It's official: LASIK scheduled for Friday

I've worn glasses since I was 12, and contacts since I was 16. I'm sick of it all. I went in for a consult for LASIK 3 weeks ago, and I've been in strictly glasses for the last 4. My surgery is set for Friday morning. Not only is my surgeon is one of the top eye surgeons in the country, he's also a laser researcher for the FDA. I've been warned that my astigmatism is high enough to warrant a possible second surgery after ample recovery time (3 months), but that doesn't bother me. Not only do I have complete confidence in the abilities of the doc, but if I DO have to go in for a second surgery, it's free of cost.

If you need to get in touch with me, be sure you do it by Thrusday night. On Friday morning, I'm turning my cell phone off for a while. Phone should be back in business that night, but all you internet junkies better wait until Sunday.

If all goes well, I'll actually be able to see, and I'm looking forward to seeing everybody through new eyes.

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Kevin Sole said...

That'll be awesome dude! How much is this costing you, if I may ask?

I wish I didn't have to wear glasses -- I mean, I've kinda gotten "used" to them -- but contacts don't agree with me.

I know we have that LASIK thing here, but I've heard it's expensive. And there's too many comics to buy instead. :)