Apparently, I'm a Communist.

I went to the taqueria for some tacos, and this bum (that's right, a fuckin' bum) starts asking me about my car. I tell him it's a good car.

Bum: American?

Me: No, Japanese.

B: What? What're you, a fuckin' communist?!

M: Hey, man. These things happen.

B: [puzzled look] ...can I have some change.

M: Um. In a minute.

Why insult someone then ask 'em for change? I didn't give him any, btw. The dollar I would've given him, I give at the taqueria for the guy in front of me who shorted the girl at the register.

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KPL said...

I knew you were a communist the first time I met you . . .it's the hair.

Btw . . .it's Kevin . . .Lee . . .I shortened my display name.