I'm sick... again.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been fighting some kind of throat problem. It started out so bad two weeks ago, that I couldn't talk. My shit hurt so bad that speaking was impossible. Well, I got on some meds, and it got better. Or so I thought. Slowly over the last 10 days, I've been finding my throat more scratchy and more sore. Mornings have been the roughest. I finally went to the doc's today. An ear, nose, & throat specialist, and he just happens to be a trombone student of mine. He said I've got an infected lengual tonsil (a tonsil at the base of the tongue), so he prescribed me some mean antibiotics. That said, they haven't kicked in yet (I've only taken one dose). I'm in immense pain 100% of the time from this. Sitting and watching TV makes it hurt. I can talk, but I don't want to. It's hard to eat, drink, and I'm not even going to try playing trombone. I'm gonna shoot for a beer later, but I'm in no rush. Just took some Advil, too. See if that helps. I've officially bailed on rehearsal tomorrow, and I've got nothing to do until Sunday when I have to go into work. Hopefully this'll cool out a little bit by then.

If anyone makes a dick sucking joke, come on over and suck on mine.


De Boll Weevil said...

Yo dude you gotta keep the cock out...just say "NO" to the cock.


Jeff said...

You're first, dude. Come on over. It's getting pretty lonely up in this room and I could use a little company.

De Boll Weevil said...

Don't worry I still love ya, but I gave up the cock 29 years ago. Sorry man.

Jeff said...

Why you gotta lie like that on my blog? You never really quit.