Now it's time for sleep (@ 4:39 PM)

I got to sleep last night, finally. At something like 315a or so. I got a call to sub at around 615a. Actually I got the first of three calls at 615a, the last one of which I actually accepted. I'm a picky fucking sub. I turned the first school down because it's a mostly Hispanic school, and I just don't command respect in Hispanic classrooms. I'm not intending to be prejudiced, it's just no matter what I do, the students don't listen to me. At all. It might be a cultural gap, might just be the generation gap, but I've done well in 1 of maybe 10 Hispanic majority classes. The second call was for a Specialized Physical Education teacher at the preschool age. Now, I've never done a PE class, and I never intend to do one. Pretty much the same philosophy I had in middle school, when I actually had to take PE. Plus "specialized" PE? And I had to call the teacher on her cell right away to get the plans/itinerary. Fuck that.

The third call was for a middle schoool Language Arts class. Bingo. BING-GO!!! Last time I was at this school, I yelled at the kids, I bitched to the secretary, and left a horrendous note for the teacher, about the plans he left, and his complete lack of discipline. [Details can be found at this link: House of X: Things I've Learned Today] Apparently all those things were substitute no-no's. In my defense, I was still brand new to subbing, and hadn't yet figured out the nuances of assigning bullshit work. Well, how surprised was I to hear that I got a call for this school this morning? Very. So I took the job, after contemplating it for something like 5 minutes while I was on the line with the sub finder phone system. Do I go back and face the embarrassment that was me, six months ago? Yes. Why did I take the job at this school today, then? At most, I intended today to be my redemption in the eyes of this middle school, to earn the respect of the administration, and to set the Universe back into proper alignment. At the very least, I needed the bread.

I was in classic form today. Classic Mr. Long, v1.1. On three hours of sleep, even. I joked with the kids. I taught what little I had to teach. Had an all around good day... mostly. The teacher I was in for is going to be out this entire week, due to a death in the family. Her brother. My deepest condolences to her family. Not that anyone remotely related to her events will see this blog. But I digress. I didn't know if she would have a sub arranged for the rest of the week, or if she'd have lesson plans ready, so I took it upon myself to scratch out quick lesson plans for the sub tomorrow (since I'm already booked). I've done it before, with success, and the teachers and office always appreciate it. Well, I guess in this school's office, they remembered the ineptitude of my past. When I told the secretary what I did, she didn't seem to care one iota, and was a complete bitch to me as I was signing out. Well fuck you, lady. I'm trying to set things right, Goddammit.

The weird part of today came in the form of my ex-girlfriend's mother. Apparently, she's a teacher at the school I was assigned to. Transferred in at the semester, so I wouldn't've seen her in December when I was previously there. It was good to see her. She's a little greyer, a little older, but still nice. We did the small talk thing. Then she asked me if I'd sub for her on Friday. "Sure!" I said. Apparently, she wants to play hookey, which I probably shouldn't've heard her say. As I was checking out, I told the office that I might be back on Friday to sub for Mrs. Ex-Girlfriend, to which the bitch secretary said something along the lines of "I hope not." So on my way out, I realized that I probably not only fucked up my ends, but may very well have fucked up her chance to take a day off. The most perilous thing I've realized about The Ultimate Jewish Weapon™ is that it's truly a double-edged sword.

Now that it's Five, I probably shouldn't nap, because I have a lesson at 630, and this one I need to be awake for. I'm crashing from the second wind off the iced coffee I had at 1230p. I have to rely on longtones and Star Trek: TNG to keep me alert.

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