Off the grid for a few days.

I took my Powerbook in to the tech, and he's gotta hold onto it for a week to 10 days. My RAM troubles are covered by Apple, with or without warranty (the latch isn't covered by Apple, so it's not getting fixed). The 3 year extended warranty just makes the process a little quicker. I offended the tech by insinuating that he was going to steal my data, to which he said if he really wanted it, there's nothing I could do about it. Not that I thought he would, but it gives me a great deal of separation anxiety to be without my computer for a while. So tech guy, if you fire up my computer, then Firefox, and are now reading this post, my apologies for my attitude earlier today. I was feeling e-vulnerable.

For my readers, I won't be spending every waking moment at teh comp, like I normally do, so if your comment doesn't get enabled for a few days, hang tight. Be back in a week (unless something important happens, then I'll go on my parents' comp).

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