Here I come, sweeping across the Interweb.

I started an account on LiveJournal, in case I decide to leave a comment for the 3 people I already know who have one. Come see my sparse, shitty lj page:


If you're on there already, feel free to add me as a friend, or whatever. I'm not really sure how it works.

I remember the days when lj was tres elite, and you had to know someone who had an account to get in. I didn't know anyone who had an account in those days, 'cept Kyle, but he'd given his freebie away. Now, you can just walk up and get in... Guess I should lose my lj grudge, hmm?


How much is my blog worth?

My blog is worth $2,822.70.
How much is your blog worth?

HoX Beer Review #7: Double Dragon Ale

The National Ale of Wales, Double Dragon Ale (smooth) is made by the Felinfoel Brewery in Llanelli, Wales. Family Owned and operated since 1878. When Chris and I were in Beverages & More last week, we both saw this, and I walked on by, continuing to browse. Before we left, Chris ask that I give it a try in honor of his ancestry, and I said of course. I'll admit, when anyone's ancestors get involved, I have raised standards. And from a beer named "Double Dragon," I have high expectations.

This is a dark beer, not as dark as Newcastle, not as light as Boddington's. If you were to pour a glass of iced tea, with just a little bit of ice, then let the ice melt, you'd have the color of this beer. It's cloudy, but it doesn't have that "unfiltered" look. It's cloudy as in "murky." Based on appearance, my feelings are half-hearted at best. However, were I to order it in a bar, I might very well take a second look before drinking it. It smells of fruit, initially, then that opens up into a toasted almond or cashew, finally revealing a hint of coffee. The taste starts out like the aroma, a touch on the side of fruit. That toastedness lends itself to a very weak dark roast or a weak burnt-rice tea. Not what I care to gravitate toward when drinking a beer.

As it warms up, I really can't taste that much more in terms of flavor. I thought the temperature was just inhibiting it, but I'm now 20 minutes into it, and there's not much to brag about. I keep looking at this beer, and expecting a burst of malt and hops in every mouthful. But instead, I'm getting a weak chorus of hops, no malt, and no caramel. All the things a beer like this should have in spades.

Buying this ale gave me the urge to hook up my old NES (which still works) to play the Double Dragon game, while drinking Double Dragon Ale. My first game of Double Dragon in nearly 20 years started out fun enough. Punch, punch. Kick, kick. Move around. Jump. Then it got old. The novelty of the game wore off within 10 minutes. That's how it is with this beer. "Whoa, Double Dragon Ale!" I thought when I saw this brew. And as I've been drinking it, nothing about it has impressed me. I can't say it's bad, per se. It's just a boring beer. And if this is the national beer of Wales, I don't know what that says of the taste buds of the Welsh. There were other Welsh beers at BevMo. Maybe I'll give those a try next time I give Wales a chance.

.0 is perfect in each category,
0.1 is the complete opposite of perfect.
Use your imagination for everything between.
The perfect beer would be scored "4.0/4"

Double Dragon Ale

Appearance: .5

Aroma: .5

Taste: .5

Mouthfeel: .7



Clean car, full stomach.

Went out to the business park to detail my car this afternoon. I started at 5p, and didn't leave until 11p. My car is CLEAN! Washed once with Dawn (dish soap), dried, then used the Mothers Clay Bar and some special cleaner (3 hours to do my whole car, at least). Then washed with Mothers Car Soap, dried, and applied a coat of wax to the whole xB. It looks fucking sweet! Shiny! Pics to come.

Got home at 1130, started making dinner, cause I was starving. Just finished eating. Sauteed chicken breast and steamed spinach over white rice with a Boddington's Ale cream pan sauce that I whipped up. It was perfect. And there's chicken & rice left over for fried rice tomorrow! Pics to come.


Do I care? No. No, I don't.

When you go to the doctor, what's the first thing you do? Sign in.

Today at my Optometrist's office, I showed up at 2pm, when their lunch break ended. I had an appointment. I walked up to the door as the girl inside was unlocking it. Like, as soon as she unlatched the lock, my hand was turning the handle. It was a feat of perfect timing. Unbeknownst to me, there were people standing outside the office, waiting to get in (the thing to understand is that my Eye Doc is essentially in a strip mall, surrounded by stores; needlecraft on one side, a bike store and a bank on the other). So I walk in, and sign in. There was this old guy (50-60 years old), who says to me as I'm signing in

"Hey buddy, there's other people who were waiting outside longer than you!" Very angry. Very gruff. He was eager to get loud, and today, I woke up a Nihilist.

