My•o•pi•a (N): nearsightedness

Earlier today, I was sitting at home. Bored. Woke up late. Sore back. Stiff torso. Lame TV. In a vegetative state. Basically. I get up to go out. To run errands. To wake up. Thinking that being outside would cure me of this daze I spent the "morning" in.

Everything in the outside world is in a fog to me. Visually, it feels like my eyes aren't taking everything in. Granted, my glasses are all scratched up, which I think adds to the problem (new glasses coming soon, btw). My senses feel dull. Like they're getting all this stimuli, but only sending 20% of it up to the brain. I went to a few places today. The comic shop, Best Buy, Borders. Nothing was engaging. Have you ever done things after having had a few drinks? Your wits are slow. It takes effort to process the things that are happening. That's how I've felt all day today, and I haven't had a drop of alcohol. It's like I've been drinking, without the buzz. Only the disorientation.

At Borders, I bought a GRE study guide in case I decide to go for a Masters in the fall. I read the first few pages, and it read like gibborish. I knew what the words were. I knew what they meant (except for perfidy, which I had never heard before), but I couldn't make sense of them. It's like my brain couldn't handle being engaged in such a way.

I wish I could explain why I feel this way, but I can't. This isn't the first time I've felt this way, either.

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