HoX Beer Review #5: Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Start time: 10:38 pm

Upon first taste, it tastes like an average stout. Kinda like your average Murphy's or mediocre Beamish. No "wow." Just tastes like stout. Couldn't really taste the chocolate, either. There was a bitter aftertaste, though. The wrong kind of bitter. The flavorless kind of bitter, and it left an acidic sensation in my nose after drinking it that I really didn't care for. No chocolate yet.

I've now waited about 30 minutes for the beer to breathe and warm up, sipping here and there, and as I expected, the awfulness has faded away. There's hints of chocolate, now, in the smell as well as the taste and aftertaste, but nothing's knocked my socks off yet.

50 minutes in, the taste is evening out, but it's too little, too late. It's still cool enough to drink, yet warm enough for the complex flavors to show. I want to keep drinking it at this temperature, but 5 more minutes and it'll be too warm. I don't have the patience for another round of refrigeration.

It's a thick, black beer, just as a stout should be. Not much of a head to this one, though a tan-colored foam lingers over the entire surface for the length of the pint. Throughout the pint (cold to warm), it leaves an aftertaste, but on the tongue, it feels like a film. It this were a stellar beer, I'd love it. However, Young's Double Chocolate Stout is far from stellar. "Double Chocolate" because of chocolate hops and real dark chocolate used in the brewing process, by the way. This beer is award winning, and highly rated among websites such as Bevmo's. I just can't agree.

It's now 11:48 and I'm down to the last 1.5 inches of beer in my glass, and not once has this beer impressed me, piqued my taste buds or even caused the raise of an eyebrow. It is at it's smoothest now, which is almost too bad. Almost. I can't recommend this beer. Warm, cold, doesn't matter. If you're at a bar and you want a stout, buy Guinness (though there's an oatmeal stout out there I'm partial toward). If you want a stout at home, good luck. If anyone finds a stout that's great out of the bottle, send me a heads up. Even if you were touring the Young's Brewery in London, I'd pass this up for another choice. If you are still interested in this stout, after all my poor things to say about it, expect between $3 and $4 for a pint, and please come back here and add a comment with your own review.

As for scoring:

Young's Double Chocolate Stout

1.0 is perfect in each category,
0.1 is the complete opposite of perfect.
Use your imagination for everything between.
The perfect beer would be scored "4.0/4"

Appearance: .7

Aroma: .4

Taste: .3

Mouthfeel: .3


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Jeff said...

Sorry about the two poor beers in a row, loyal fans. The next two lined up are Samuel Smith's Organic Lager and Delirium Tremens.