"Good." Says I, pen in hand.

Then, he says something to me about there having been a woman waiting outside, and something about should've let her go first. I just looked at him, shrugged my shoulders, and gave him a "whatever."

Out of the three of us, I was last to be served, and I couldn't've cared less.

What compels people to just speak up and talk shit when it doesn't make a difference? I guess some people just like to hear the sound of their own voice, even when it's bitching.

A: Beer Thirty.

Q: What time is it?

Chris and I hit BevMo today, and I made a few purchases.

From Left to Right:

Samuel Smith's Organic Lager (England)
Skullsplitter Orkney Ale (Scotland)
Spaten (Germany)
Double Dragon (Wales)

Now, a little about why I chose these brews:

Ryan picked Smith's Lager for me to review one night while drinking at his place. We drank a bottle each, and I liked it, but I was too drunk by the end to formulate any more opinions on it. So I'm giving it a fair shake soon enough.

How can you turn down a beer called "Skullsplitter?" Especially when it's from my ancestry's country of origin. Recommended highly by Caballero "BrainofJ," this was the last bottle on the shelf at BevMo today. I'll either have to drink one glass carefully, or just hope they restock in the next day or two, since my usual par for these reviews is two glasses per beer.

Made in Munich, Spaten is always at the fridge at Barb's work. Whenever I end up there, I'm always offered a beer. "Any beer," I'm told, and I go for the Spaten, and Barb says "you can't drink that, it's Tommy's." Tommy's a German guy (recently moved from Germany) that works at Barb's work. If he's passing up countless other beer from countless other countries for this little slice of Deutschland, I've at least got to give it a chance.

At Chris' request, I'm to review Double Dragon Ale, the sum-total of his Welsh ancestry. I wanted to review it, cause I used to play "Double Dragon" on NES as a kid (might still have the cartridge, actually). It's a Win-Win. Maybe I'll play it while reviewing this beer.

Also, in an amazing display of giftgiving, Eric set me up with a new keychain bottle opener for my birthday. Sorry Homer fans, it's time for Mr. Simpson to retire. The new opener is from SuckUK, and it's a Skeleton Key! It's fucking awesome. I tried it tonight with some Stella, and it's works like a charm.

Thanks, dude.

Today's happenings (with pics!)

Had a quick last day of coaching this morning, then met up with Chris in the afternoon. We went around the City of Orange, including the Orange Circle, bumming around. There's a fuckload of antique stores there, if you've never been, and I've never really gone through any of 'em until today.

Tonight, Eric, Chris, and I hit the mug, lit up some cigars, and walked the Circle and the Chapman College campus at night, which is something we've been doing for a few years now.

I took a lot of pics today, including some real eyebrow raisers, but I'll let you discover those on your own.

Jeff @ Flickr


Lets go to Vegas!


What a time to be online... 11111 hits

Birthday $$$

I've got a little extra birthday money from a returned gift (along with a gift card), and I'm trying to think of what to do with it. It's a fair amount. Enough to buy a lot of little things, or one big thing. I'm leaning toward one big thing, since I haven't been keeping up on CDs & DVDs, and I have no place for more books.

I've been pricing wireless mic set-ups, but I haven't had a chance to try any. I'm looking at vocal effects processors, too. Also on the list is an XBOX 360 and a Nintendo DS. I played the DS today at Best Buy, and it was cool. I dunno if I could keep myself playing it after a week or two, though.

I could save the money, but it was from a gift, so I want to buy something fun with it. Something I wouldn't just buy on a whim.

If anyone has thoughts or ideas, I'd love to hear 'em.


Weekend Photolog

It was my birthday this week. To celebrate, I came up to Barb's yesterday and stayed the night. I snapped a few pics this weekend. Here's a few:

Lime cookie

Birthday Surprise!

Close up of my Kobe Burger

Snakes on a Plane! The Novel!!!

Y aren't you reading this yet?

My favorite person

I am not among the demographic for this ad...

More pics in this Flickr Photo Set

11000 Hits!!

We hit this mark a little earlier in the week! Thanks all for thinking I'm interesting enough to warrant 11,000+ visits!


