Kevin's), and we both headed home. The rest of Sunday was lazy. Read my new yoga book, read some old Fantastic Four, and crashed out.

Now, it's Monday and there's no work. I'm at an empass in regard to work and what to do on the days where there's no subbing, and whether I should stop and find a "real" job. But that's a post for another day. I've got a few things to do around here, but they really aren't high on the priority list. What IS high on that list is practicing and attempting yoga for the first time.


Kevin Sole said...

Sounds like a weekend worthy of you. :)

I had a frickin' insane weekend. I really should type up some fabulously long blog about it, but I'm exhausted from having such a frickin' insane weekend myself. :)

Pia said...

I emphasize with the whole "finding a real job" bit.

Good luck with yoga! If you're teaching yourself with videos, I strongly recommend Rodney Yee. Even after multiple viewings, he still kicks my ass.

David Press said...

Sounds like you folks had fun on FCBD day, I was hosting for the Derby that day so my day was tied down with house guests and sheer drunkenness. Didn't make it to the LCS. What kind of comic book geek am I if I didn't make it to FCBD day? A geek with an overactive social life.