I've been feeling antsy lately. I woke up last Wednesday with nothing to do, and a voice in my head screamed "GET A TATTOO!" If there was a shop I had complete confidence in, I would have that day. What might have I committed to skin? I've got a few things in mind. Some Hebrew things, some music things, some comic booky things, some animal things, some friend/family things. I dunno. I know I've posted about tattoos before, and I'm still chicken shit about the whole thing. I think it's a by-product of living with your parents. I'm in the mood for change. A metamorphosis. And I've been figuring a tattoo would keep the pot stirred for a while.

I got new glasses in the wake of my cancelled LASIK, and they're better than I could've hoped. People's reaction to them has been stellar. "Sexy new glasses" was a term a female coworker even used. They're Nike glasses, and if there's only one thing I know, it's that 9-year old Chinese slave laborers know how to make cool glasses. But they've made my self-opinion do a 180 from where I thought I'd be after my surgery. Like, I thought I'd be this adonis, this He-Man if you will, without glasses or contacts, and now I feel totally geeked out. But in a good way. Like my self-esteem has risen up a little.

I've finally done something I should've done 6 years ago, and sat down and typed out my dough issues in spreadsheet form. It seems I might make a little more than I thought, though my exorbitant debt looms over everything.

I've got to take my Mac in tomorrow to get a couple things worked out. If it takes a long time, I might be out of commission for a few days. RAM and latch, if you're wondering.

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Barbie said...

you know the look is really completed with the hair. he's starting gelling it for work again.

MUY sexy.