DMZ, another comic YOU should be reading.

I know I've tried to give a heads up to you all when an excellent, accessible comic comes around, and DMZ is no different. The premise is that the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent actions/retaliations by the US Government (like sending our armed forces to fight in the foreign theater) have given rise to backwoods militias (from the "Free States") fostered by citizens who're fed up and are desperate for a change. A second US Civil War soon follows. It's a serious, modern, relevant title. It follows intern journalist Matt Roth who gets stuck in the middle of the US/Free States crossfire, and becoming the US' only look inside the war.

Debuting only 8 issues ago, Brian Wood's latest offering has become a fast favorite for fanboys and fangirls everywhere, myself included. There's plenty of time to get caught up to current, especially since the first arc (5 issues), "On The Ground" has just been collected into TPB form for $9.99. Get your ass to your Local Comic Shop and support a local business. Of course if you dont' know where that is, or you're too embarrassed to go in, you can pick up DMZ Volume 1 at Amazon.com.

I give DMZ 10/10. No joke. For me, it's up there with Y the Last Man, Ex Machina, & Watchmen (3 other titles you should read).

I've tried to do my best with recommending more "grown-up," non-superhero comics to those of you that might have an aversion to tights. Hope you grown-up kids out there enjoy this one.

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