Okay, it's time to vent...

I've been having problems with a coworker at the restaurant, and it's been bothering the fuck out of me. Usually when I have problems with someone (or someone has problems with me), it doesn't come to petty behavior, insults, name-calling, or talking behind someone's back. There's this lady that works at Z's, who I trained just before I left. Let's call her "D." I always thought she was nice, friendly. Maybe not the sharpest knife, but I felt her heart was in teh right place. A couple of weeks ago, on ssslllllooooowwww Labor Day, I inadvertently did something to throw her off. A small thing, too. A "whoops, I didn't realize you left it like that" thing. Easy to fix. Not worth a second thought. No malign thoughts on my part. Yet, she had a fucking conniption. And in all honesty, I could give a shite. I told her I was just following policy, and had no way of knowing her needs. If I had known she was going to have a shit fit, I'd've left everything untouched. Since then, she's been on the warpath with me. Throwing stink eyes at me, talking a mess behind my back to several coworkers, and making life less than happy in the workplace.

At the place I work, we all have fun with each other. Get in each other's way, move things when someone's back is turned, playful insults. The things that friends (or friendly coworkers) do. This last Monday, I intentionally got in the way of this woman, thinking things were all good, she snapped and got in my face, "You are so fucking rude! You're always in the way!" and various other shit. I apologized and got out of the way, but that was too little, too late. I got the cold shoulder for nearly the rest of the shift. I was on a double, so near the end of my first shift, I was fucking ready to get out of there, and I wasn't going to let anybody say peep about it. Managers were in a meeting, I had no tables, so I cashed out, ordered food, and got the fuck off the clock. While I'm sitting, eating, she comes to within 10 feet of me, hiding behind a wall to avoid the managers I'm sitting near, and starts barking orders at me. I tell her "no, I'm off," and she starts yelling at me to get up and do some shit I "forgot."

Understand, loyal fans, that D and I are at the same employment level. We're both servers. She isn't my superior. In fact, I still hold about a year of senority over her from my previous 3 years working there. Let's not forget the fact that if someone angrily demands me to do ANYTHING, my first instinct is to do nothing; to ignore. Even from a superior. I endured the bitching, and chilled out for a minute. I find out later that while I'm eatiing with another server, trying to make sense of why D flipped out, she's bitching to someone else about me. I went to management as soon as I could, and I have a new respect for my GM for the way he handled the problem. I told him I was being somewhat of an ass (intending to be playful), and that she flipped out. He seemed surprised to hear my complaint, and pulls out the pocket management manual that clearly states that as part of the company's definition of "teamwork," employees must be "a pleasure to be around," and from my description of events, she was far from that. He said he'd talk to her Tuesday after I got off about what happened.

Tuesday, while I was on, there's a guy I work with who's on my MySpace friends list and is into my band. I use "JeffX" as my stage name and myspace handle, and that's what he calls me. So while he was talking to D, and I walked by and he exclaimed "JeffX!" to which I threw up metal \m/ which happened to be behind D's head. A poor oversight on my part. I had spent the whole shift tactfully avoiding her, and at teh end, she comes up to me as asks what that means.

"It's rock & roll," I say.

"Isn't it the sign of the devil?"

"Well, yeah, but it's rock & roll." At this point, I figure she's attempting to be nice, and is just making coversation. Until she pettily says

"Maybe you should put those horns on your own head."

Frustrated, I ask politely (but firmly) "please D, don't bother talking to me anymore." Then she starts flapping her gums, doing her best chicken impression. Without hesitation, I roll my eyes and walk away.

I've had today off. Thursday, I'll discover the reprocussions of what's happened over Tuesday afternoon and today. I've heard word that pretty much every member of the staff has a problem with her, and that these problems have been documented. I've also heard she's been fired once before and somehow got her job back. I've made it clear to the powers that be that the last thing I want is a feud. I just want to be treated fairly. We'll see if I have any updates tomorrow.


Pia said...

Isn't office drama a bitch?

Hope it works out for you, although the odds seem to be in your favor.

KPL said...

F*@! D in the a$! with a big black rubber d*%#. You know what I'm saying? That b*&^@ will be gone before you know it. Pirate hookers . . .

JQ said...

just give the bitch a backhand