I came. I saw. I bought comics.

Home from SDCC. 3 days of being of living comics and comic related entertainment. It was awesome.

Day One, we got to the con around noon, and stood in line for about 30 minutes to get our badges, and we wandered the floor for about 5 hours. I met Lou Ferrigno, Brian Posehn, Bryan Lee O'Malley, and took a ton of pics of and with a bunch of people dressed up in goofy ass costumes. We went from end to end, and back and forth checking out every booth. I bought a little bit of shit here and there. I found Brian K. Vaughan as he was finishing up his signing at the Dark Horse panel. We shot the shit for a sec, and back to wandering around. Once we left, we started drinking. We hit an Irish bar called Blarney Stone that was pretty cool. Got some Guinness, then walked up to Rock Bottom where we cheaped our way to a decent dinner of apps and $3 pints. On our way out of the place, we ran into Mike (who we were camping next to), Nick I., and a friend of his, and shot the shit for at least 30-40 minutes til we all left.

Camping was awesome. We got in, set up our tents, drank Captain & Cokes for a while. We neglected to think about bugs and such, so my ass got eaten alive. My legs and arms literally look like I have chicken pox. We went to sleep around 2am, planning to get up around 8, when at 515, I feel like there's bugs in the tent. They start poking at my head, when I realize there's got to be dozens of them. That's when it dos on me that they aren't bugs. They're raindrops. It starts pouring. I scramble out of my tent to put the rain fly on (which I almost left at home), and once I'm back in the tent, lying down, it stops raining. Saturday morning, I woke to the smell of pancakes and breakfast. It smelled delicious, and I was ready to get up and have a cup of coffee. I woke up a little more, figured out it was the people at another site, and got pissed that there were no coffeehouses at the campsite.

Got to the con around 11, helped out Mike getting some swag to sell off for a profit, then off to the Simpsons panel, to hear Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, and the rest of the Simpsons senior staff to hear about the upcoming season and the upcoming Simpsons movie. They showed clips. Funny...

More to come. I don't have enough stamina to continue.

Check out my Comic Con pics on Flickr


E said...

Nice wrap-up of the first two days.

But you left out the part where we were totally 100% ignored at the whiskey girl. Screw the staff of the whiskey girl.

Some of those pics came out really nice.

Kevin Sole said...

I am jealous.

But, I already know I won't be going next year. San Diego, while kicking ass, has just gotten TOO big. There's TOO much to do, TOO many people to see, and not enough time to just relax.

So... yeah.

Well, off to the bank!

David Press said...

yeah those pics were high quality. It had to be a great time there. So you camped out? No hotel? I don't know if I could do that. Is that the plan for next year?