Who knew August would be such an odd month this year?

There's been so much stuff happening this month, and I'm sorry I haven't posted anything remotely substantial since the 6th. I've got something big in the works, and I think it's safe to share what it is now, if only vaguely to not jinx anything. Antonio and I have been talking for nigh on 7 years about finding an apartment, so over the last couple of weeks, we've been looking online. Craigslist.org & Westsiderentals.com, mostly. Been driving around various parts of Southern California watching for "FOR RENT" signs, doing our fair share of war-driving and getting on people's wide-open wireless networks. Well, we happened to stumble on a place that's just a "C"-hair over our max rent, but still cheap for the area, West LA. A 2&2, which'll have fresh paint and carpet. We saw the place when it looked a wreck, with paintcans and all masked off for paint and enamel, and we were sold. Should be great when it's done. Nothing's been signed yet, so nothing's official. But figuring this whole thing out has made me a nervous wreck over the last few days.

I'm quitting the music studio, for the more lucrative pay of private lessons, which I'll be offering 2 nights a week. Gonna have to quit Z'Tejas (again) if this apartment comes through. As well as find a job in that area. Yesterday, I finished up my part of the "Adam & The Smiling Tyrants" demo. We should have an initial mix ready by Tuesday, then within a week, a final mix to copy and distribute. In a mess of strange IMs last night at 1AM, I'm coaching brass for a High School East of Orange County for 8 weekdays in a row. Starting tomorrow morning.

Remember how I said I might have to find a job in LA? Well, on Wednesday, I'm gonna have a lot of time to go and do that. Drive around, fill out apps, talk with managers, etc. Wednesday just so happens to be my birthday, too. I'll be 26. I think there's gonna be a bar trip somewhere that night. I'm not sure where, but I'll post it on here as soon as I know. I've got a bar in mind, and they serve Guinness, which is all I care about, but everyone who's reading this is welcome to come and drink. More to come when I know more

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