A: Beer Thirty.

Q: What time is it?

Chris and I hit BevMo today, and I made a few purchases.

From Left to Right:

Samuel Smith's Organic Lager (England)
Skullsplitter Orkney Ale (Scotland)
Spaten (Germany)
Double Dragon (Wales)

Now, a little about why I chose these brews:

Ryan picked Smith's Lager for me to review one night while drinking at his place. We drank a bottle each, and I liked it, but I was too drunk by the end to formulate any more opinions on it. So I'm giving it a fair shake soon enough.

How can you turn down a beer called "Skullsplitter?" Especially when it's from my ancestry's country of origin. Recommended highly by Caballero "BrainofJ," this was the last bottle on the shelf at BevMo today. I'll either have to drink one glass carefully, or just hope they restock in the next day or two, since my usual par for these reviews is two glasses per beer.

Made in Munich, Spaten is always at the fridge at Barb's work. Whenever I end up there, I'm always offered a beer. "Any beer," I'm told, and I go for the Spaten, and Barb says "you can't drink that, it's Tommy's." Tommy's a German guy (recently moved from Germany) that works at Barb's work. If he's passing up countless other beer from countless other countries for this little slice of Deutschland, I've at least got to give it a chance.

At Chris' request, I'm to review Double Dragon Ale, the sum-total of his Welsh ancestry. I wanted to review it, cause I used to play "Double Dragon" on NES as a kid (might still have the cartridge, actually). It's a Win-Win. Maybe I'll play it while reviewing this beer.

Also, in an amazing display of giftgiving, Eric set me up with a new keychain bottle opener for my birthday. Sorry Homer fans, it's time for Mr. Simpson to retire. The new opener is from SuckUK, and it's a Skeleton Key! It's fucking awesome. I tried it tonight with some Stella, and it's works like a charm.

Thanks, dude.

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barbie said...

actually, i generally prefer the spaten oktoberfest beer to the spaten lager. other favorites around here:

reutberger export helle
franziskaner hefe-weisse
paulaner oktoberfest

paulaner also makes a very very tasty hefeweizen