It's Saturday morning. Why am I so tired?

For those that missed it, I'm a trainer again at Z'Tejas. The only problem is they kinda sprung it on me and I have yet to get into the rhythm of training people, so my shifts this week have been kinda weird. I'm training him today at 1230. We're gonna taste margaritas, and I'm gonna try not to get tanked before my 4pm shift.

Jeremy's having a party tonight. A Halloween Party! Well, a pirate party. Before my shift I need to go and find some pirate-ish accessories. There, I'm probably safe to get tanked, if I were so inclined. At least I won't have a shift afterwards to worry about.

Tomorrow, I get the run down for house sitting (before work). My parents' friends are heading out of town, and I'm watching their place in Huntington Beach. Their place is a 3-story house, about a block from the pacific ocean... Watch for balloons tied to the mailbox [An ice cold one to anyone that can tell me what that's the international symbol for].

Tuesday should yield my laptop, only 4 weeks after I left it. That's also when I start house sitting.

Remember when I used to blog about past events? I'm not quite sure why I've foretold the future today.

And before I forget, I've been playing Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (PS2). I think I've geeked out, on average, more times per day in the last few days, than I have in a while. Lets just say Blade + Ghost Rider + Doc Strange has been a dream of mine since childhood. Maybe I can get Jean Grey in there, too (*crap, she's unplayble...). It's one of those "if she says Mrs. Dash, I'm gonna lose it" moments.


I need some quick shit to do.

I'm on a double today, but there's about 4 hours between shifts, and I need to be back at 6. I've come home to kill some time, but I thought I had more shit I wanted to do. Guess not. Now, I'm getting tired. Lethargic. I'm now not so hot on heading back in to the Z. I could practice. I should practice. But I'm probably not gonna. I've got a couple errands to run. I might pick up some milk tea, too. Who the fuck knows. I thought about buying a video game and playing that for a little while, but one comes out tomorrow that I was gonna pick up (Marvel Ultimate Alliance). Might as well wait til tomorrow. Bleh.

I'm a Z'Trainer again.

I'm getting a "promotion" at work to a trainer/lead server. Again. I used to be a lead when I worked there a few years ago, and it was cool back then. The pay's not better, only a few perks to the job, one of which being that I get to choose a set schedule. That'll be nice, except they're promoting me under the pretense that I'll be the daytime trainer when they need one. And I was intending to start on all nights... At least I'll be able to take Sundays off now. I might just stay on day shifts, and head to another place for dinners, but if I can get a good schedule and get in the rhythm of the shifts I'm on, I should be in good shape. At least I get free food now.

Got a call from Apple today.

They've found a logic board, and it'll be in the shop on or before Friday, 10/27. I'm thinking about calling back and seeing what they can do for me since I'll be waiting nearly 4 weeks for my computer, but I'm not sure what to say. Unless the goddamn repair shop decided to take their time fixing my shit.


Here's my old blogs, for you who wish you knew me 4 years sgo.

Because of Dave's post, I dug up my old Blogger accounts, switched them to Beta, and I'm trying to figure out how to merge them into the archives of this account. Until then, enjoy these links:




Now I'm not so happy with Apple customer support

I called tonight around 5 to figure out what's happening with my computer. I spent 20 minutes farting around with the touchtone menu until I could talk to somebody, I spoke to a drunk, clueless operator, got hung up on during transfer 3 times, and went to India, where I was put on hold twice, then disconnected when business hours ended. I'm pretty fucking pissed right now.

Brother vs. Brother @ the Yardhouse, Brea

Lost Coast Apricot Wheat
Humboldt Hemp Ale
Spaten Optimator*


Maredsous 10*
Belhaven Scottish Ale
Mad River Jamaican Red

Winner: Jonny.


late night commerce run...

Just spent the last 3 hours w/ Jonny at Commerce Casino. I blew $80 in about an hour (maybe less) and managed to hold onto my next $40 until I left. A lot of beligerent motherfuckers at the $3/$6 table tonight. Got to talking. They'd probably laugh their asses off if they knew I was blogging right now... (one of the older dudes brought it up)


Finally, some progress on my computer.
This is why you buy Apple Care.

For those keeping score, my "week-to-ten-days" of being without my powerbook is now at 14 days. I've called the repair shop twice, (last thursday and today) and both times, they've pretty much said the part I need replaced is on indefinite back order. It's the Logic Board, btw. The shop is out them. Apple is out of them. Which means the part isn't being manufactured. The actual term the shop AND Apple used was "ETA unknown." Also, I took my computer in on the 4th, and the part wasn't ordered until the 12th. Way to go LA Computer Company.

Seeing as how yelling at the repair guy would've been pointless, since it's not his fault the part isn't being manufactured, I called Apple to talk to someone in customer support. After being on hold for 40 minutes, I explained my situation to the operator, and she did a little research (here's where the sun starts shining). She said they'd immediately put me on an "expedited part search," where Apple's "experts" will comb their resources and find my part. The search takes 48 hours, and has a 90% success rate. If the search is fruitless, they contact the manufacturer for an ETA on the part. In case the ETA for the finished repair goes past October, Apple said they don't want me to be without a computer that long, and we'll talk about replacement. She said I'll get a call back from her this Friday about the results of the part search and what to do next.

It's incredibly disappointing that the repair shop has been so passive in getting this taken care of. Even a phone call to me saying "Mr. Long, we're sorry, but your the ETA logic board of your logic board is unknown. Would you like your PowerBook back until the part has arrived?" I'm sure my shit has gathered a thin layer of dust from sitting on a shelf, waiting for some TLC. I'll hold judgment on the above-linked shop until this debacle is over, but it would be nice if they took a more active role in making me happy.