HoX Beer Review #6: Delirium Tremens

From Wikipedia:

Delirium Tremens
(colloquially, the DTs, "the horrors", "the shakes" or "rum fits") is an acute episode of delirium that is usually caused by withdrawal or abstinence from alcohol following habitual excessive drinking. Delirium tremens can also appear after a rapid reduction in the amount of alcohol being consumed by heavy drinkers, or as a complication of withdrawal from benzodiazepine or barbiturates. It only occurs in individuals with a history of constant, long-term alcohol consumption. Delirium tremens typically manifests about 18 to 24 hours after discontinuation of alcohol consumption, but can appear on the second or third day of abstinence.

Made by Huyghe Family Brewery in Melle/Ghent, Belgium, I've proclaimed my affinity for Belgian Beer before. Specifically, Belgian Ale. It's delicious. The right amount of bitterness, along with perfect caramel tones. The deep color. When you look at this beer in person you can just see the character. This is a rich, honey colored ale. No mistake.

I've had this beer for a while now. The last of my beers from This Post. I've been putting off reviewing this one, since I've been unhappy with the last couple of brews I've reviewed. I've been making excuses, too. Either I've gone out and had all sorts of ubiquitous beers at bars, or I've been too lazy to review this beer, complaining of having to get up early, or getting in too late to enjoy it. Tonight, loyal fans, I've had just about enough of myself, and it's a good night to talk about beer. And what better beer to talk about than Delirium Tremens.

I've been thinking on this beer for a while. I've envisioned this review for a long time, though tonight is the first night actually trying the brew. I wanted to be prepared to enter the world of Delirium, so I did a little digging around on the Delirium site (in French, mind you), and I've prepared a little introduction to Delirium Tremens.

From www.delirium.be

L'allusion à l'éléphant rose conséquence d'un delirium tremens de la veille, n'est pas un hasard. Les raisons sont multiples, tout d'abord en raison d'une bière possédant un degré d'alcool élevé, et d'autre part afin de responsabiliser le consommateur aux effets parfois dévastateur d'une consommation trop élevée d'alcool. Quoiqu'il en soit cette bière est devenue le classique de la brasserie, appréciée surtout pour ses qualités dégustatives, ainsi que le mystère qui se cache derrière les parois grise de sa bouteille caractéristique. Cette blonde parfaite accentue les qualités d'un houblon exceptionnel ainsi que de différents malts clair. Elle s'offre des pointes aiguës d'amertume, et dévoile au nez un manteau malté étonnant. Sa conclusion se conjugue sur un ton amer et poivré sans aucune touche d'agressivité. Elle représente la bière blonde forte sous sa meilleure apparence. Elle fut sacré championne du monde de bières en 1998.

Beautiful, ain't it?

For those of you who don't speak French (like me), here's a translation, courtesy of of my Powerbook:
Allusion to the pink elephant consequence of a delirium tremens of
the day before, is not a chance. The reasons are multiple, first of
all because of a beer having a degree of raised alcohol, and in
addition in order to responsabiliser the consumer with the effects
sometimes devastator of a too high alcohol consumption. Though it is
this beer became traditional brewery, appreciated especially for its
dégustatives qualities, as well as the mystery which hides behind the
walls gray of its characteristic bottle. This perfect blonde
accentuates qualities of an exceptional hop as well as various malts
clear. She offers acute points of bitterness, and reveals with the
nose an astonishing malted coat. Its conclusion is combined on a tone
bitter and peppered without any key of aggressiveness. It represents
strong lager under its best appearance. It was crowned champion of
the beer world in 1998.

Lager, hmm? This beer is starting to make more sense. The label says it's an "Ale," but an ale, it's not. It's blonde. Dirty blonde. Honey blonde. Dirrty Blonde. If Chimay's the woman you take out for an expensive seafood dinner and a serious movie, only to get her home before 11, Delirium Tremens is the chick that you're calling after you drop Chimay off.

This beer is full of intrigue from the get-go. FIrst off, most of the "upscale" beer I've been reviewing comes in a dark bottle, while Delirium Tremens' bottle is painted completely opaque. It looks like it's painted in Zolotone. Also, it's covered in the Huyghe Family Brewery emblem; Pink Elephants. Makes sense. It's 8.5% alcohol. This is what I've been calling a "high test" beer in casual conversation. And high test beers have been giving me the best reviews so far.

