Finally, some progress on my computer.
This is why you buy Apple Care.

For those keeping score, my "week-to-ten-days" of being without my powerbook is now at 14 days. I've called the repair shop twice, (last thursday and today) and both times, they've pretty much said the part I need replaced is on indefinite back order. It's the Logic Board, btw. The shop is out them. Apple is out of them. Which means the part isn't being manufactured. The actual term the shop AND Apple used was "ETA unknown." Also, I took my computer in on the 4th, and the part wasn't ordered until the 12th. Way to go LA Computer Company.

Seeing as how yelling at the repair guy would've been pointless, since it's not his fault the part isn't being manufactured, I called Apple to talk to someone in customer support. After being on hold for 40 minutes, I explained my situation to the operator, and she did a little research (here's where the sun starts shining). She said they'd immediately put me on an "expedited part search," where Apple's "experts" will comb their resources and find my part. The search takes 48 hours, and has a 90% success rate. If the search is fruitless, they contact the manufacturer for an ETA on the part. In case the ETA for the finished repair goes past October, Apple said they don't want me to be without a computer that long, and we'll talk about replacement. She said I'll get a call back from her this Friday about the results of the part search and what to do next.

It's incredibly disappointing that the repair shop has been so passive in getting this taken care of. Even a phone call to me saying "Mr. Long, we're sorry, but your the ETA logic board of your logic board is unknown. Would you like your PowerBook back until the part has arrived?" I'm sure my shit has gathered a thin layer of dust from sitting on a shelf, waiting for some TLC. I'll hold judgment on the above-linked shop until this debacle is over, but it would be nice if they took a more active role in making me happy.


barbie said...

bastards. i wanna go in there and kick their collective ass for messing with my man.

David Press said...

Of course they don't have your shit back when they say they'll have it back. That's a given. Did you go into a Apple store directly?

JeffX said...

I didn't go to an "Apple Store" per se, but they're a licenced Apple retailer and repair shop. I figured they were legit. I'm not casting aspersions or anything (yet), so we'll see how it plays out. There's about 12 hours til I hear back from Apple about what's gonna happen.

All these troubles aside, I still wouldn't go back to a Windows machine.

Dave said...

"All these troubles aside, I still wouldn't go back to a Windows machine."

Yeah me too, having this thing for the past year there's no way I'll ever go back for as long as I live.