The 2006 Jeffrey Long Eyeball Debacle has come to a close.

In the wake of my aborted eye surgery, I went to the optometrist to pick some new frames today. A little more expensive than I intended (including lenses, at least). I decided on going to glasses (instead of contacts) should I have needed an alternative to surgery. And if things don't work out for surgery at the beginning of next year, I'll have nice, new glasses. Before you ask, no I won't show a pic of them before I get 'em. The big reveal will be in 7-10 business days. They're nerd glasses, though, which I'm kind of excited about.

I will say this. My new glasses can be found here. A cold, frosty one to whoever can find it. I'll even add your shot of choice if you can pick the right color (or colors), too. There's only one person that's ineligible since she's already seen a pic of 'em, but I already buy her drinks when we go out, so it's fair.

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