A problem I've had with the last few beers is that you can't drink them straight out of the fridge. Some beers need time to warm up to help with any flavor complexities that become hidden by the average refrigerator. This is not one of those beers. Right out of the fridge, it's good. I would recommend giving it 5 minutes or so to breathe. I mean, you're spending $7-10 for a (large) bottle of beer. It's worth giving it all the time it needs to relax.

Sweeter than Chimay, and it's got a striking aftertaste. This is a honey colored lager. It's got feint and very welcome hints of honey too, with malt and hops in all the right places. This is just the beer I've been needing to restore my faith in my aptitude for finding beer to review.

In case any of you are put off by odd-complected beer, I will give you a small warning about Delirium Tremens. There's little "flakes" suspended in it. It looks almost like fresh-squeezed lemonade (odd comparison, I know), but you can't feel any of the flecks in the mouth or throat, nor does it affect the flavor. I'd imagine this could be described as an unfiltered beer because of the appearance.

If you're up for a unique-but-tasty beer, buy this. I'd definitely buy it again. As I finish my second and final glass of the night, I've enjoyed this beer from start to finish. If I were having a beer tasting, this beer would definitely be on the menu. If I were having salmon, ahi, or poultry, this beer would rival my latest favorite, Hitachino Red Rice Ale.

When I began this review, I stared making every comparison I could to Chimay Blue, and quickly found that it does this lager no justice to compare it to it's neighbor at every turn. There are some similarities, but there is quite a bit of difference. However, those of you expecting an alternative to Chimay Blue, take this pic into consideration:

1.0 is perfect in each category,
0.1 is the complete opposite of perfect.
Use your imagination for everything between.
The perfect beer would be scored "4.0/4"

Delirium Tremens

Appearance: .8

Aroma: .9

Taste: .9

Mouthfeel: .8



No wonder there's so many "Jeff Long's" in this country

My last name is #91 of 55,000+ most popular surnames in the US.

How common is your last name?

Unless there's any "Smiths" out there, I think there's only one regular reader that has me beat, and his last name is 23rd.


Comic Con, part two. (Much belated...)

Sorry about the huge gap between comic con tales. I've been busy.

After the Simpsons panel, we farted around a little bit, then hit the Voice Actors panel to see my hero, Maurice La Marche. Before that started, we caught the end of the cartoonists panel, and saw three of the very well known comic cartoonists, Kyle Baker, someone else I can't remember, and Sergio Aragones. Amazing to see all of these guys draw at the same time. The Voice Actors panel was amazing. Got to see Maurice La Marche (responsible for 100's of voices, including "The Brain"). The 5 voice actors read an old Flash Gordon script, and I was in nerd heaven. I've followed voice actors since I was a kid, so it's great to see the people the voices from my favorite childhood cartoons.

Back to the main floor to wander and take pics. I'm sure most of you have seen the blonde in the pink top in my Flickr series. As soon as I whipped it out (the camera) she became a total camera whore. Posing, smiling, she even turned around and stuck her ass out. I had too much class and didn't take a pic up her skirt, though I probably could've gotten away with it with no trouble. Then Eric and I saw Buddy Christ wandering the floor, and I got a couple of pics from him, when the Elvis Stormtrooper came up and posed with him. The pics I got of 'em are among my favorites from the con. The pics that seem to be everyone's favorite are the ones of Slavegirl Leia. I enjoy 'em too. As of tonight, she's been viewed 105 times.

I saw the Broken Lizard guys, and managed to get close enough to get some poor pics. They were talking about my soon-to-be-favorite movie, Beerfest. Then it was to the Adult Swim Panel, where they talked about the new season, and the Moral Orel guys started having shit fits since no one claimed to like their show. After seeing their antics, I really dig that show now.

That night, we met the group from BKV.TV at Lime, a tequila bar in the Gaslamp District. Pics can be seen here. The oongoing joke between Brian K. Vaughan and I in the last year is how he "ruined" my shirt with his signature. Not having any clothes to ruin, I asked him to take the screws to my copy of Runaways #18...

I laughed my ass off. And I have yet to frame it, but it will be framed.

The only really exciting thing about Sunday was buying my Utilikilt, which kicks ass. It's comfortable as shit. If only I wore it out more...

My Flickr account

What If... 9/11 never happened?

