HoX Beer Review #7: Double Dragon Ale

The National Ale of Wales, Double Dragon Ale (smooth) is made by the Felinfoel Brewery in Llanelli, Wales. Family Owned and operated since 1878. When Chris and I were in Beverages & More last week, we both saw this, and I walked on by, continuing to browse. Before we left, Chris ask that I give it a try in honor of his ancestry, and I said of course. I'll admit, when anyone's ancestors get involved, I have raised standards. And from a beer named "Double Dragon," I have high expectations.

This is a dark beer, not as dark as Newcastle, not as light as Boddington's. If you were to pour a glass of iced tea, with just a little bit of ice, then let the ice melt, you'd have the color of this beer. It's cloudy, but it doesn't have that "unfiltered" look. It's cloudy as in "murky." Based on appearance, my feelings are half-hearted at best. However, were I to order it in a bar, I might very well take a second look before drinking it. It smells of fruit, initially, then that opens up into a toasted almond or cashew, finally revealing a hint of coffee. The taste starts out like the aroma, a touch on the side of fruit. That toastedness lends itself to a very weak dark roast or a weak burnt-rice tea. Not what I care to gravitate toward when drinking a beer.

As it warms up, I really can't taste that much more in terms of flavor. I thought the temperature was just inhibiting it, but I'm now 20 minutes into it, and there's not much to brag about. I keep looking at this beer, and expecting a burst of malt and hops in every mouthful. But instead, I'm getting a weak chorus of hops, no malt, and no caramel. All the things a beer like this should have in spades.

Buying this ale gave me the urge to hook up my old NES (which still works) to play the Double Dragon game, while drinking Double Dragon Ale. My first game of Double Dragon in nearly 20 years started out fun enough. Punch, punch. Kick, kick. Move around. Jump. Then it got old. The novelty of the game wore off within 10 minutes. That's how it is with this beer. "Whoa, Double Dragon Ale!" I thought when I saw this brew. And as I've been drinking it, nothing about it has impressed me. I can't say it's bad, per se. It's just a boring beer. And if this is the national beer of Wales, I don't know what that says of the taste buds of the Welsh. There were other Welsh beers at BevMo. Maybe I'll give those a try next time I give Wales a chance.

.0 is perfect in each category,
0.1 is the complete opposite of perfect.
Use your imagination for everything between.
The perfect beer would be scored "4.0/4"

Double Dragon Ale

Appearance: .5

Aroma: .5

Taste: .5

Mouthfeel: .7


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David Press said...

Double Dragon ale!?!? As in the video game? I love it. Gotta find this shit.