One More Week To Our GIG!
¡¡¡Important time change!!!

Adam & The Smiling Tyrants

Are still playing at the Gypsy Lounge!

On Thursday, May 18th, 2006!

Now at 930p!!!

NOT 830, like previously announced!


Pia said...

Wish I could go to this. Is there a way you could post a short video of your performance?

I totally get your last post about your job. I'm wondering if I should do go back to school for a masters in education, but it's not something I'm passionate about, you know? Just something I happen to be good at.

Keep us updated with your decisions--Pia

Jeff said...

Adam said that we'll get a CD of our live performance courtesy of Gypsy Lounge, which I'm sure will end up on our MySpace page, if the recording is listenable. Also, someone Adam knows is going to maybe take video of us. I'll know later, but if there is vid, and we do upload it, I'll definitely direct you to it, P.