We're less than a month away from the 5 year mark, and the New York Magazine site has a series of What if? style reports/blogs/etc about the world if 9/11 never happened. I haven't read 'em all, but I have seen this bit of art by the creative team of Ex Machina (one of my top comic picks). Enjoy:

What If?

September 11, 2006: Sitting at his usual table at Windows on the World, former mayor Rudolph Giuliani dines alone, unnoticed.

More found at:
What if 9/11 never happened @ NY Mag


*Jinxed!!* (dammit...)

It looks like I shot my wad a little prematurely (...). I don't know if moving out is the right step to take with no money in the bank. We'll see what the future holds. But It looks like I'm gonna be right here in Anaheim for a little while longer.


Here's the plan for Wednesday

Durty Nelly's, 9pm-ish

Get to 405 S @ Bristol, and exit

Head away from the mall on Bristol (South).

Get to Red Hill, go left, then take the first left into what looks like a business park.

You can't miss it.

It's the only Irish bar in the area.

Who knew August would be such an odd month this year?

There's been so much stuff happening this month, and I'm sorry I haven't posted anything remotely substantial since the 6th. I've got something big in the works, and I think it's safe to share what it is now, if only vaguely to not jinx anything. Antonio and I have been talking for nigh on 7 years about finding an apartment, so over the last couple of weeks, we've been looking online. Craigslist.org & Westsiderentals.com, mostly. Been driving around various parts of Southern California watching for "FOR RENT" signs, doing our fair share of war-driving and getting on people's wide-open wireless networks. Well, we happened to stumble on a place that's just a "C"-hair over our max rent, but still cheap for the area, West LA. A 2&2, which'll have fresh paint and carpet. We saw the place when it looked a wreck, with paintcans and all masked off for paint and enamel, and we were sold. Should be great when it's done. Nothing's been signed yet, so nothing's official. But figuring this whole thing out has made me a nervous wreck over the last few days.

I'm quitting the music studio, for the more lucrative pay of private lessons, which I'll be offering 2 nights a week. Gonna have to quit Z'Tejas (again) if this apartment comes through. As well as find a job in that area. Yesterday, I finished up my part of the "Adam & The Smiling Tyrants" demo. We should have an initial mix ready by Tuesday, then within a week, a final mix to copy and distribute. In a mess of strange IMs last night at 1AM, I'm coaching brass for a High School East of Orange County for 8 weekdays in a row. Starting tomorrow morning.

Remember how I said I might have to find a job in LA? Well, on Wednesday, I'm gonna have a lot of time to go and do that. Drive around, fill out apps, talk with managers, etc. Wednesday just so happens to be my birthday, too. I'll be 26. I think there's gonna be a bar trip somewhere that night. I'm not sure where, but I'll post it on here as soon as I know. I've got a bar in mind, and they serve Guinness, which is all I care about, but everyone who's reading this is welcome to come and drink. More to come when I know more


¡¡¡Monday Night Meme!!!

Four Jobs I have had in my life:
1. Waiter
2. Substitute teacher
3. Construction worker
4. Temp

(all in less than a year, too)

Four Movies I have watched over and over:
1. The Big Lebowski
2. The 40 Year Old Virgin
3. Batman (1989)
4. Pulp Fiction

Four books I have read over and over:
1. New X-Men
2. Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
3. Y the Last Man
4. Tokyo Suckerpunch

Four Places I have lived:
1. Anaheim
2. Irvine
3. Kei Akagi's House
4. The United States of Space, nigga. The United Stated of Space.

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. The Simpsons
2. The Venture Bros.
3. South Park
4. Blade, The Series

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. Maui
2. Boston
3. San Diego
4. Las Vegas

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Sushi
2. Burgers
3. (authentic) Mexican
4. Thai, as of late

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. In a bigger bed
2. Barb's
3. Vegas
4. My yet-to-be-new place

Four people who will steal this meme:
1. Barb, cause she's great.
2. Chris, because he might actually blog it.
3. Kyle, if he reads this.
4. Pia, if she's susceptible to Jewish Guilt.

You're turn!


Clean Carpet.

Ugh, Carpet cleaners are here today. Wasn't the best wake up at 745. All weekend, I've been moving my shit into the garage to clear the floors. Now that it's all down there, I've seen my room the cleanest it's ever been, and I don't think I want to move anything back up. Besides furniture, there's nothing on the floor, and it's kinda nice. Of course, I might as well leave the shit in the garage until I get out at the end of the month, just to make the pending move a little easier.

