It's Saturday morning. Why am I so tired?

For those that missed it, I'm a trainer again at Z'Tejas. The only problem is they kinda sprung it on me and I have yet to get into the rhythm of training people, so my shifts this week have been kinda weird. I'm training him today at 1230. We're gonna taste margaritas, and I'm gonna try not to get tanked before my 4pm shift.

Jeremy's having a party tonight. A Halloween Party! Well, a pirate party. Before my shift I need to go and find some pirate-ish accessories. There, I'm probably safe to get tanked, if I were so inclined. At least I won't have a shift afterwards to worry about.

Tomorrow, I get the run down for house sitting (before work). My parents' friends are heading out of town, and I'm watching their place in Huntington Beach. Their place is a 3-story house, about a block from the pacific ocean... Watch for balloons tied to the mailbox [An ice cold one to anyone that can tell me what that's the international symbol for].

Tuesday should yield my laptop, only 4 weeks after I left it. That's also when I start house sitting.

Remember when I used to blog about past events? I'm not quite sure why I've foretold the future today.

And before I forget, I've been playing Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (PS2). I think I've geeked out, on average, more times per day in the last few days, than I have in a while. Lets just say Blade + Ghost Rider + Doc Strange has been a dream of mine since childhood. Maybe I can get Jean Grey in there, too (*crap, she's unplayble...). It's one of those "if she says Mrs. Dash, I'm gonna lose it" moments.


"Mr. Rost" said...

"Party over hee-re" (Raise-da-roof arms included) Yeah-ah, gimme my cold one, Cleveland!

E said...

Thats the international symbol for PAARRTTYYY OVVERR HEERREE!!!

barbie said...

can we say... delayed reaction?

E said...

hey, i don't even read the tagboard half the time. ...and no i didn't watch friday night lights. :P