I've been tired as shit lately. I took a short nap this evening, from about 6 to 745, and now, at 450a, I can't sleep. Worse yet, some alarm or horn started ringing in my neighborhood for about 10 minutes. It sounded like an air horn or something. Non-stop. Pitched at a Bb, no less. I think I'm developing perfect pitch. That, or my relative pitch is stellar. I even checked it against my A 440 tuning fork, and sure enough, it was a half step higher. Anyway, after all that, I'm wide awake now. I put on soft music, drank a beer, and I just can't seem to get tired. Nothing I do is working. I didn't even drink caffeine today. I'm thinking about just toughing it out til the morning, cause at this point I was intending to wake up at 9, and if I fall asleep at 5a, then 9a isn't gonna happen. I was gonna meet Antonio at 10, but if this keeps up, I might try to hit him at 8 instead (If you're reading this before 10am, man, shoot me an email to let me know, and if I'm awake, I'll get it and call you up. If you don't know my address, hit me via the little letter icon where it says "comments" just below this entry).


KPL said...

Dude, don't give me that shit; you are so sleeping right now. And wow, four hours is your "it's not gonna happen" time? That's usually my "time to get some sleep" time. If you can't fall asleep I recommend two shots of Jameson; it's just enough to mellow you out, but not too much so you still can get up in the morning . . . if you can find some straight from the tit that would be ideal.

barbie said...

four hours for jeff is just blinking his eyes. i dare you to try to wake him up in the morning when he's had only four hours of sleep.

KPL said...

Ok, I hear ya man. Good idea and all. And I'm glad you tried it. But that's way too much work for a burger at a fast food joint. If I wanted to make a burger and save money I would just pull out the bag of burgers in the freezer from Costco and defrost and cook. Otherwise just pay the extra money for the service of burger-making.