Heading up to LA tomorrow to take a look at places, btw.

The Big Fucking Lebowski


When the Moon is in the Seventh House... (plus living situation update)

I fell asleep last night, faded of the Jack & Coke I made with my coke from In & Out, then fell asleep to 40 Year Old Virgin. I've been sleeping in my brother's room these past two nights, since my room's a mess with trying to get ready for the carpet cleaner tomorrow. I woke up this morning to the DVD's title menu shouting "We're gonna need more wax!"

Carpet Cleaning means taking everything that's not big (TV, bed, desk), boxing it up, and moving it down to the garage. If I do that, it's staying there til I move. Which is gonna happen pretty soon. More to come when I have news.


Ghetto Big Mac: Through the Looking Glass

In my never-ending quest to bring street cred to you white folks, I recently stumbled on a creation called the "Ghetto Big Mac." Ghetto Big Mac, you ask? Invented by hip hop blogger and philanthropist Dallas Penn (who I only first heard of in my quest to eat a GBM). I feel like I'm on the ground floor on an internet phenomenon. Watch the video, then keep reading.

Seen it yet?

Here we go.

I first heard of this from my boy Lex up in Vancouver on the ol' Cabal. Which took me to the video, and then to OhWord.com. Determined, I finally made it out to Mickey D's 90 minutes ago. Thank you, Dan at the Yorba Linda McD's, for being to clueless, yet willing to please. Here's how it's done. properly:

Order a Double Cheeseburger, $1.
Ask for a Sesame seed or "Quarter" Bun (as in 1/4 Pounder).
Hold the ketchup and mustard.
Ask for "Real Onions" or large cut onions instead of the small ones.
'Mac Sauce is free, and they don't care if you ask for it, so get it.
Order $1 Small Fry.

This will take some time, and some friendly banter, and the manager had to get involved, since Dan had no clue about the onions. The manager explained the difference between the big (fresh) and diced, little (dehydrated) onions. BIG ONIONS MAKE IT TASTE GOOD. Don't skip that part. Just ask for "real onions." I think that's how the mamager referred to 'em. With food in hand, hit a table, peel back the top patty, and feng shui half of your $1 fries to form the middle patty. Put the top half back on, and enjoy! I assembled mine at home, so my fries got cold. But it was fun. How's it taste? Just like a Big Mac. A big part of that is the sauce and onions. I'd do it again in a second. It was good and cheap, which is all the Dollar Menu is good for anyway.

On Lex's LiveJournal, he talked about trying this scheme in the drive-thru, with little success. This is a walk-in order, kids. Don't trust the drive through attendant, when you can look someone in the eye and order it and get it to-go. The whole thing felt sketchy, like I was pulling a fast one on this mega-global corporation. I can picture now, someone in teh McDonald's home office going "Oh Shit! What the Fuck?! Some motherfucker in Yorba Linda just pulled the goddamn WOOL over our eyes!" with profit margins falling like so much dookie after eating one of these things. People in red-and-yellow 3-piece suits running around, not knowing what to do. Copiers spewing reams of paper, unable to control the chaos that ensued from my order. And Ronald McDonald emerging from his chambers, dressed in robes, his big red feet going "honka-honka" as he walked into the main office to address the McOffice Managers.

Here's something I spent a few minutes on. Hope you enjoy. Note the grill ticket at the end.


I've been tired as shit lately. I took a short nap this evening, from about 6 to 745, and now, at 450a, I can't sleep. Worse yet, some alarm or horn started ringing in my neighborhood for about 10 minutes. It sounded like an air horn or something. Non-stop. Pitched at a Bb, no less. I think I'm developing perfect pitch. That, or my relative pitch is stellar. I even checked it against my A 440 tuning fork, and sure enough, it was a half step higher. Anyway, after all that, I'm wide awake now. I put on soft music, drank a beer, and I just can't seem to get tired. Nothing I do is working. I didn't even drink caffeine today. I'm thinking about just toughing it out til the morning, cause at this point I was intending to wake up at 9, and if I fall asleep at 5a, then 9a isn't gonna happen. I was gonna meet Antonio at 10, but if this keeps up, I might try to hit him at 8 instead (If you're reading this before 10am, man, shoot me an email to let me know, and if I'm awake, I'll get it and call you up. If you don't know my address, hit me via the little letter icon where it says "comments" just below this entry).


