From a wonderfully relaxing weekend, to Monday

This weekend was good. Hung with Barb. Drank a lot. We celebrated Rosh Hashanah at my Uncle's place, with 40 other people, and a lot of booze. I had to work Sunday night, but that doesn't count.

You guessed it, loyal fans. It's that day of days. The one day of the week that's so bad, it makes children quake in their shoes and causes grown men to cry. Yet today, Monday has been somewhat forgiving. For me, at least. If we could quantify what it truly means to be Monday, then compare today's Monday to the preconceived ideal of Monday, it might look something like this:

Today ≥ Monday

Today started out proper enough. Woke up groggy. Got in the shower a little late. Got on the road just barely late. Walked into work right on time, which means just barely late. Today's lunch ended up being a good one. We got new computers. And I made a ton of money. "How much is a ton?" I'm glad you asked. My tips today seemed pretty mediocre, until I got $30 from the IT people who installed the new system. $100 today. On a MONDAY!! I still sit in disbelief. Weirdest thing on my ride home, tho. I kept Mr. Franklin close to my hip, and my pocket started to get warm. Almost like it was burning a hole in my pocket...

I'm driving home, trying to think of what to buy at Best Buy or Amazon.com, when I address a more urgent need and buy beer at the store. I bought Boddingtons, sweet Boddingtons. And thanks in part to Barbie (and Tommy), I bought a 6-pack of Spaten Oktoberfest Beer. It's fucking delicious. Let the record show my initial reaction was "MMMM! that's damn tasty!"

Once drinking, I jumped on iTunes and bought a bunch of music ($55 worth).

Public Enemy- Muse Sick-n-Hour Mess Age
Jedi Mind Tricks- Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell
Golem!- Fresh Off Boat


A bunch of Thelonious Monk tunes

Thanks to everyone who inspired my purchases today: Lex, Ryan, Eric, Dave (keys in my band, Dave), and myself. I have yet to listen to everything, but I've been listening to Golem! since dinner, and it's fucking enjoyable. It's punk rock klezmer. It's such a manic good time. Takes me back to my 3rd wave ska days in high school. This is a little more intellectual, though. A great, fun ass version of Hava Nagila called "Golem Hora." Search "Golem!" on your iTunes client. Now I'm off to Amazon.com to buy the 3-disc special edition of Kurosawa's Seven Samurai.

Tonight's a good night to veg out, too, which I will do while rotating my CD wallet tonight. New Prison Break on in 4 minutes, followed by Heroes on NBC at 9. It's about everyday people who develop "superpowers." I've seen a little bit on TV and heard on the radio and it sounds fucking great. It's a good time to be a couch potato.

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