Some people just aren't smart.

Some of you may be on my MySpace friends list. Those of you that are, have probably received my bulletin to our upcoming show at the Gypsy Lounge. Well, I've been getting occasional replies about it. I got one just now from someone I used to work with at D&B who found my profile. I started it like two years after I quit, and for some reason, she found me. Anyway, here's my original message, with important words in bold, and the following series of replies:

Come See My Band

My band's first gig is on
Thursday, May 18th @ 830pm
@ the Gypsy Lounge!

We've got guitar & vocals, bass, drums, keys, and bone (me!).

Come on out for a slammin mix of dub, soul, and muthafuckin' FUNK!

Be there or be square!

RE: Come See My Band

you're in a band??????? what kinda band?

RE: RE: Come See My Band

A good one ;)

RE: RE: RE: Come See My Band

no way.........you being a roadie doesn't make you part of the band ;) ahahaha just kidding kid!

RE: RE: RE: RE: Come See My Band



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