Mel Gibson shows his true colors, and I rant.

Gibson's anti-Semetic tirade & alleged cover-up @ TMZ.com

I was going to show a quote from this article, but I don't want his words on my blog, so click the link and read it. Does Mel Gibson have any clue as to where his money has come from in the last two decades? Does he not understand who owns the companies which finance his movies? You don't bite the hand that feeds you, and I hope this whole ordeal ruins his already tarnished reputation from that anti-Semetic snuff film he released last year. It takes a special kind of ignorance to blame their problems and the world's problems on one group of people, and Mel Gibson has certainly shown he is special.

Over the last 10 years, I keep seeing this underlying Jew-hate in American culture, and as a Jew, I can't understand it. Sure, I have my prejudices, I have my stereotypes, and I know that it's all bullshit, and we're all human in the end. I can understand when someone doesn't like a group of people. That's what culture all around the globe is based upon. But this out-and-out hatred is bullshit. I was listening to the radio today when I heard this story break, and the call-ins saying that it's true that Jews start all the wars, and that Jews own everything, and all the other bullshit that this country seems to be endoctrinated upon. Why do Jews have a lot of money? Work ethic, motherfucker. That, and ingenuity. When you wonder why your family's lived in that trailer for the last 4 generations, now you know why. Step up and read a book.

No culture on Earth has had it as bad as we have. We've gotten the shit-end of the stick in every era for the last 6000 years. Don't believe me? Take a look to that "Protocols of Zion" link over on the right. Then take a look at history. Ancient Egypt. The Crusades. The Black Plague. The Inquisition. The Pogroms. The Shoah. Israel. And that's just a quick list. Here's a little more.

Is it wrong...?

...that I only watch Rachael Ray's $40-a-Day for the times she goes to Hawaii, orders pancakes, and pours hot, white, creamy, coconut syrup over her breakfast, then exclaims how goooood it is. How rich it tastes. It makes me snicker like when I was 14.

HoX Beer Review #5: Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Start time: 10:38 pm

Upon first taste, it tastes like an average stout. Kinda like your average Murphy's or mediocre Beamish. No "wow." Just tastes like stout. Couldn't really taste the chocolate, either. There was a bitter aftertaste, though. The wrong kind of bitter. The flavorless kind of bitter, and it left an acidic sensation in my nose after drinking it that I really didn't care for. No chocolate yet.

I've now waited about 30 minutes for the beer to breathe and warm up, sipping here and there, and as I expected, the awfulness has faded away. There's hints of chocolate, now, in the smell as well as the taste and aftertaste, but nothing's knocked my socks off yet.

50 minutes in, the taste is evening out, but it's too little, too late. It's still cool enough to drink, yet warm enough for the complex flavors to show. I want to keep drinking it at this temperature, but 5 more minutes and it'll be too warm. I don't have the patience for another round of refrigeration.

It's a thick, black beer, just as a stout should be. Not much of a head to this one, though a tan-colored foam lingers over the entire surface for the length of the pint. Throughout the pint (cold to warm), it leaves an aftertaste, but on the tongue, it feels like a film. It this were a stellar beer, I'd love it. However, Young's Double Chocolate Stout is far from stellar. "Double Chocolate" because of chocolate hops and real dark chocolate used in the brewing process, by the way. This beer is award winning, and highly rated among websites such as Bevmo's. I just can't agree.

It's now 11:48 and I'm down to the last 1.5 inches of beer in my glass, and not once has this beer impressed me, piqued my taste buds or even caused the raise of an eyebrow. It is at it's smoothest now, which is almost too bad. Almost. I can't recommend this beer. Warm, cold, doesn't matter. If you're at a bar and you want a stout, buy Guinness (though there's an oatmeal stout out there I'm partial toward). If you want a stout at home, good luck. If anyone finds a stout that's great out of the bottle, send me a heads up. Even if you were touring the Young's Brewery in London, I'd pass this up for another choice. If you are still interested in this stout, after all my poor things to say about it, expect between $3 and $4 for a pint, and please come back here and add a comment with your own review.

As for scoring:

Young's Double Chocolate Stout

1.0 is perfect in each category,
0.1 is the complete opposite of perfect.
Use your imagination for everything between.
The perfect beer would be scored "4.0/4"

Appearance: .7

Aroma: .4

Taste: .3

Mouthfeel: .3