Oh to be a Rockstar...

Thanks to everyone who came out these last two nights to our gigs.

I just woke up from getting in at 4am last night from our gig at the Gypsy Lounge (which ended at 11), followed by going to an Irish Bar, followed by Denny's. I'm tired as hell. Friday night was the same way (except we were done at 1a). It's been a crazy weekend, and now I have to get ready for work. No gigs lined up yet, but I'll post as soon as we have some.


TONIGHT (and tomorrow!)!

Come out to my gig tonight (and tomorrow!)! We're at Martini Blues in Huntington Beach, starting at 1030. There's a litle more info in the sidebar.


Scotch & Reading are a dangerous combination

Last night, I got home late. Cracked open Icelander by Dustin Long (no relation... I think). Just bought it. I love it so far, and I'll talk more about it when I've finished it. I had a little scotch to go with my reading. I figured a little scotch & water would set me right up for comfort. I read and drank, finished my glass and said "Hey! I'm good for another!" So I poured a little from the from what was left of the Abelour Barb got me a couple years ago for my bday. 120 proof fire-in-a-bottle. Therein sat my mistake. I thought I had a fair buzz going. Apparently, I had a little more than that going on. I woke up hungover. A more accurate description would be the Spanish word for hungover, cudo. Cudo also means "raw," and boy was I raw this morning. The worst part of the morning (after I choked my toast down) was that I had to go to work. The last thing you wanna do hungover is fucking talk to people. Too bad I'm a waiter. But a special thanks goes out to, Christopher Columbus for enslaving the indigeneous people of this country and getting a holiday for it. Work was slow, which made the day bearable. Coworkers kept asking me "What's wrong?" and wondering if I was high, cause I was quiet, squinty-eyed, and slow-moving. More so than usual. But the shift was short, and my post-shift steak sandwich was greasy, which put me in the right place.

No word on my laptop yet. Hopefully I'll be back to my usual net-haunting this week.

And to my local friends: Call me. I'm bored.


Off the grid for a few days.

I took my Powerbook in to the tech, and he's gotta hold onto it for a week to 10 days. My RAM troubles are covered by Apple, with or without warranty (the latch isn't covered by Apple, so it's not getting fixed). The 3 year extended warranty just makes the process a little quicker. I offended the tech by insinuating that he was going to steal my data, to which he said if he really wanted it, there's nothing I could do about it. Not that I thought he would, but it gives me a great deal of separation anxiety to be without my computer for a while. So tech guy, if you fire up my computer, then Firefox, and are now reading this post, my apologies for my attitude earlier today. I was feeling e-vulnerable.

For my readers, I won't be spending every waking moment at teh comp, like I normally do, so if your comment doesn't get enabled for a few days, hang tight. Be back in a week (unless something important happens, then I'll go on my parents' comp).



I've been feeling antsy lately. I woke up last Wednesday with nothing to do, and a voice in my head screamed "GET A TATTOO!" If there was a shop I had complete confidence in, I would have that day. What might have I committed to skin? I've got a few things in mind. Some Hebrew things, some music things, some comic booky things, some animal things, some friend/family things. I dunno. I know I've posted about tattoos before, and I'm still chicken shit about the whole thing. I think it's a by-product of living with your parents. I'm in the mood for change. A metamorphosis. And I've been figuring a tattoo would keep the pot stirred for a while.

I got new glasses in the wake of my cancelled LASIK, and they're better than I could've hoped. People's reaction to them has been stellar. "Sexy new glasses" was a term a female coworker even used. They're Nike glasses, and if there's only one thing I know, it's that 9-year old Chinese slave laborers know how to make cool glasses. But they've made my self-opinion do a 180 from where I thought I'd be after my surgery. Like, I thought I'd be this adonis, this He-Man if you will, without glasses or contacts, and now I feel totally geeked out. But in a good way. Like my self-esteem has risen up a little.

I've finally done something I should've done 6 years ago, and sat down and typed out my dough issues in spreadsheet form. It seems I might make a little more than I thought, though my exorbitant debt looms over everything.

I've got to take my Mac in tomorrow to get a couple things worked out. If it takes a long time, I might be out of commission for a few days. RAM and latch, if you're wondering.


Welcome to America.

I've got a pair of current events to share today.

The first involves US Congressman Mark Foley. This West Palm Beach representative was co-chairman of the congressional caucus on missing and exploited children. He personally wrote some of the laws in place today for prosecuting pedophiles. Turns out the laws he wrote my well be used to prosecute his own pederasty. He was recently exposed by one of his "pages" (high school aged intern) for what can be described as "inappropriate IMing." There's pages and pages of IM transcripts available online where Mr. Foley asks this 16 year old intern questions regarding masturbation, his cock size, hand jobs, and admitting to the kid that he's fantasizing about him, while sporting wood. This is a 6-term Congressman elected to protect the youth of America.

Story @ BBC.co.uk
Story @ BBC.co.uk

The second is a Prohibition on Online Gambling that was snuck onto the tail end of a Port Security Bill. This passed, people. The gist of the Prohibition is that it bans us from using credit cards to gamble online, it bans credit card companies from making payments to gambling sites, and it bans your bank from either depositing money to or withdrawing money from gambling sites. Here's a bunch of links about it all:

Sydney Morning Herald
Telecom Web