Weekend Photolog

It was my birthday this week. To celebrate, I came up to Barb's yesterday and stayed the night. I snapped a few pics this weekend. Here's a few:

Lime cookie

Birthday Surprise!

Close up of my Kobe Burger

Snakes on a Plane! The Novel!!!

Y aren't you reading this yet?

My favorite person

I am not among the demographic for this ad...

More pics in this Flickr Photo Set


David Press said...


barbie said...

that kobe burger was some GOOD SHIT

Pia said...

happy birthday, jeff!

i read your feed on bloglines today. you're taking a martial arts class? hope you enjoy it!

Jeff said...

Thanks, Pia!

If I'm taking a martial arts class, that's new news to me. You sure it was my blog?

Pia said...

whoops, sorry. wrong blog. :(

so, anyway, we have more important issues to discuss . . . like why that lime cookie isn't available in starbucks cafes in korea.

come on, south korea is cooperating with the u.s. regarding the testings in the north. we should get cookies.