Bizarro Oscar Wilde

In the Venture Bros Season 1 DVD, there's a deleted scene from "The Trial Of the Monarch," my favorite episode of the season. While on trial, the judge tries to impress upon The Monarch that he's under trial by a jury of his peers. "PEERS!!!" yells The Monarch. He them proceeds to irately give a jury-long list of his peers to the judge.

A list of my peers would read as follows!!:

Flying Squid & Tiger-rific
Lord Mostly Magic
King Fantastic Outfit
Fee Waiver of the Tubes
Suicide Girl Keegan
Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
Happy-Go-Chucky & Swiss Mystery
Shaka Igloo
And my Eighth Grade Earth Science Teacher, Mr. Tringe!

Oh, and Bizarro Oscar Wilde as an alternate.

"Bizarro Oscar Wilde." Dammit, I wish they had left this scene in.


R-Lex said...

I was so psyched when we got to see Truckules in last week's episode.

Anonymous said...

Definitely my favorite deleted scene. A nit-picky correction: it's Fee Waybill of the Tubes (an actual band) and Suicide Girl Tegan (an actual Suicide Girl).