Scotch & Reading are a dangerous combination

Last night, I got home late. Cracked open Icelander by Dustin Long (no relation... I think). Just bought it. I love it so far, and I'll talk more about it when I've finished it. I had a little scotch to go with my reading. I figured a little scotch & water would set me right up for comfort. I read and drank, finished my glass and said "Hey! I'm good for another!" So I poured a little from the from what was left of the Abelour Barb got me a couple years ago for my bday. 120 proof fire-in-a-bottle. Therein sat my mistake. I thought I had a fair buzz going. Apparently, I had a little more than that going on. I woke up hungover. A more accurate description would be the Spanish word for hungover, cudo. Cudo also means "raw," and boy was I raw this morning. The worst part of the morning (after I choked my toast down) was that I had to go to work. The last thing you wanna do hungover is fucking talk to people. Too bad I'm a waiter. But a special thanks goes out to, Christopher Columbus for enslaving the indigeneous people of this country and getting a holiday for it. Work was slow, which made the day bearable. Coworkers kept asking me "What's wrong?" and wondering if I was high, cause I was quiet, squinty-eyed, and slow-moving. More so than usual. But the shift was short, and my post-shift steak sandwich was greasy, which put me in the right place.

No word on my laptop yet. Hopefully I'll be back to my usual net-haunting this week.

And to my local friends: Call me. I'm bored.


E said...

Dude! Didn't you learn from the last time that Aberlour came out. You HAVE to respect the proof.

JeffX said...

Yeah, tell me about it, dude. I was tore up. Tonight, I'm sticking to Coronas/

Dave said...

Yeah my Dad likes having a Red Label every night and you have to see him after one. I've recently been gaining interest drinking scotch more and more. Dustin's book is still on my night stand, I'm reading that as soon as I finish Meltzer's the Book of Fate which for a easy read is taking a long time to read--about two weeks.

Barbie said...

those are some huevos grandes, gets a nasty hangover and hops right back on the boat.