Be patient, beer fans...

Though I can't really drink, this illness hasn't curbed my desire to do another beer review. I went out and bought some ammo for the next one.

From left to right:

Bombardier Ale (England)
Delirium Tremens (Belgium)
Hitachino Red Rice Ale (Japan)
Young's Double Chocolate Stout (England)

I dunno when it's gonna happen, but it'll happen soon.


Pia said...

Oooooh, the Belgium and Japan beers are soooooo cute! I would buy them just for the bottles.

(I. Am. Shallow.)

And a chocolate beer would be yummy.

Looking forward to the reviews.

KPL said...

Pia. If you just drink beer, then go ahead and give the chocolate beer a try. But if you are a beer drinker, please do yourself a favor and NEVER drink chocolate beer . . . .or oatmeal - They are disgusting. Jeff, I hate you for buying chocolate beer. Then again, you are really sick, and perhaps dilusional.

Jeff said...

Oatmeal Stout is delicious, you bastard! I bought three bottles of other beer that you didn't even notice. And besides, it's a stout. That's gotta give a bonus point or two. It's rated 94/100 on Bevmo.com, too. Give peace a chance, Kevin. Give peace a chance.

JQ said...

my work has the young's choc stout and the delirium tremens. Both are supposed to be really good. Haven't tried them yet.

KPL said...

Jeff, you can't just give it the "stout" excuse. I mean it's like someone who really likes dark chocolate. But most likely they'd be smart enough not to eat the dark chocolate if someone shat on it.

Jeff said...

Still don't see what that has to do with the chocolate stout. And since when does an Irishman have such disdain for beer? This'll probably be the next beer I review, btw. After the Hitachino, of course.

KPL said...

On the contrary my friend; this Irishman doesn't have a problem with beer or ale. You know when people dress their dogs up in sweaters? That sucks right? I mean, the dog might be cool, but it sucks that it's in a sweater. It already has a coat of its own. Stout is great on its own . . . why would you sweeten it up?