Sciongate, Day Four Hundred Five (The Finale)

After months of refusal to settle with my car insurance company about my accident last May, I finally caught a break. The problem has been that I have chiropractor's bills which the insurance has been unwilling to pay for. My bills are around $700, and they were going to give me a settlement of $1200, which I was required to pay the doctor from that sum. Which would've left me with $500 for pain and suffering and having to cut way back on work. I said bullshit. Why pay for medical coverage if I have to pay for the doctor out of pocket? I've spent many a phone call arguing with at least two seperate claims adjustors over this very subject. They recently upped my settlement a couple hundred bucks, but still expected me to pay the doc's out of pocket. So fuck it. I literally gave up. The only thing that's kept me from settling is my apathy, and my reluctance to give in to the man. Well, I got a call today from another claims adjustor, and within 10 minutes, she not only offered me substantially MORE money, they're also paying my doctors bills! WØØ!

I was officially rehired at Z's today, too. Even though I lost my ass at two poker games, it's been a great day.


Kevin Sole said...

Good to hear man, on.. almost all fronts. :)

Kevin Sole said...

Spider-Man 3 Trailer! EEEEEEEEE!

Heh. Such a whore I am.